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Jayna Dall: How To Turn Kids Lesson Plans Into A $250,000 A Year Subscription Revenue Online Business

 [ Download MP3 | Transcript | iTunes | Soundcloud | Raw RSS ] Jayna Dall started a website that offers teachers downloadable curriculum for teaching children acting classes. At the time of this podcast recording, Jayna’s business had turned over $ 250,000 in the previous year, a fantastic result for a…

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Entrepreneurs-Journey.com by Yaro Starak

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Dropbox Announces Plans to Integrate Google G Suite Tools into Its Platform

One of the minor inconveniences plaguing the modern day workplace is the proliferation of different apps and tools that might not be totally compatible with each other. Thankfully, users of both Dropbox and Google Suite will have it easier in the near future as cross-platform integration is in the works.

Dropbox recently announced that it plans to partner with Google to integrate G Suite tools to its file sharing and storage service. This is a smart move for the company as it would greatly improve the functionality and ease of use for its service considering that 50 percent of Dropbox users also maintain a G Suite account.

This partnership will allow Dropbox users to easily access useful G Suite features once the integration is completed. For instance, they will be able to open and edit compatible files such as Google Slides, Sheets or Docs directly from Dropbox. For Dropbox Business administrators, the partnership will also allow them to manage Google Docs, Slides and Sheet that are in Dropbox.

On the other hand, G Suite users will also be able to open, edit and even create Google Docs in Dropbox. They can also make the same kind of file manipulations for other G Suite files such as Google Sheets and Slides.

“We want to make it easy for our users to work across devices with the tools they love,” explained Dropbox Vice President of Engineering Tony Lee, reflecting the trend of intercompany cooperation to make their different products work seamlessly with each other. Dropbox also partnered with Microsoft in a similar arrangement a few years back.

The recent weeks have been eventful for the San Francisco-based file hosting and syncing company. Just last week, Dropbox went public in a bid to raise $ 500 million in fresh funding to finance its latest R&D efforts.

[Featured image via Dropbox]

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Facebook Plans to Enter Home Device Market With ‘Portal’

Facebook may have pulled the plug on its digital assistant plan, but that does not mean it’s backing out entirely from the lucrative smart device market. In fact, there are indications that the social media giant could be making a big splash this year by launching a home-based, voice-enabled device—a product that could place it squarely against rivals Amazon, Apple, and Google.

Facebook is reportedly preparing its attack on the home electronics front by launching a home video chat device later this year. Reports say that the upcoming gadget will be named Portal, a product that is similar to Amazon’s Echo Show. If reports are correct, this new device will also be competing against similar home-based devices from Google and Apple.

Facebook will launch the product by May of 2018, according to online news site Cheddar. The launch date is slated to coincide with the company’s developer conference.

Incidentally, Facebook announced early this week that it is pulling out from the digital assistant market. The company will be shutting down M, it’s AI-powered concierge service that was previously positioned as a competitor to Apple’s Siri and Amazon’s Alexa.

Despite abandoning the digital assistant niche, Facebook is not yet giving up on the home-based smart electronics segment. To help it launch the upcoming Portal, the company is betting on its partnerships with Spotify and Netflix for content. Facebook has likewise inked a music licensing agreement with both Sony/ATV and Universal Music Group.

In addition, Facebook is marketing the upcoming product a little bit differently than existing gadgets. Portal’s thrust will be on the communication and video calls side of things. This differentiates it from the voice-assisted controls and AI capability of devices like Echo, Alexa or Siri.

While it may not be Facebook’s first venture into hardware, there are doubts that the company has what it takes to successfully launch the upcoming gadget. Back in 2013, it launched its first hardware—HTC First aka as the Facebook phone—but it was a failure in the market.

There are also concerns that the rumored Portal may not be competitively priced. Facebook plans to price the gadget at $ 499, which is too hefty when compared to similar products such as the Echo Show, which is currently selling for only $ 229.99.

At the moment, Facebook declined to comment on the issue.

[Featured image via YouTube]

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Google Plans To Roll Out New Search Console Early Next Year

In July, we first uncovered the new beta Google Search Console and SEOs and webmasters have been eager to get into the beta…

Search Engine Roundtable

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Sprint, T-Mobile Hit a Stone Wall in Merger Plans

Merger negotiations between Sprint and T-Mobile have hit a stone wall again, with the former’s parent company, Softbank, apparently ready to walk away from the table. The news came as a surprise as the merger was expected to be formally announced at the end of October or early November.

It has been reported that Sprint and T-Mobile are once more at loggerheads over the merger. The problem reportedly boils down to whether Softbank or Deutsche Telekom, T-Mobile’s parent company, that would end up having a bigger share in the deal.

