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3 Content Marketing Myths and Their Reality-Based Solutions

We all know that creating content can be hard work. One of our goals at Copyblogger is to help you make sure you’re putting your work into the right things, so you get results and not just a fistful of disappointment. This week, we looked at three myths and mistakes that can hold writers back
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Microsoft Announces its Acquisition of Avere Solutions

Competition among big players in the emerging but profitable cloud computing segment is about to heat up. In a recent announcement made on Wednesday, Microsoft confirmed its acquisition of storage solutions firm Avere, a move specifically targeted to boost revenue by addressing the unique needs among companies in the middle of transitioning to a cloud-driven framework.

As Microsoft puts it, Avere is “a leading provider of high-performance NFS and SMB file-based storage for Linux and Windows clients running in cloud, hybrid and on-premises environments.” In other words, Avere will cater to companies who are still in the process of moving to purely cloud-based systems by providing solutions that allow them to use cloud computing resources while still utilizing on-premises data storage.

Of course, it is also a brilliant marketing move for Microsoft’s cloud computing business. By offering this type of service early on, it is more likely to retain the businesses of these companies even after they reach the end of the cloud migration process.

In addition, Avere is currently working with Amazon Web Services and the Google Cloud Platform, Microsoft’s top two competitors in the cloud computing business. Microsoft’s acquisition of Avere presents a rare opportunity to increase market share if it can somehow manage to lure in those companies currently being served by Avere.

Microsoft’s business thrust in its cloud computing division can be described as a hybrid approach when compared to that of Amazon and Google. Its Azure Stack private cloud software basically offers the same features as that of the Azure public could. At the same time, the company still offers database and server software for corporate data centers.

Microsoft prides itself on offering the most flexible solution, a feature that could be of immense help for businesses still in the process of transitioning to a purely cloud-driven framework. Avere CEO Ron Bianchini had this to say about Microsoft:

 “Over the years, Microsoft has made significant investments to provide its customers with the most flexible, secure and scalable storage solutions in the marketplace and has made Azure the natural home for enterprise applications. This shared focus on large enterprise applications makes Microsoft a great fit for Avere.”

At the moment, Microsoft has not disclosed the amount it had to shell out to acquire Avere. The deal could be finalized in the coming months after passing through the customary approval process.

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4 Quick Solutions that Spawn Radical Email List Growth

quick ways to grow your email list

I know building your email list can be a painfully slow process.

Even if you have a tantalizing incentive to give away, sometimes your prospects may still be hesitant to sign up.

Since readers are increasingly cautious about giving up their email addresses, you need to build trust and put in extra effort to turn casual readers into email subscribers.

While the top of your site’s sidebar is the “traditional” spot for an email list opt-in form, you don’t want it to be your sole method for collecting email subscribers.

Today, I’m going to share improvements you can make to your site to grow your email list — and many take five minutes or less to implement!

How else can you get readers to subscribe?

Option #1: Blog post footers

If a site visitor takes the time to read one of your blog posts all the way to its end, he or she probably likes your content — so the footer of a blog post is the perfect place to ask that reader to sign up for your list.

You can add a permanent footer to each of your blog posts that prompts readers to join your list.

Check out this example from Copyhackers:


Option #2: Feature boxes

Feature boxes put your opt-in form front and center on your website, taking the place of a large graphic banner with your logo or other site branding.

A qualified designer can add one to your WordPress theme or you can use a theme with a built-in Feature Box, like StudioPress’s Generate Pro theme.

Here’s an example from The Way of the Happy Woman:


Option #3: Pop-overs

Pop-over opt-in forms are small boxes that pop up in the corner of your site (often in the bottom right corner).

They are less obtrusive than large, traditional pop-up boxes, and your reader can either take action — by entering their email address or closing the box — or they can simply ignore the box and continue consuming your content.

One of the best tools right now for creating simple pop-overs on your site is SumoMe’s List Builder tool. List Builder is completely free, and it’s fairly quick to set up.

Adding SumoMe to your Rainmaker Platform site is a breeze, whether you use the native integration feature (currently in Labs) or simply paste your script into your header using the Appearance editor.

Take a look at this entertaining pop-over form on Momastery:


Option #4: Pop-ups

Putting a pop-up box on your site is highly contentious — using pop-ups may increase your sign-up rate, but it could also damage your relationship with your audience.

If you decide to use one for your site, the incentive you offer needs to be highly relevant to your readers.

A delay before the box appears is also a smart practice. This way, readers have a chance to momentarily browse your site before you present them with your pop-up box.

Chris Guillebeau uses this informative, benefits-driven pop-up form:


Persuade your readers with the right copy

Once you’ve figured out where you want to put the opt-in or registration calls to action on your site, you need the right copy to “sell” what you’re giving away.

Your copy needs to be appealing, persuasive, and clear, so people know exactly what they’re getting in exchange for their email address and how they will benefit from it:

  1. Communicate your offer. If you have a free email autoresponder course, say that. If it’s a downloadable report, make that clear. Keep in mind that the title of your free incentive can do a lot of work for you — if you have an attention-getting, mouth-watering title, you probably don’t need to add a lot of additional copy.
  2. Describe your sign-up incentive’s specific benefits. How will your free incentive help your visitors? Will it save them time, make them more money, or improve their relationships? This is a great place to use bullet points, if you have the space for them.
  3. State exactly what readers need to do next. Make the next step crystal clear — this is not a place for ambiguity or cutesy language. You could write something as simple as, “Enter your preferred email address below, and click the red button.”

