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When It’s Game Time for Retail New Relic is There, Says CEO

New Relic provides deep performance analytics for every part of a business software environment. It enables companies to easily view and analyze massive amounts of data, and gain actionable insights in real-time. Whether it’s for a popular mobile app, an online video game with millions of users, or a huge ecommerce platform, they all rely on critical New Relic insights to keep revenue flowing.

Lew Cirne, founder and CEO of New Relic, talks about how critical real-time insights from New Relic are to a companies revenue stream in an interview with Jim Cramer on CNBC:

When It’s Game Time for Retail New Relic is There

For retail obviously, so much of their business, particularly their web business depends on a very small number of days; Black Friday, Cyber Monday, etc. That’s game time. That’s the moment of truth. That’s when we’re working our hardest to make sure our software is there to make sure our customers can see what’s going on in real-time. Our customers were thrilled with the performance and availability that they delivered which turns into business results.

If your site is slower or down on Cyber Monday, forget it, you’re going to miss your quarter. You may never recover from that because you also have a brand hit. So it’s so vital. This is not nice to have software. Anybody who is competing on their software needs New Relic’s platform in order to succeed.

We’re a Massive Cloud Operation

We’re a massive cloud operation. We’re collecting millions of data points every second from mobile applications and from cloud infrastructure every time somebody’s pressing a button to buy something and every time someone’s watching this video on the CNBC app. We’re measuring the health of that and we do that on a massive scale. That’s one of the things our customers love.

When Fortnite said, “Hey we’ve got this huge app. It’s the biggest in the world and we want to monitor on New Relic.” We’re like great. Your biggest day is just another day for us. We collect so much data and we can do it for you.

New Relic Monitors Fortnite to Keep it Running for Millions of People

Epic Games is the company that created Fortnite and if you have kids or you’re into games this game has taken the world by storm. It’s the most popular game in the world. If that game is not working millions of people know about it and the company is affected.

So they rely on the New Relic platform to see everything in real-time on how that game is performing. It’s a very complex piece of software that has to work flawlessly in real-time. We measure everything going on in that game so that the builders of Fortnite can keep it running for millions of people 24/7.

There are different companies that do different things around observing what’s going on in this space but were the applications-centric company. What does that mean? It means that when you’re playing Fortnite what you’re doing is you’re using software.

We’re measuring the software in real-time. We do it in a cloud platform that integrates what’s going on in the software with the infrastructure and with the end-user experience, like the mobile app. We see all that together and do it in one unified platform and our customers love us for that.

New Relic Helps CNBC Scale Mobile App in Real-Time

At CNBC, you just launched an incredible new revenue app in the fall and it’s amazing. I use it a lot and I love it and again this is an app that’s getting a lot of uptake. I was talking to the team and they said customers love what the app is doing for them and they want to use it more and more. That means they have to scale.

When more and more people are using that app how are you able to handle the scale when people want to see the news in real time and want to see the stock quotes in real time? We provide them the visibility that gives them the confidence to move faster and scale to this amazing demand that the CNBC app is generating.

New Relic Helps Companies Move Fast in a Multi-Cloud World

This is so important to our customers. It’s clear that we’re entering a multi-cloud world. Obviously, Microsoft’s doing well and Amazon doing very well. We had a great show at re:INVENT. And there’s some hybrid cloud as well. What our customers are saying no matter where my software is running I want to see it all in one place. I’m sick of moving from one tool to another to see a complete picture. They turn to the New Relic platform to see it all in one place. That enables them to move fast with confidence.

Anywhere there are systems that need to perform well and scale well, those are systems that need New Relic. What we say to our customers is building great software is not easy, but it is the foundation upon which companies can build great competitive advantage. We want to partner with our customers to deliver amazing software that delights our customers and grows their business.

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Millennials Love Airbnb and There Are 400 Million Millennials in China

The Head of Policy at Airbnb, Chris Lehane, says that they are seeing the same underlying dynamics and trends of millennials driving Airbnb growth in China that they saw earlier globally. With 400 million millennials living in China, the growth potential for Airbnb is massive. He noted that millennials will be 75 percent of consumers going forward and home sharing is how they like to travel.