It has been widely believed that Deutsche Telekom would have a controlling share of the merged companies since T-Mobile has 10 million more subscribers than Sprint. Conventional business practice dictates that in a merger, the larger company would be assuming control.

Softbank initially appeared to be amenable with the situation. However, Japan’s financial newspaper, Nikkei, reported that it’s not.

According to reports, Softbank is determined to have the controlling share. The company’s board has allegedly voted last Friday to retain control of the combined companies and is apparently willing to end negotiations if it doesn’t get it.

The disagreement between the two companies is just par for the course. In 2014, both Deutsche Telekom and Softbank ended negotiations when it appeared that the deal would be blocked by regulators. Talks were resumed after Donald Trump was elected president.

It’s highly unlikely that the merger talks between the two companies would end that easily, as both Softbank and Deutsche Telekom have a heavy interest in the deal. In any case, they do have other options open to them, including new partners.

There’s a possibility that Softbank is hoping the news that they will “propose ending the negotiations” will get T-Mobile’s parent company to reconsider some of their terms. Some industry insiders believe the move is a bluff by Softbank CEO Masayoshi Son to get a better deal from T-Mobile. The CEO has billed himself as an accomplished deal-maker, and some say Son would consider losing control of the combined corporation as a personal failure.

If Sprint and T-Mobile do come to an agreement and merge, their combined assets will put them on the same footing as AT&T and Verizon. Instead of being a close third and fourth place in the market, the merged companies would be squarely in the third spot.

The merger would also lead to a major change in America’s wireless sector, as the two medium-sized companies will be transformed into one of the industry’s major players.  

[Featured image via T-Mobile/Sprint]

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Amazon Plans to Open Second Headquarters, Starts Bidding War Among 100 Cities

In what is being touted as the “Olympics of the corporate world,” Amazon has set off a ferocious bidding war among North American cities to host the online retailer’s second headquarters. While deals of this kind are usually done behind the scenes, Amazon has publicly solicited bids from cities to become the location of its second home, dubbed as “HQ2.” As a result, cities are now trying their best to outdo each other to come up with enough enticing perks to woo the internet firm.

And it’s not hard to understand why cities would be motivated to bag Amazon’s HQ2. Aside from the prestige of having one of the world’s largest firms, the chosen city’s economy would receive a giant boost from the $ 5 billion Amazon intends to invest in the project.

But that’s not all. The biggest impact would come from the high-paying jobs that Amazon’s second headquarters will create. According to the company’s solicitation, it plans to hire around 50,000 full-time employees for the new location with annual salary projected to be in the $ 100,000 range.

With a month to go before the October 19, 2017, deadline, the list of cities vying for Amazon’s HQ2 has ballooned to over 100. Currently, the top contenders include Austin, Boston, Chicago, Denver, New York, Toronto, and Ottawa.

Amazon has revealed some requirements for a city to qualify as a possible second headquarter location. For instance, the company prefers a metro area with over a million in population. Accessibility for transportation and communication are also important as the company requires that a city should be close to an international airport, with a mass transit system in place, must be located near a major highway and must have good internet access.

Since every business must have an eye trained on its bottom line, Amazon states that it prefers a “stable and business-friendly environment.”  It is probably the company’s way of saying that an attractive financial incentive–which could include reduced business fees, grants for relocation and some tax cuts–will be a major factor in its final decision, adding that “the initial cost and ongoing cost of doing business are critical decision drivers.”

Understandably, cities are trying to highlight their strengths along the lines of Amazon’s requirements. For instance, Aurora Economic Development Council VP Yuriy Gorlov asserts that “Colorado is perfectly aligned with the company’s culture of collaboration and innovation and focusing on its customers.” Meanwhile, Scott Levitan or North Carolina-based Research Triangle Foundation says “We have sites that are ready, that are transit-oriented. We have tremendous fiber backbone at our site and we have a region that is absolutely focused on being the best possible location for HQ2.”

But not everyone is very optimistic about the prospect of living next door to a global behemoth. One major concern is that the swarm of high-paying Amazon workers will eventually wreak havoc on the local standard of living, driving up the cost of housing and exerting an upward force on wages which is bad for local businesses, according to Globe columnist Evan Horowitz as quoted by Business Insider.

And then there is the company’s approach that had some quarters fuming. According to Los Angeles Times’ Michael Hiltzik, “The company’s approach is arrogant, naive and more than a teensy bit cynical. Rather than be offered bribes to move its headquarters into a community, Amazon should be made to pay for the privilege.”

