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Target Lets You Pay With New ‘Wallet’ Mobile Payment System

It appears that Target is still not keen on accepting Apple Pay as a mode of payment in its onsite stores. In a recent post, America’s second-largest retailer announced that it had rolled out Wallet, its own mobile payment system that is now active as a feature for Target’s iOS and Android apps.

The arrival of the Wallet feature has actually been long anticipated by customers. Talks about Target launching its own mobile payment have been around since 2015, but the company waited till January 2017 to confirm its plans.

With the introduction of Wallet, Target customers will now have the option of seamlessly checking out their in-store purchases with the use of their smartphones. They’ll also be able to update points and use discounts with Cartwheel digital coupons.

Reportedly, the Wallet feature found in the Target app is similar to other in-store payment options like Wal-Mart Pay. However, Wal-Mart Pay uses QR code for scanning items, Target’s system is barcode-based.

For it to work though, it seems that shoppers will need a REDcard—a Target-branded debit or credit card packed with special offers. Target, however, wants more customers to shop with Wallet and is already working out a way to get them to use the feature even if they don’t own a REDcard.

The main incentive for using Wallet is that checking out for in-store purchases would be faster. This is achieved because customers can now check out for payment as well as apply Cartwheel deals with a single scan of the in-app barcode.

It should be noted that while Target does not accept payments using Apple Pay for in-store purchases, items bought from Target’s online store can still be paid using Apple’s payment platform.

[Featured Image by Target]

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Friday Round-Up: Twitter translates, Amazon wallet folds, and men are hanging out on Pinterest

Friday-Friendly-Funny-Dave-BlazekAnother week is at an end and it’s been a week of change here at MarketingPilgrim. Out there, in the rest of the digital marketing world, not so much. Seems like everyone is caught in the January slump. . . .or worse.

eBay gave their state of the union address and it wasn’t good. They used phrases like “going to get worse before it gets better” and capped it with layoffs for 2,400 workers. Later this year, eBay will be splitting from its sister company Paypal and though Paypal is expected to grow after the split, eBay is headed into dark waters. The hope is that someone will buy the company and return it to its former, collectible auctions, glory. I hope so because I can’t go a day without eBay.

Twitter announced a few new tweaks this week. The “while you were away” feature will push important Tweets you might have missed to the top of your timeline on mobile. This goes against Twitter’s real time philosophy and makes them more like Facebook in that they’re going to decide what’s important to you and what isn’t.

Si usted puede leer esto. . . you might be using Twitter’s new translation tool. Click the globe in the corner of any foreign language Tweet and the Bing translation pops up right below it. It’s a nice feature not just for the casual user but for social media managers who need to keep an eye on what people are saying about a company.

I tested a few Tweets and the translations are pretty good, especially when they were coming from professionals. As expected, casual Tweets with a lot of slang, didn’t always make sense.

In another part of the web, Amazon shut down the Amazon Wallet app this week after a short, 6 month beta test. The digital wallet should have caught on by now but everyone’s still struggling to make the idea work. I wonder why. . .

My favorite story of the week has to be this one from Pinterest where they try to convince you that a lot of manly men hang out on the site.

More men use Pinterest in the U.S. every month than read Sports Illustrated and GQ combined.

They also say that men are the fastest growing demographic on the site – but of course they are. They’re the only demographic left that isn’t already using the photo pinning site.

That’s it for me this week. I’m off to the Lost in Space reunion convention. Hope your weekend will be just as fun. See you back here on Monday.

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50 Percent of Consumers Don’t Understand the Mobile Wallet Concept But Want One Anyway

What’s your definition of a mobile wallet? I’d say that it was a digital way of paying for non-digital goods.

(Insert harsh beep)

And I would be wrong. According to the new Mobile Wallet Consumer Report from Vibes, a mobile wallet is much more. Like a real wallet, a mobile wallet is designed to hold and organize more than just money. It also contains non-payment related information such as loyalty card numbers, coupons and maybe even photos of your kids.

Vibes asked 1,000 smartphone owners to define “mobile wallet” and here’s what they got.

mobile wallet definition

Even though only 27% of people understood the full concept of a mobile wallet, and 19% had no idea what they were talking about, the majority (59%) said they’d have a more positive view of a retailer if they offered one . . . ?

They even went so far as to list off the benefits they’d enjoy:

vibes mobile benefits

Yes, these are all great goals. But I have a problem. I use several retail branded apps to do these very things. The ones I use the most are grocery store apps that track my points and allow me to use digital coupons. I have two of those. I also have an app for coupons from Michael’s Arts and Crafts, a check-in app for Super Cuts, a Lowe’s app that remembers which light-bulbs I buy and a Staples app that tracks my ink purchases and rewards checks.

My iPhone is starting to look like the inside of my wallet – a massive collection of informational bits, most of which I don’t need or rarely use.

For this concept to succeed, we need an app that does the work of all these apps. Is that likely to happen? Apple’s Passbook is an attempt at this but is it working? USAToday says the app is beginning to catch on. I forgot I had Passbook, so I just stopped to reacquaint myself. My opening screen is a Michael’s coupon that expired in 2012. Hmm…..so much for organization.

Here are a few more facts from the study:

  • For non-users, the top reasons to try a (non-payment) mobile wallet tool are better promotions/offers (50 percent,) followed by organizing content such as coupons and loyalty cards (43 percent)
  • 44 percent of non-users claim a (non-payment) mobile wallet tool would enhance their shopping experience
  • You don’t need an app to deliver mobile wallet content: Apps actually come in third as the channel consumers prefer to receive mobile wallet content (19 percent) behind text message (20 percent) and email (46 percent)

That last one makes me skip a beat. Wait? Text message coupons and emails count as part of the mobile wallet experience? I’m not sure who’s more confused, the people who wrote this survey, took this survey, or me.

I’m a fan of digital payments, coupons and deals but as a person who seeks these things out on a regular basis, I’m here to tell you that we still have a long way to go.

What are your thoughts on the concept of the mobile wallet?

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Google Wallet Launch Largely Symbolic But Important

According to documents seen by TechCrunch, Google Wallet is launching later today a bit behind schedule. As we discussed when the announcement was initially made in May, only a small number of people will initially have access to Google Wallet. There are only a handful of merchant and retail…

Please visit Search Engine Land for the full article.

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George Costanza, Google Wallet, Nanoparticles & A Guy In A Wing Suit

We’ve got an interesting mix of videos today. If you haven’t seen our other video round-ups from this week, you can find them at: 09/16 09/15 09/14 Microsoft may have tapped Jerry Seinfeld for an ad campaign in the past, …


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