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The 2018 Search Engine Land Award winners: The full roster of this year’s search rock stars & superheroes

The SEO and SEM community recognized the industry’s top performers last night during the SMX Advanced Conference in Seattle.

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Google Image Search Lets You Save Images For Later With Stars

Google brings back starring for saving image search results to your photo collections.

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Amy Roloff, Matt Roloff: ‘Little People, Big World’ Stars File for Divorce

Amy Roloff and husband Matt, of the reality show Little People, Big World, filed for divorce on Friday. They have been separated since March of 2014.

In a statement posted to the Little People, Big World website, Matt and Amy Roloff shared their news.

“After 27 years of marriage, it is with great sadness that we have come to the difficult decision to file for divorce,” the statement reads.

“We are proud of what we have accomplished together, including raising four wonderful children who have grown to become remarkable adults and building our strong and ongoing successful businesses,” they said.

Matt and Amy Roloff are the parents of twins Jeremy and Zack, who are 25, daughter Molly, who is 21, and son Jacob, who is 18.

“We will continue to work together side by side in the daily responsibilities for our many current ventures,” they added in the statement.

Little People, Big World first aired back in 2006, and stars Matt and Amy Roloff and their children. A new season is set to premiere this summer.

Citing irreconcilable differences as the reason for their divorce, Matt and Amy Roloff filed for divorce in Oregon.

Do you think the Roloff divorce will spell the end of Little People, Big World, or will Matt and Amy Roloff figure out a way for the show to survive post-divorce?

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Bill Nye The Science Guy To Compete On Dancing With The Stars

One of the greatest memories held dear by many children of the 90′s was walking in to science class to see that the T.V., big and clunky and gorgeous, had been rolled in on that black, metal cart with the dingy wheels that squeaked. The joy didn’t come so much from not having to do worksheets or listen to the teacher for the day, so much as it came from knowing what awaited you once the screen turned on. Sitting with crossed legs and wide eyes and giant grins, kids would sing along as that glorious anthem began…

Don’t even try to pretend that you didn’t sing along.

Fans of Bill Nye the Science Guy will be thrilled to know that the newest line-up for the cast of the next season of Dancing With The Stars include none other than the science guy himself! According to the show’s official website, combination engineer-and-comedian will be waltzing, tangoing, and sashaying his way across the dance floor with new-to-the-show professional dancer, Tyne Stecklein.

The announcement of Bill’s participation has caused a bit of a buzz on the internet, with many a person happy to see their childhood icon back in the spot light, this time with dancing shoes instead of a lab coat. Among other sites, such as Tumblr and Facebook, Twitter was, of course, full of neat quips concerning Bill’s new status as a dancer, including some words from the science guy, himself.

The show will premiere on Monday, September 16 at 8/7 central time.

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The Oscars Consider Product Placement As Stars Prepare to Live Tweet the Golden Globes

THE 85TH ANNUAL ACADEMY AWARDS(r) - Seth MacFarlane will host "The 85th Annual Academy Awards," broadcasting live on Oscar(r) SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 24, 2013 on the ABC Television Network. (ABC/BOB D'AMICO)It’s award season in Hollywood. The People’s Choice Awards handed out their statuettes last night. The Critic’s Choice Awards air tonight, and Spielberg woke up to the news that his film Lincoln has more Oscar nominations than any other movie (12).

Now the networks have to figure out how to pay for all this glitz and glamour.

The 85th Annual Academy Awards is doing well this year. AdAge says that ABC usually gets around $ 1.65 million and $ 1.8 million for a 30-second commercial and this year they’re coming in on the high side of those numbers. Could be because of the buzz surrounding this year’s host Seth MacFalane. The Family Guy creator is known for his sharp stabs at pop culture and his inability to self-censor as Slate pointed out after this morning’s Oscar announcement ceremony.

In the less than 10 minutes it took to announce the nominees, MacFarlane managed to insult his co-presenter, belittle the achievements of several nominees, and make a Hitler joke. He introduced Emma Stone as “the star of the new film Gangster Squad,” making a show of reading off a cue card, before breaking off to question: “I’m not sure you’re the star. That seems more like an ensemble piece, right?” A moment later, he added of Stone, “some say she’s better than Meryl Streep,” before stopping to ask, “Who says that?”

It’s either going to be the best Oscar presentation ever or the most embarrassing train wreck ever produced. Either way, MacFarlane is going to draw a crowd and that makes advertisers excited enough to open their wallets a little wider.

Since the full inventory of ads is nearly sold out, Christina Kounelias, chief marketing officer for The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences says they’ll be looking for other ways to bring in more ad dollars, including “weaving sponsors into the program.”

“I’d like to think we’re more flexible,” she said regarding the prospect of ad messages integrated into the main event. While the Academy has to “be realistic about it” so as not to lengthen an already-long evening and not distract from the awards process, “we are open to working with people in a number of ways.”

I’m overcome with images of Meryl Streep presenting in a gown made from recycled KitKat wrappers. Give me a break. What happened to the old days when you could just say, this portion of the Oscars was brought to you buy INSERT BRAND HERE and be done with it. Do I really need to see Tom Cruise, cruise on to stage in a new Chevy Cruze?

The 85th Annual Academy Awards is set to air on February 24.

Tweeting with the Stars

This Sunday, the stars will have a dress rehearsal in the form of The Golden Globe awards. They’ve partnered with Twitter to present a collection of live Tweets from the event. Here are a few of the more interesting personalities.

  • Julia Louis-Dreyfus @OfficialJLD – Nominee for Best Performance by an Actress in a Television Series
  • Sofia Vergara – @SofiaVergara  – Nominee for Modern Family
  • Nina Garcia – @NinaGarcia
  • Marlon Wayons – @MARLONLWAYANS
  • Ra Ra Riot – @rarariot (I admit I have no idea who this is but I love the name)

And many, many more. Twitter will be aggregating all of their feeds on one page, so you won’t miss a single shot of the food at the after parties.

Ah, the good life.

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YouTube Turns Casting Agent to Match Stars and Brands

You probably can’t afford to hire Kim Kardashian to hawk your jewelry line on YouTube but you might be able to afford a young YouTube fashion star who has a following all her own. To help you find her, YouTube is launching the Video Creation Marketplace, a platform designed to connect talent with brands of every size.

YouTube’s Baljeet Singh, told AdAge that there are already thousands of videographers making a living off their work. Many of them have already signed on to promote a brand but there are plenty more who are anxious to gain sponsorship.

The Video Creation Marketplace will feature profile pages showing a YouTubbers interests, their demographics, keywords and stats. Potential partners can peruse the list then make an offer and YouTube will stay out of it. They’re not getting involved in negotiations, they’re simply providing the platform.

This is an excellent opportunity for small businesses to move into the video space. Producing your own videos is time consuming and overwhelming and not everyone enjoys seeing themselves on camera. With the marketplace, any business should be able to find a current YouTube channel that fits their brand and their budget.

No production problems. No need to build an audience from scratch. All you do is provide the products and write the check. It doesn’t get easier than that.

Watch for the YouTube Video Creation Marketplace to bow later this summer.




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