Test to find the right combination

Don’t just go with your gut or take your best guess — test several opt-in and registration structures and several copy combinations until you find the ones that work best for your community members.

Small changes in your copy can influence your conversion rate, so test:

  • The title of your incentive
  • The headline on your opt-in form
  • The copy in your bullet points
  • The text on your “submit” button

Yes, it takes extra time to test. But once you do, you’ll feel confident that you’re using the highest-converting version of your offer.

Growing your email list should be a top priority, and paying special attention to your opt-in forms is a strong step in the right direction to reaching your subscriber goals.

Finding the perfect opt-in for your website takes patience and persistence, but smart content marketers have both.

Keep trying, continue testing, and stay focused!

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About the Author: Beth Hayden is a content marketing expert, author, and speaker who specializes in working with women business owners. Want Beth’s best blogging tip? Download her free case study, How This Smart Writer Got 600 New Subscribers by Taking One Brave Step.

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The Different Types of Renewable Energy Solutions


Renewable energy is generated from natural sources and sustainable replenished constantly. Different technologies are used to create energy and help a lot in improving efficiency in homes and ensure that family health is given the best. The energy reduces reliance on fossil fuels common, slows global warming, which has become a very serious problem and also improves air quality. The fact is that the use of renewable energies, it is possible for people to enjoy the incentives and government grants and you can be among those who get to enjoy incentives.

A sustainable future can be built when the parties involved, including investors, companies, communities, politicians and even farmers to work together to protect environmental values ​​such as water quality and habitat quality. The market has many renewable energy products that can be used to find energy solutions that are better for the world in general. The energy is obtained from various natural sources and include the following.

Solar Energy – Solar energy has become very reliable and some portable radios available today rely on power to operate. It is also widely used to light homes and power devices and machines. The best thing about this energy is that it’s cheap and inexhaustible.

Wind energy – Another great form of renewable energy, and in addition to being reliable, which is free of contamination. Windy areas can enjoy an incredible energy solution that can be used in a variety of ways.

Biogas energy – is very popular among farmers because it uses animal manure generated and therefore reduces pollution. Many households depend on this energy for electricity and heating through conversion of animal waste in the cleaning of flue gases can actually be used for cooking as well.

Geothermal energy – this energy is based on reservoirs of hot water and steam that naturally occur on the surface of the earth. It has great potential as an energy source that is renewable. Energy is widely used for the production of electricity providing reliable solutions easily to any environment.

hydro – energy is obtained from the water in motion and becomes the largest source when it comes to renewable electricity in a number of countries. However, it is important to remember that even if the water is still a renewable resource, the rivers do not fall into this category of renewable resources.

Offshore energy – This is the energy from tides, waves and winds that are common around the edges. All of them have great potential and can be developed to improve the quality of life while protecting the natural source of ocean resources were.

The use of different forms of renewable energy, you can improve your life. There are so many green products, you can choose and installed to change the way you enjoy your life. There are so many companies now offer these products, but you should ensure that you simply professionals who provide high quality products and installation services.

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Effective Solutions In Heating and Cooling Systems in Australia

Normally, through Australia, 40 percent of the energy we use at home is for heating and cooling. This does not include the heating of hot water. The amount of energy used by your home vary according to their needs and the environment where you live and the type of heating and cooling depends on you. Most households have to be heated or cooled to a certain time of year, but with an efficient home, which could avoid dependence on heating and cooling additional devices in total.

Besides the type of heating and cooling solutions you choose, how to work and take care of your system may also have a significant impact. Once you have used all the options of passive heating involved, the next step is to select a suitable to your situation heating. There are many types of heating with different reasons of energy and environmental quantities efficiency.Your, type water heater, how to use it and to its position in the room can make a positive change in their leisure and heating costs. When sizing and adequate system of your home, you can avoid investing in the energy required. Central heating often can heat an entire home, while the space (room) heat warms everyone in the room (or more in the American zone) is used. Whether you opt for the central heating or space, there are many technologies and different heating options to consider, the best type of heating for you is determined by your circumstances, including the size of the rooms to become heated, the number of people in your home and your local climate.

Efficient gas heaters and reverse cycle air conditioning (heat pumps) are cheaper to acquire than standard electric heaters and create about a third of the amount of greenhouse gases. Note that it is important to work with unflued gas heaters with adequate ventilation when they cause indoor air pollution probably at home that may affect their welfare. See the requirements of your state or place.

Central heating systems are often critical to the gas, but could use a water heater in the fire, or heat pump solar system. Most of these systems circulating hot water radiators through solar panels, fan coils or in some cases indirectly through a concrete slab.

Air conditioning (or heat pumps) reverse cycle represent the type of electrical energy efficiency heater.Heat more levers have a fan and led the parties directly unheated heat your home.

They can be a profitable, low cost of operation. Portable electric heaters can be cheap to buy but expensive to maintain. Many are not as useful as other strategies slab floor heating heating.Electric often stronger fuel emissions of greenhouse gases whole house heating and perform.As rules would be the highest you should clean the filters in your heating system regularly to make sure it works effectively, follow the actual manufacturer. Use thermostats and timers to ensure that you are only heated room with everything you need to make when you need to save energy and money. Research on the best type of heating and cooling for your circumstances, our information could help you get started.

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Site Search Solutions: 3 methods for implementing search on your site

As your site grows in size, choosing the right site search method will become an important factor in keeping your content available for visitors. Learn about three site search implementation methods that you can use to help keep your site running smoothly.
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