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SalesForce Launches Sustainability Cloud Ahead of Climate Week 2019

Climate change has been in the news, with people on both sides of the issue debating what should or shouldn’t be done. In the meantime, companies large and small are taking steps to minimize their own carbon footprint, with global sustainable investing (PDF) reaching $ 30 trillion in 2018, a 34 percent increase over the previous two years.

To aid in that endeavor, SalesForce has unveiled Sustainability Cloud ahead of Climate Week 2019. Sustainability Cloud is a product that helps businesses make informed decisions about their business operations, with the goal of achieving carbon neutrality.

The product is designed to give businesses a 360-degree view of their current environmental impact, as well as data-driven insights into the changes they can make. The platform—along with Salesforce Einstein Analytics—provides an easy way for businesses to track, analyze and report environmental data. This will enable companies to track KPIs over time, including renewable energy use, overall energy consumption and carbon emissions. This information can then be used for engagement with executives, investors and customers, as well as for regulatory and audit purposes.

In the company’s press release, Suzanne DiBianca, chief impact officer and EVP of corporate relations said: “At Salesforce, we’ve always believed business is the greatest platform for change. Addressing climate change with speed and at scale is critical to see a turning point by 2020. Businesses must work together to be the greatest force for climate transformation the world has ever seen.”

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A Simple Plan for Writing One Powerful Piece of Content Each Week

Good morning, you epic article writer, you. That’s right, I’m talking to you. You publish content to attract new prospects,…

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Recap: Social Media Week Lima

When Jessika Phillips, Founder of NOW Marketing Group and Host of Social Media Week Lima, went to a large social media conference she had a thought — here was a truly amazing and informative event, and what if she could replicate it in her hometown of Lima, Ohio? Her goal was to bring hundreds of people to a similar event in the Midwest, and she pulled it off. People like Brian Fanzo, Bryan Kramer, and more all participated and it was a huge hit in the social media world. Now in its seventh year, the attention to detail and the level of detail that goes into this conference is second to none, making it the premiere social media event of the Midwest.

The theme of this year’s event was “Creating Craveable Content” and talks included “Captivate on Command: How to Motivate the Masses with Only Your Words” by Stephanie Liu, “Utilizing Emotional and Social Intelligence to Create Authentic and Craveable Content” by Tiffany Lanier, and many more great talks about how to engage with your audience like never before. There was also an hour long “Table Talks” session during which guests could shuffle from table to table listening to talks by different marketing industry veterans. My talk was about “Being Irresistible To The Media.”

The biggest takeaway from the conference was the importance of being human and of making human connections. Your message reads as more authentic when you are more human, and a little bit of empathy goes a long way in real human interactions. Another major theme of the conference was to learn to “push the damn button” — stop waiting around for everything to be perfect before you get started.

There was also a lot of livestreaming going on at this conference, not only of the conference events themselves, but also between colleagues on related topics such as being more human and making those human connections. LinkedIn Live is a great way to drive engagement among your professional base of colleagues, but livestreaming of any kind is preferred by 80% of social media users over written posts and gets far greater engagement than other forms of social media posts. The added bonus of livestreaming? It also makes you seem more relatable to your followers.

(L-R: unknown, Lauren Vanags Davis, Jennifer Brogee, Cortney Mumaugh, Ross Woods, Kiera Suffel, Ai Addyson-Zhang, Zavier Buzard, Barb Casey Flynn, Brian Wallace)

This conference is a great place for marketers to connect with others in the field who are truly passionate about what they do.

“Going to SMWL is a breath of fresh air,” says Bryan Kramer, CEO at H2H Companies. Bestselling Author, Keynote & TED speaker, Coach of Coaches. “It’s the most welcoming community of humans who appreciate getting to know each other and learning from each other at a deeper level than most.”

Of course, the conference was designed to be just that.

“My personal mission is to help inspire others to love more, give more and do more within their personal and professional lives though the art of authentic relating,” says conference Founder Jessika Phillips. “A conference like SMWL is a great place to build the foundation of relationship marketing and I believe people are ready for it — that’s why the event has grown each and every year with other like minded people.”

Conference attendees and speakers alike appreciate the value of Social Media Week Lima as well as the attention to detail and hard work that go into creating it.

“Add the best elements of a national industry conference to those of a local mastermind and the result is the Midwest’s premier social media marketing event, Social Media Week Lima,” says Livestream Universe Founder Ross Brand. “The event feels both big and small in good ways. Jessika Phillips recruited an A-list group of keynote speakers and panelists who fill the main hall at the UNOH convention center, while her team at NOW Marketing facilitates a great experience for each attendee with opportunities for learning, collaboration and relationship building, both one-on-one and in small groups.”

“SMWL19 is the quintessential example of how a well-connected team like NOW Marketing can leverage influential thought leaders from around the globe to bring world-class social media expertise to a local community,” says I Am Here, LLC CEO Chris Strub.

Strub gained notoriety when he became the first person to live stream in all 50 states, an experience which he turned into a book and later a movie, “50 States In 100 Days.” Strub premiered the movie at Social Media Week Lima on June 19.

This event was so well put together and so well received, that people are already committing to return next year for Social Media Week Lima 2020. Getting together with your online community offline is a great way to build those human relationships.

(L-R: unknown, Zavier Buzard, Brian Wallace, Charles Kroeger, ET, Mackenzie Ball, Philip Shaw, Lindsey Stahl)

Photos courtesy of Sara Campbell and Brian Wallace

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Serious Writing Advice for a Foolish Week

I may be the last person who really enjoys April Fools’ Day … maybe because I was already a fan…

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SearchCap: Amazon adds acquisition metrics, Google Posts, SMX West starts next week

Below is what happened in search today, as reported on Search Engine Land and from other places across the web.

