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Lands’ End CEO: If You Are Not on Amazon You Are Not Relevant

“For us, our partnership with Amazon was all about new customer acquisition,” says Lands’ End CEO Jerome Griffith. “If you look at searches online, more people go to Amazon to search for clothing than anyplace. If you are not there you are not relevant.”

Jerome Griffith, CEO of Lands’ End, discussed the recent turnaround of Lands’ End and the reasons for it on Fox Business:

We Are Doing Well Because We Went Back to Basics

We’ve had six quarters of sales increases and five straight quarters of EBITDA increases. The company is on a good track right now. We are doing well because we went back to basics at Lands’ End and made Lands’ End what Lands’ End was meant to be.

We Veered Away From Who the Customer Was

The company has a very loyal consumer base. In fact, the conversion rates online are some of the best in the industry. That means the customers like what we give them. What happened over the years is we sort of veered away from who the customer was. We seemed to be saying we want a different customer. Now we don’t. We know who our customer is and we want them.

If You Are Not on Amazon You Are Not Relevant

For us, our partnership with Amazon was all about new customer acquisition. If you look at searches online, more people go to Amazon to search for clothing than anyplace. If you are not there you are not relevant.

If Tariffs Come We Will Weather the Storm

Right now we are extremely well diversified, we don’t have one country that we are over-penetrated. So even if tariffs come into effect I think we will probably weather the storm. This company is really focusing on our business fundamentals, top line growth, bottom line growth. Outside of that I can’t affect what the market does on a day in and day out basis. I tell the guys here worry about what you can affect, not what you can’t.

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Having Trouble Reaching Your Audience? It’s Time to Get Radically Relevant

So, you may remember not that long ago — as in, last month — I was very keen on chatbots. I got a lot of inspiration from Andrew Warner over at Mixergy, who had helped me see some things that I hadn’t understood at all about the format. Fast forward a few weeks … and
Read More…

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5 Future-Proofing TipsThat Will Keep Your Brand Relevant in 2018 and Beyond

Consumer trends move at such a dizzying speeds that companies have to work double time just to keep up with the changes. It’s understandable that company owners and marketers don’t want to be left behind. After all, there seems to be more competition for attention every year, more technological advances to absorb, channels to be active in, and higher expectations from customers.

Now more than ever before, companies need to future-proof their business and marketing strategies in order to stay relevant in 2018.

Understanding the Importance of Future-Proofing

“Future-proofing” describes a technological system, a product, or a service that would have to be updated as technology changes and improves.

In business terms, future-proofing means that you’ll need to implement a sound strategy to keep up with changes in your industry and the needs of your clients before they happen.

It should be pointed out though that regardless of preparation, you can’t really future-proof something 100%. However, companies can plan how they’ll adapt their systems in order to connect with their clients on the correct channels, using the most relevant content at the right time.

5 Strategies to Keep Your Brand Relevant

1. Always Listen and Touch Bases With Your Customers

Today’s marketing is all about dialogue, and it appears that this will remain true in the foreseeable future. Your company has to be able to communicate with your client in order to remain relevant. It’s also vital that you listen to customer feedback.

Image result for importance of online reviews statistic 2017

Graphic via StartupGuys.net

Regardless of whether you’re conducting a survey, using live chat to talk or reading customer reviews you have to pay attention to your audience and try to spot upcoming trends. The insights you get from listening and having a dialogue with them can help improve the marketing campaigns you presently have and those that you’re planning for in the future.

2. Make it a Habit to Learn New Things Regularly

Always stay on top of upcoming trends and why they’re important. Learn new things by studying vital and new marketing resources from reputable researchers and companies. Whether you’re outright studying a course, listening to content or just reading and watching new trends and technologies, always be open to learning about it.

3. Invest Smartly With Your Marketing

It’s never a good idea to blow your entire marketing budget on one strategy. The risk of losing is simply too high. A better move would be to invest small but smarter. Companies can try alloting small amounts of time, money and resources and invest them in various areas of marketing just to see which sectors perform well and which don’t. It’s also a good way to gain exposure and experience in different marketing techniques.

This approach will also be valuable if a particular marketing medium becomes more profitable or relevant over time. If that happens, you already have a foothold and have the right knowledge and experience to drive results in your expected direction.

4. Build a Pro-Active Team

Your team is just as important as your strategy. Build a team that’s pro-active and understands the importance of future-proofing the company’s marketing efforts.