Chris Lehane, Head of Global Policy And Communications for Airbnb, talked about the huge growth of the company and their massive potential for even more growth driven by millennials in China and around the world in an interview on Bloomberg:

Airbnb’s Single Biggest Quarter Ever

As we released on Friday, we are significantly over a billion dollars in revenue in Q3, our single biggest quarter ever. We are blessed ultimately by this really significant and robust growth. Ultimately that’s tracking to the community model that exists on Airbnb. We only do well if our hosts do well, hosts do well if our guests do well, guests do well only if communities are benefitting. That flywheel does create a network effect globally. You can see that underneath these growth numbers, 91 percent growth in Bejing. Over 79 percent growth in places like Mexico City or even Birmingham, England.

Home Sharing is How Millennials Like to Travel

Ultimately what’s really underlying the foundation for all of that is that people are looking for this type of travel. More people are going to be able to do home sharing type of travel, people to people travel tomorrow than today. This is not new, Abraham Lincoln, Gandhi, they did home sharing, but in particular, this is what consumers are looking for, particularly millennial consumers who are going to be 75 percent plus of all consumers going forward. This is how they like to travel.

400 Million Millennials in China – A Huge Opportunity for Airbnb

Looking at our global numbers, what we are seeing in China really does reflect the same thing that we are seeing globally. We are blessed with this growth which is being driven by that network effect that exists locally. What we are seeing in China is really interesting. It has the same underlying dynamics and trends that we saw with the business earlier.

When Airbnb was first launched the majority of users were millennials. If you look at our China market right now about 85 percent of our consumers are millennials. It’s a similar trend, but keeping in mind that there are 400 million millennials in China. We are really the significant player in what’s called the outbound travel, people going from China abroad. What’s happening is they come back and then they begin to travel domestically and Airbnb begins to grow as a result of that.

China is a place you have to get up every day and work incredibly hard. We do have a president of the business who is from China based on the ground there. We have an incredible team made up of Chinese folks who are on the ground there in Bejing and other offices around the country. I feel good about where we are but I know that we need to keep working at it.

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Is There Still a Difference Between Marketing and Selling?

Back when I worked in the corporate world, our organization, like many, had a great, big invisible wall between marketing and sales. The marketers crafted messages, thought about fonts and brand colors, produced beautiful brochures and websites, and figured out new ways to get people to know our company existed. The end result of this
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Value Gulfs: Making sure there is differentiated product value when marketing upgrades and upsells

Read on for an exploration into the concept of value gulfs, and how to use the idea to get more product upgrades and upsells in your marketing.
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Google: There Is No Fixed Timeout For JavaScript Page Rendering

So with all this JavaScript code and high end JS based web development going on, pages need to render and the heavier the code and the slower the server and computer accessing the page, the longer the wait time for the page to render…

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Why There Are Only A Few Times When It Is Smart To Start A Second Business

 [ Download MP3 | Transcript | iTunes | Soundcloud | Raw RSS ] A friend of mine in Vancouver called me up to do a mastermind session to help him deal with a situation in his business. This particular situation is one I think a lot of entrepreneurs run…

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Been There, Done That: Are marketers neglecting the mobile app experience?

Are you ignoring your customer’s mobile app experience? You set it up, got it going, but have you continued to nurture and listen to customers in that channel? In this Sherpa blog post, hear from three marketers who have worked in mobile, and created memorable (and profitable) mobile experiences.
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Google: There Was No Fred Update From Our Point Of View

In this morning’s Google hangout with John Mueller, John said “from our point of view there was no Fred update.” This is after they officially did confirm the Fred update a couple months ago…

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Was There A Google Algorithm Update On Monday & Tuesday? Unsure.

Most of the automated tracking tools, with the exception of Algoroo, really showed massive spikes and volatility on either Monday or Tuesday, April 24th or 25th, of this week. The issue is, the chatter in the SEO community is not correlating to those tools…

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What If There Was Only One Right Thing To Do In Any Given Moment?

Timing is everything. In my Blog Traffic Fundamentals trilogy (Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3) you learned that focusing on ONE traffic technique is the smart first step. Master one thing rather than fail at many. The reason why this is the case comes down to timing. There’s…

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