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StudioPress Acquired by WP Engine

I’m pleased to announce that StudioPress, our WordPress design and hosting division, has been acquired by WP Engine. With this move, the world’s most popular WordPress design framework — Genesis — will now be paired with the world’s leading managed WordPress hosting platform. Thank You to Brian Gardner and the StudioPress Team As 2018 began,
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Introducing the New StudioPress Blog

Where in the world has Brian Gardner been?

Well, it’s been a while since you’ve seen my byline around here at Copyblogger, but that’s for a few good reasons — I’ve had my head down and been working hard over at StudioPress (specifically, the all-new StudioPress Sites you’ve been hearing about).

If you’re interested in checking it out, you’ll see that the StudioPress site looks quite different from how it has in the recent past, and that’s because we’ve been making the experience over there the best we possibly can for our customers.

That, and we’ve been building the next generation of StudioPress. :-)

Here’s what we’ve been up to …

Introducing the brand-new, shiny StudioPress blog

A few weeks ago, we launched a new blog at StudioPress!

If you take a look at the address bar, you’ll see we’re using the .blog extension. You might be wondering why we chose to go that route, rather than just continue the blog on the main StudioPress.com site.

Our friends over at Automattic started serving up .blog domains late last year, and we jumped at the opportunity to secure this domain, along with a few other branded domains that made sense for our company.

I personally thought it would be a fun way to try something new but still keep a cohesive look between our main site and the blog. We are considering this an experiment.

On the StudioPress blog we’ll be publishing fresh content, including what’s new at StudioPress, announcements about theme releases, expert advice from our friends in the community, episodes of StudioPress FM, and replays of StudioPress Live — more on that in a bit.

Head over to the Official StudioPress Blog — the premier publishing resource for designers, developers, and bloggers.

Check, check, is this thing on?

Speaking of experiments, one thing I’m really excited about is our new initiative called StudioPress Live. Each week, I’m answering your questions live on our Facebook page.

Whether you’re a designer, developer, blogger, or some kind of in-between hybrid, this is the perfect opportunity to get your questions answered … find out what’s new at StudioPress, talk digital business, keep up with the Genesis community, and geek out on all things WordPress. ”</p

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Rainmaker Rewind: The Story of StudioPress Founder Brian Gardner

Rainmaker FM rewind

We’ve got a special treat for you on Rainmaker Rewind this week: the premiere of StudioPress FM, hosted by StudioPress founder Brian Gardner and Vice President of StudioPress Lauren Mancke.

Each week, they’ll help creative entrepreneurs build and grow powerful digital businesses. In this episode, they dive into the story behind StudioPress and the world of premium WordPress themes.

And, as always, be sure to check out the other great episodes that recently aired on Rainmaker FM.

  1. StudioPress FM. Brian Gardner and Lauren Manke discuss all things digital design on the new StudioPress FM: The Story of StudioPress Founder Brian Gardner
  2. Copyblogger FM. Pamela Wilson sits in for Sonia Simone and talks with Stefanie Flaxman about crafting magnetic headlines: Are You Leaving Money on the Table with Weak Headlines?
  3. The Writer Files. Kelton Reid chats with Stephanie Danler, bestselling author of the acclaimed debut novel Sweetbitter: How ‘Sweetbitter’ Author Stephanie Danler Writes: Part One
  4. Youpreneur. Chris Ducker and live-streaming star Alex Pettitt explore how live-streaming has changed the marketing landscape: The Live Video ‘State of the Nation’ Discussion, with Alex Pettitt
  5. The Missing Link. To pay LinkedIn or not to pay LinkedIn … that is the question. LinkedIn expert Viveka Von Rosen is back to tackle this hot topic: LinkedIn Premium vs. LinkedIn Free, Part Two

And, one more thing …

If you want to get Rainmaker Rewind sent straight to your favorite podcast player, subscribe right here on Rainmaker FM.

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Introducing the StudioPress Marketplace: Great WordPress Themes from Exceptional Designers

image of StudioPress Marketplace logo

When you’re buying a premium WordPress theme, you have to ask yourself (or someone who knows what they’re doing) real questions about security, stability, SEO, ease of use, ease of updates, and much more.