It’s important that your team is comfortable and adept with changes. A good team is one that questions the company’s processes and strategies in a bid to improve them. They should also be aware of what’s happening outside the businesses and its impact.

5. Mentor Millennials

Millennials will dominate leadership roles in the future and you want your staff to be prepared. This generation prefers formal training and mentoring in order to learn the system and feel engaged. Design a program where a younger employee is paired with a mentor. Provide onboarding programs that will help this key group better understand your company better and their present and future role.

[Featured image via Pixabay]

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Trump Has Made Twitter Relevant Again — Twitter Should be Ecstatic — Instead They Are Conflicted — Blinded by Political Bias

Up until the campaign, Twitter was in my opinion fading from public consciousness, with Facebook starting to dominate as the place to go for breaking news. Trump single handedly changed that. Twitter is on top of the world with every news network, at the top of every TV news broadcast it seems they are referencing a tweet by President Elect Donald Trump.

Every company in the world would love this free attention, except maybe Twitter itself. Why, because they are a collective of leftists run by an extremely leftist CEO Jack Dorsey. They are at the cutting edge of banning those they disagree with, such as Breitbart reporter and gay conservative libertarian nationalist activist Milo Yiannopoulos. Twitter permanently banned MILO in July 2016 for what the company cited as “inciting or engaging in the targeted abuse or harassment of others.”

There are numerous other bans of conservatives and it’s clear that Twitter bans conservatives with one standard and leftist with another. For instance, BlackLivesMatters, which makes pro-communist tweets, says fuck capitalism, says police are dangerous and tells kids not to trust them and calls ex-Breitbart CEO and primary Trump advisor a white nationalist without any evidence… is alive and well on Twitter.

The question is… Is Twitter a business anymore, or just another leftist political site? If it is, then it needs to take legal responsibility for ALL posts from its users. If it’s going to edit out political speech from those it disagrees, then it’s starting to move into the territory of being a news site rather than a platform. Right?

At the Recode conference yesterday, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey said per the Guardian:

Asked how he felt about Trump’s use of the service, Dorsey said: “Complicated”.

“I feel very proud of the role of the service and what it stands for and everything that we’ve done, and that continues to accelerate every single day. Especially as it’s had such a spotlight on it through his usage and through the election.”

It sounds as if he really meant… Conflicted. Conflicted by his and his employees leftist views at possibly (eventually) the expense of his companies shareholders?

Can you imagine if Twitter banned a President Trump? I can.

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7 Ideas for Keeping Your Brand’s Content Marketing Fresh & Relevant


vegetable dish

Have you ever opened the fridge and realized that all of the produce that you painstakingly picked out at the farmers market had gone bad? Maybe there were a few items that were salvageable but the rest had to be tossed. You wouldn’t want to serve your guests a rotten ratatouille would you?

Today’s content marketers should be using only the freshest of ingredients (tactics) to keep their audience engaged and coming back for seconds.

Keeping an online audience engaged is getting harder and harder. They are constantly bombarded with an overwhelming amount of content which makes it very difficult to hold their attention. In fact, the Statistic Brain Research Institute found that the average attention span in 2015 is 8.25 seconds and only 4% of page views on the internet last longer than 10 minutes. Remember that blog post it took you 3 hours to write? Chances are your customers are speed reading and moving on.

However, there are steps that you can take to keep your content marketing fresh, interesting and innovative for your audience. In today’s market, Content marketing can take on many different forms and be published on a variety of platforms. The possibilities are nearly limitless.

Below are some of the ideas for how you can keep your content marketing program fresh and delicious. Bon apetite!

#1 – Study the Works of Other “Chefs”

Today’s foodies love everything from Indian street food, to fine French dining. What has become even more popular over the past few years is the concept of food fusion, which takes notes from different types of cuisines and mashes them together to produce the best possible dishes.

In order to create these tasty recipes, chefs had to go outside of their base knowledge of a particular cuisine and incorporate ideas from other cultures.

It can be easy to fall into a routine of strictly following what other marketers in your industry are doing to help determine your content marketing strategy.

Instead, look for innovative ideas that are outside of your industry and may not even be a part of marketing. For example, take a look at your personal email inbox, is there anything that caught your eye as a consumer or that you found to be an interesting concept? Use these ideas that you find in other industries to fuel your content marketing ideas.