Please visit Search Engine Land for the full article.

Search Engine Land: News & Info About SEO, PPC, SEM, Search Engines & Search Marketing

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SMX West is next week – don’t miss your chance to attend!

Gain actionable SEO & SEM tactics at an affordable price — Save up to $ 300.

Please visit Search Engine Land for the full article.

Search Engine Land: News & Info About SEO, PPC, SEM, Search Engines & Search Marketing

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Limited Chatter: Google Search Algorithm Update This Week

For the past week or so, I’ve been seeing chatter within the community about Google search algorithm updates. Truth is, the chatter is very limited but those who are complaining are seeing huge changes for their sites in Google search. But again, it does not seem very wide spread.

Search Engine Roundtable

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It’s Black Friday Week on Copyblogger: Get Great Deals on Premium Marketing Education

Somehow, we’ve nearly reached the end of the year. If you’re in the U.S., this week is all about gratitude,…

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A Week of Sweet Copywriting Advice

It’s Carb Week on Copyblogger! This week, we have three sweet posts to share with you on how to write…

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Google’s August 1st Core Update: Week 1

Posted by Dr-Pete

On August 1, Google (via Danny Sullivan’s @searchliaison account) announced that they released a “broad core algorithm update.” Algorithm trackers and webmaster chatter confirmed multiple days of heavy ranking flux, including our own MozCast system:

Temperatures peaked on August 1-2 (both around 114°F), with a 4-day period of sustained rankings flux (purple bars are all over 100°F). While this has settled somewhat, yesterday’s data suggests that we may not be done.

August 2nd set a 2018 record for MozCast at 114.4°F. Keep in mind that, while MozCast was originally tuned to an average temperature of 70°F, 2017-2018 average temperatures have been much higher (closer to 90° in 2018).

Temperatures by Vertical

There’s been speculation that this algo update targeted so called YMYL queries (Your Money or Your Life) and disproportionately impacted health and wellness sites. MozCast is broken up into 20 keyword categories (roughly corresponding to Google Ads categories). Here are the August 2nd temperatures by category:

At first glance, the “Health” category does appear to be the most impacted. Keywords in that category had a daily average temperature of 124°F. Note, though, that all categories showed temperatures over 100°F on August 1st – this isn’t a situation where one category was blasted and the rest were left untouched. It’s also important to note that this pattern shifted during the other three days of heavy flux, with other categories showing higher average temperatures. The multi-day update impacted a wide range of verticals.

Top 30 winners

So, who were the big winners (so far) of this update? I always hesitate to do a winners/losers analysis – while useful, especially for spotting patterns, there are plenty of pitfalls. First and foremost, a site can gain or lose SERP share for many reasons that have nothing to do with algorithm updates. Second, any winners/losers analysis is only a snapshot in time (and often just one day).

Since we know that this update spanned multiple days, I’ve decided to look at the percentage increase (or decrease) in SERP share between July 31st and August 7th. In this analysis, “Share” is a raw percentage of page-1 rankings in the MozCast 10K data set. I’ve limited this analysis to only sites that had at least 25 rankings across our data set on July 31 (below that the data gets very noisy). Here are the top 30…

The first column is the percentage increase across the 7 days. The final column is the overall share – this is very low for all but mega-sites (Wikipedia hovers in the colossal 5% range).

Before you over-analyze, note the second column – this is the percent change from the highest July SERP share for that site. What the 7-day share doesn’t tell us is whether the site is naturally volatile. Look at Time.com (#27) for a stark example. Time Magazine saw a +19.5% lift over the 7 days, which sounds great, except that they landed on a final share that was down 54.4% from their highest point in July. As a news site, Time’s rankings are naturally volatile, and it’s unclear whether this has much to do with the algorithm update.

Similarly, LinkedIn, AMC Theaters, OpenTable, World Market, MapQuest, and RE/MAX all show highs in July that were near or above their August 7th peaks. Take their gains with a grain of salt.

Top 30 losers

We can run the same analysis for the sites that lost the most ground. In this case, the “Max %” is calculated against the July low. Again, we want to be mindful of any site where the 7-day drop looks a lot different than the drop from that site’s July low-point…

Comparing the first two columns, Verywell Health immediately stands out. While the site ended the 7-day period down 52.3%, it was up just over 200% from July lows. It turns out that this site was sitting very low during the first week of July and then saw a jump in SERP share. Interestingly, Verywell Family and Verywell Fit also appear on our top 30 losers list, suggesting that there’s a deeper story here.

Anecdotally, it’s easy to spot a pattern of health and wellness sites in this list, including big players like Prevention and LIVESTRONG. Whether this list represents the entire world of sites hit by the algorithm update is impossible to say, but our data certainly seems to echo what others are seeing.

Are you what you E-A-T?

There’s been some speculation that this update is connected to Google’s recent changes to their Quality Rater Guidelines. While it’s very unlikely that manual ratings based on the new guidelines would drive major ranking shifts (especially so quickly), it’s entirely plausible that the guideline updates and this algorithm update share a common philosophical view of quality and Google’s latest thinking on the subject.

Marie Haynes’ post theorizing the YMYL connection also raises the idea that Google may be looking more closely at E-A-T signals (Expertise, Authoritativeness and Trust). While certainly an interesting theory, I can’t adequately address that question with this data set. Declines in sites like Fortune, IGN and Android Central pose some interesting questions about authoritativeness and trust outside of the health and wellness vertical, but I hesitate to speculate based only on a handful of outliers.

If your site has been impacted in a material way (including significant traffic gains or drops), I’d love to hear more details in the comments section. If you’ve taken losses, try to isolate whether those losses are tied to specific keywords, keyword groups, or pages/content. For now, I’d advise that this update could still be rolling out or being tweaked, and we all need to keep our eyes open.

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