That’s why we created the Genesis framework to be the rock-solid foundation of a smart WordPress site. Then it’s just a matter of dressing it up with a cool paint job.

Our StudioPress division already offers 39 turn-key child theme designs for Genesis, with more coming. But we’re about to open up the doors to a whole lot more of them.

We’ve created a single place for you to buy StudioPress-approved child themes from third-party designers. It’s called the StudioPress Marketplace.

Whether you’re already one of our existing 54,000 StudioPress customers, or you’re thinking about taking up the Genesis Framework for WordPress for the first time, the Marketplace is a simple solution to the ongoing problem of finding a variety of well-built designs powered by Genesis.

So, no more searching endless posts, reviews, or forums, trying to decipher the right information. No more accepting badly-written code for the sake of design.

  • We’re going to stay on top of state-of-the-art for you.
  • We’re going to check and double-check every line of code for you.
  • And most importantly, we’re going to find amazing designers and new themes for you.

You’ll be able to get in, get what you need in one place, and get back to doing what you do best.

Here are the four designs that are kicking off the Marketplace, with many more coming all the time:

You don’t need the bling

image of the Blingless theme for WordPress

For the micro-blogger, speed is everything.

You want to keep screen alive with new color, text, and image. Near-constant movement.

The Blingless theme gets out of your way, so you can get on to what’s next.

Click here to get moving with the Blingless theme.

Blingless was designed by Dre Armeda of CubicTwo.

We don’t care what they say, function is fashion

image of the Elle theme for WordPress

You’re in the city. You’re in the country.

You’ve got stories and pictures and ideas that can’t be contained by mere … stereotypes.

Let the Elle theme frame your life or business the way you want it framed.

Click here to check out the Elle theme.

Elle was designed by Lauren Mancke of Northbound Design.

Much more than you asked for

image of the Maximum theme for WordPress

Utmost impact. Lavish readability.

Maximum … awesome.

The Maximum theme delivers — in a big way — whether you’re building your company, or creating your personal brand.

Click here to get more from the Maximum theme.

Maximum was designed by Brad Potter of Theme Craft.

Get back to where you once belonged

image of the Vintage theme for WordPress

Somehow, it’s old and new.

The best vintage pieces point back in history, and look forward, defining the future.

Wrap your photos, your words, your audio in the feel of another time.

Click here to get back to the Vintage theme.

Vintage was designed by Lauren Gaige of Restored 316 Designs.

These four amazing designers are just the beginning. Will you join them?

If you build stunning, rock-solid WordPress themes …

… we’ll get them out into the world for you. And get you paid, hassle free.

The most frustrating part of a theme developer’s work is usually on the business end.

You need marketing, accounting, distribution, awareness, bullet-proof hosting, and a hundred other things to make it all run smoothly — to profit from your hard work.

Brian Gardner knows this stuff well, he’s been developing and selling WordPress themes for years. And Brian Clark knows how to sell a WordPress theme or two himself.

The StudioPress team has put a lot of thought into this aspect of the Marketplace, so you can focus on code and design, instead of billing and marketing.

When you join the StudioPress Marketplace, you’re tapping into, and becoming aligned with, years of trust that StudioPress and Copyblogger have earned with customers around the world.

If you’re a developer, come grow with us. It’s gonna be fun.

We’ll tell you how to submit your themes soon. Right now, we’re booked with our initial hand-picked designers, so start building your best Genesis-powered WordPress design ever.

We’re just getting started …

Hopefully it’s obvious to you that we’re committed to making the StudioPress Marketplace a home run for both WordPress theme buyers and WordPress theme developers.

For buyers, a single, trusted place to find and buy superior WordPress themes.

For developers, a world stage to sell your work from, and get paid well.

Check out the StudioPress Marketplace today.

About the Author: Robert Bruce is Copyblogger Media’s resident raconteur, copywriter, and regular-guy attache for the StudioPress Marketplace.


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