#2 – Ditch the Recipe Book & Try Something New

Some of my best dishes have come from throwing together ingredients that I thought went well together. Other times I have been left with an inedible goopy mess. But at least I knew not to do it again.

Believe it or not, failure can be a good thing. Why? Because if you failed, that means that you made an attempt. One of the worst things you can do as a marketer is to remain stagnant and keep executing on the same old safe, tried and true digital marketing tactics.

Now that doesn’t mean that you should just go chasing after any idea. You should still be mindful of your approach and determine what it is that you expect to get out of it.

#3 – Mother Sauces Require Key Ingredients

You can’t make a bechamel sauce without butter and a hollandaise without lemon just isn’t quite right. While there are variations of these mother sauces, there are core ingredients that bring them together and make your tastebuds sing.

One of the most overlooked opportunities for marketing is combining your different digital teams (either internal or external). The convergence of search, social and content is not a new concept. However, there is a big difference between creating an integrated digital marketing strategy, and getting your different teams together to collaborate.

It doesn’t matter if you have a large team, a small team or are working with an outside digital marketing agency, there is always an opportunity to collaborate. This approach will help each team understand what it is that the other is working on and can lead to some creative brainstorming for content marketing solutions.

#4 – Small Touches Create a Better Diner Experience

Personally, I eat just as much with my eyes as I do with my mouth. There is almost no replacement for a beautiful plate of food that tastes equally delicious. The perfect combination of ambiance, a beautiful table, good parking and alluring food can create a truly epic dining experience.

Similarly, you should always use content marketing to create a good customer experience.

This means:

  • Create Content for Need: Does your content marketing program help solve a business problem or meet a customer need?
  • Optimize for Device: Can your customers access your website, blog and any other assets both on desktop and a mobile device?
  • Incorporate Storytelling: Connect customers to your content by incorporating storytelling into your strategy.

#5 – Do Your Customers Like Their Steak Rare, Medium or Well Done?

Let’s pretend that you went out to the nicest steak restaurant in town and everyone in your party ordered a nice juicy steak. Now imagine that the server assumed that everyone at the table wanted their steak well done without asking? Chances are, there would be some pretty unhappy people at the table.

Many companies are afraid of asking current customers simple questions about the helpfulness of their content. There is the fear of negative feedback or that the customer will decide that they no longer want to do business with you.

Instead of being fearful, consider this an opportunity to improve your marketing program by better providing your customers what they need. They’ll also appreciate your willingness to hear what they have to say. Ultimately, this temperature check will tell you what you’re doing well (and need to do more of) as well as opportunities for improvement for content.

You can either contact customers directly and ask them or survey your community at large through email, social media or other means.

#6 – Add Your Own Flair

Part of what makes celebrity chefs so great is that you get to experience “what they’re really like” simply by tuning in to the Food Network or Cooking channel. In all fairness, their cooking chops is largely what got them to where they are today, but their personalities are what have made them celebrities.

Few brands are able to inject the proper amount of personality and authority into their content marketing. Often, brands are fearful of towing the line and offending the audience. Always err on the side of professionalism but don’t be afraid to use humor, personality and wit where appropriate.

Another option is to provide your audience with a “behind the scenes” look at your organization. This can be accomplished through “candid” videos, images shared on social media and contributions from team members from across the organization on their experience working with the company.

#7 – Throw Spaghetti at the Wall & See What Sticks

While you want your noodles al-dente, crunchy just won’t cut it. Sometimes the only way to tell if they’re good is to throw them at the wall and see if they stick.

The same can be said for creative content marketing brainstorms. It’s better to throw in a bunch of ideas and see which ones end up sticking.

To keep your content marketing fresh, consider adding some impromptu brainstorming sessions when needed. Consider inviting team members outside of the marketing department for a fresh set of eyes, ears and brains.

Provide the team an overview of what you’re hoping to accomplish as well as any relevant information about the target audience. Then, set them loose. Truthfully, you won’t use every idea that is concocted during your session, but there is always something useful that comes out of a brainstorm. Even if it’s just inspiration.

Are You Hungry to Innovate Your Content Marketing Program?

I don’t know about you, but this blog post is making me incredibly hungry. If you’re stuck in a content marketing rut, hopefully this post has helped you think of some different ways that you can innovate your marketing, without getting egg on your face.

What have you found to be the best way to get your creative content marketing juices flowing?

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Relevant keywords will bring you more customers

Author (displayed on the page): 

Although it may seem easy, identifying new content to generate for your site can be harder than it looks, especially when your aim is for current, eye-catching and niche-related content – It’s all about finding out what your audience wants to see. There are a number of tools available that can be used to gain creative thoughts, guide you to potential content that people want to read on your site, and help you identify the relevant keywords for your niche.

One of the more helpful tools for getting insight into your audience’s thoughts is Wordtracker’s Keyword Tool, It reveals high-performing keywords in minutes, which can help you understand your market, grow your business, and discover profitable new market niches.


Once you’re using the tool you can then utilize a feature called the ‘wildcard.’

What does the wildcard do? It dramatically increases the amount of potentially relevant keywords you can get back with the minimum of effort.

How does it work? Here’s a quick example -

Type into the tool “how * spanish” Make sure you’ve chosen the territory you want to research (Global gives a great overview of the whole database) and have ‘keywords in any order’ selected. This gives you the widest set of results available. Checking ‘plurals’ is handy too, then you’re good to go. Hit ‘search.’

This example shows you subjects not just within the Spanish niche, but searching “how” and “spanish” the wildcard is able to find the middle man and display the terms that may have potential. This first result appears to have a high search volume and low competition – a perfect gap in the market and what customers actually want.

Are you a crammer?

The Keyword Tool allows you to enter more than one search term at a time, once you have you’ll be provided with 2000 keyword results, which are selected on the seed terms you search.

Feedback from Customer Support team, has lead us to discover that our customers sometimes have the temptation to cram all their seed words into a single search box to save time. The problem is, if you’re searching for “gold” and other terms within your niche, then you decide to search “flights,” your search results won’t appear accurate, as they are not focused on the one niche. So, by searching keywords that are not within the same niche, you’ll be costing yourself more time and effort as your results won’t display their actual performance within a miscellaneous keyword search list.

That’s why it’s important to be aware of the seed words you’re listing – remember to make sure they are focused, closely related and within the same niche. Avoiding popular terms, for example “iPad” and less popular terms like “furniture” within the same list.

Apple or Apple?

When searching in the tool, you need to specify your searches, as it’s easy to make the typical assumption that the Keyword Tool will understand the context (topic/product/service) of a keyword that you are searching for. For example, if a fruit seller searches for “apple,” to him he means apple the fruit, whereas to others the brand automatically springs to mind. Here are the results for “apple” -

To avoid this, Mr fruit seller will want to exclude irrelevant terms from his list. He can do so by doing this -

Once the unwanted terms are eliminated the search terms will look like this -

This technique ensures that your lists are on the right track from an early stage and you’re freed from irrelevant keywords.

This will also uncover hidden keywords with potential, that were initially lower down the list, but have been boosted up into the 2000 searches, as the unrelated keywords no longer appear within the results.

Search & Save

Once you begin your seed search, you can then use the Keyword Tool feature to ‘search and save’ particular results. So, If you encounter a search result that interests you, click the “search” link next to the term, followed by ‘search and save.’ You’ll then be able to save the results to an existing project and list, or create new ones really easily. In this example you can see it is saved to “Spanish lessons online” but you can change that in a keystroke.

You’ll then have another list added, that can be found saved to your project.

The feature enables you to save searches as you go, allowing you to go back to them at your convenience to sort through those added keyword lists.

Now you know that…

Using a combination of your own insight into your industry and the features outlined above, you’ll begin to identify the most relevant (and popular) keywords within your niche – quickly and easily excluding off-topic terms right from the start.

The key point to remember is, by using Wordtracker’s Keyword Tool, you’ll be able to build and expand keyword lists, whilst keeping them highly focused. Sign up for a free 7-day trial of our Keywords Tool to kick start your seed searching success today!

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Facebook Updates News Feed Algorithm to Show More Relevant Ads

facebook news feed relevancePutting your ad in front of thousands of Facebook users sounds like a nice way to boost your biz. But what if everyone who sees your ad lives on the West Coast and you sell flowers in Boston?

Facebook’s updated News Feed algorithm should help with that.

I give Facebook a hard time, but they have a tough job balancing the needs of the marketers with the needs of the users. They have to accept enough ads to keep the profits rolling in but not so many that users get annoyed and leave.

They also have to deliver an experience that results in a good return on investment for marketers while at the same time appealing to the interests of the user.

Sounds impossible, but they seem confident that they can deliver the right ads, and the right amount of ads to the right people. They do this by combining data from both sides of the equation.

Hong Ge, Engineering Manager, News Feed Ads posted this:

Marketers tell us which people they think will be interested in their ad. For example, a restaurant might tell us to show an ad to people living in the same city aged 18 to 35. Marketers also tell us how much they are willing to pay to show an ad – which suggests how much they want to reach a specific audience.

People also tell us what types of ads they want to see and don’t want to see. When a person interacts with an ad (clicks, likes, comments on, or shares), News Feed learns that these ads are relevant for them. When someone hides an ad, News Feed learns that that person wants to see less of those types of ads.

Going forward, Facebook says they’ll be placing more emphasis on the people side – particularly the ads they report as spam or ads they choose to hide. This will result in fewer but more targeted ads so they want you to know that “some marketers” might see “some variations” in their ad distribution in the next few weeks.  Don’t panic. Once the pixels settle, this algorithm should result in a higher percentage of clicks per view. In other words, more return for less investment and that’s a very good thing.

Marketing Pilgrim – Internet News and Opinion

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New AdWords Enhanced Campaigns Make Display Ads More Relevant

AdWords has just pulled the wraps off their new Enhanced Campaign program and it’s pretty special if you can figure it all out.

The basic premise is this: people searching the same keyword have different needs depending on the time of day, location and the device they’re using.

The example they use is takeout pizza.

new adwords

This young couple has just moved into their new home so they don’t have the kitchen set up and they don’t know the area. The man uses his PC at home (apparently they do have wireless hooked up) to search for pizza delivery. He gets an ad for Saratoga pizza with a direct link to order online.

The woman is out buying furniture and decides to buy a pizza while she’s out and about. She searches pizza on her smartphone, also gets Saratoga, but her ad has a call button and directions.

adwords two

They could have saved themselves $ 10.00 if she’d used that smartphone to call him before she stopped at the pizza shop, but hey. . . two pizzas. . . how cute.

Enhanced Campaigns also allows you to adjust your bids and budget based on location, time or device.

Example: A breakfast cafe wants to reach people nearby searching for “coffee” or “breakfast” on a smartphone. Using bid adjustments, with three simple entries, they can bid 25% higher for people searching a half-mile away, 20% lower for searches after 11am, and 50% higher for searches on smartphones. These bid adjustments can apply to all ads and all keywords in one single campaign.

This is really brilliant. It puts your AdWord dollars to use in the best possible way. It’s great for offline locations but I can see it for online, too. For example, if someone is looking for a mystery novel at midnight from their smartphone, I’d show them an ad for an ebook over directions to a local bookstore. As a marketer, I’d be willing to bid a little higher for that late-night, mobile customer.

AdWords is also pumping up the volume on stats. The new settings will count app downloads and phone calls that come in through a campaign as a conversion.

The one odd side (I’m not sure it’s bad enough to be called a downside) to this new program is that it lumps tablets in with desktops instead of with mobile. I get that many people use tablets at home instead of their desktop but it’s a different experience, and as such, it deserves its own category. Tablets encourage laid back browsing. It encourages app and ebook downloads and streaming entertainment. It’s touch vs mouse and that’s gotta make a difference in how you advertise — maybe not now but soon. If AdWords really wants to make ads more relevant, then they need to treat the desktop, tablet and smartphone as three different animals.

I think this new concept is a giant leap in the right direction. Instead of a one-size-fits-all display ad, Enhanced Campaigns lets you hone in on what a customer actual wants when they search. Do they want dinner a half hour from now or food for a party they’re having next week? Is this research or are they ready to buy? Given the way we all speed through life, presenting the best possible ad with the shortest distance between customer and conversion means more dollars in your pocket, and that is the primary goal after all.

Here’s a short video explaining how the program works:

What do you think of the new Enhanced Campaigns for AdWords?


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Marketing Video: How to deliver relevant marketing based on different personality types

At B2B Summit 2012, keynote Sally Hogshead was insightful and inspiring. We asked her a few questions following her keynote to help the MarketingSherpa blog audience understand how to market to different personality types. Watch the video for her answers.
MarketingSherpa Blog

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