[Featured Image by Amazon]

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Google: No Plans Or Desire To Remove The Site Command

On the heels of the link operator being killed off by Google, some SEOs are worried that Google will drop the site operator/command. The site operator lets you quickly do a site only search…

Search Engine Roundtable

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Reflections On 2013, What Walter Discovered About Starting A Business After Listening To Podcast Interviews, And Our Plans For 2014

In episode #12 of Everything Entrepreneurship, the final for 2013, Walter and I look back over the previous year and talk about some of the most significant moments in both our personal and business lives. We review how these events changed us and changed the direction we took during the…

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How to Face Unafraid the Plans That You’ve Made

image of footsteps in fresh snow

Later on, we’ll conspire,

As we dream by the fire

To face unafraid,

The plans that we’ve made,

Walking in a winter wonderland.

Have you caught yourself at any time over the past few days and weeks daydreaming about what you plan to do in 2015?

Maybe you have a new website idea you want to launch, or an old idea you want to complete. Maybe you want to double your number of clients. Maybe you have a new plan for positive personal habits you want to implement.

So you look to the new year.

It’s a blank slate. Anything and everything is possible. The upcoming year represents a wonderland of potential where your best-laid plans are sure to become your proudest wins and successes.

Thoughts like these keep us warm, like a fire, on winter nights, while we conspire.

But warm and fuzzy thoughts eventually have to turn into bold and consistent actions. Otherwise, what good are they?

That means facing unafraid these plans that you’ve made.

Which means taking the first step.

No more New Year’s resolutions

Every new year is a blank slate where everything is possible and plans can become proud successes.

Of course it is. Every day is exactly that too. Every moment exactly that as well.

Which is why waiting for January 1, 2015 to begin executing on a plan already in your head is arbitrary at best, fearful and self-defeating at worst.

Why are you waiting? Why not take the first step, no matter how small, right now.

Face unafraid, these plans that you’ve made.

Because if you’re waiting for the “fresh start” of 2015 to get started on some new idea, initiative, or plan, what you’re really doing is letting fear get the best of you. And you’re better than that. We all are.

You have a fresh start tomorrow, December 25, if you want it. You have a fresh start as soon as you finish reading this article, if you want it. Heck, if you’ve already read enough, you can stop reading this article right now and get a fresh start immed–.

You get the idea.

Only fear, family, or egg nog are preventing you from taking the first step on your new year journey right now. Once the egg nog wears off, just find a few private moments away from family at some point over the next week … and then all you have left to do is vanquish the fear and step into the new year (a week early).

That’s how you face unafraid, these plans that you’ve made.

What one little step can you do right now?

So what is your biggest goal or initiative — personal or professional — for 2015? What plans are you waiting for the first day of January to get started on?

And what one step can you take over the next week to get started now? To start building positive momentum immediately?

Don’t worry about thinking beyond that one step. It will inevitably lead to a second, then a third. Just take the first one. You’ll already be way ahead of the alternative — which was waiting for the new year.

Don’t do that. Don’t wait. Instead, embrace the new here. Embrace the now.

Face unafraid, the plans that you’ve made.

And walk into your winning wonderland.

Want a place to publicly declare your biggest goal for 2015 and the step you’re taking now to get started on it? Hop on over to the LinkedIn discussion and share it with the group.

Also, a tip of my winter cap to our Manager of Editorial Standards, Stefanie Flaxman, for inspiring this post. She sent me the lyric from “Winter Wonderland,” bold part included, with the explanation, “Perhaps extract that bolded lyric and apply the sentiment toward fearlessly seeing your business goals through to completion.” Great idea. Teamwork FTW.

Happy holidays everyone, from the Copyblogger family to yours. We’ll be back Monday.

Flickr Creative Commons image via Sean J. Connolly

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Jerod Morris

Jerod Morris is the VP of Marketing for Copyblogger Media. Get more from him on Twitter or . Have you gotten your wristband yet?

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Pamela Anderson Caught Kissing Rick Salomon, Divorce Plans Canceled?

Pamela Anderson and estranged husband Rick Salomon just might not be going through with a divorce after all.

The maybe-still-a-couple were spotted kissing in Malibu, just two weeks after the Baywatch star filed for divorce.

TMZ published a photo of the twosome kissing with both still wearing their wedding rings. Later, they sat down on a curb outside and continued to talk and cuddle, reported E! Online.

“They appeared relaxed throughout and after their public display they left together in a Range Rover. They definitely looked as if they had reconciled,” a source said.

Anderson filed for divorce on July 3, citing irreconcilable differences, after less than six months of marriage. This was their second attempt at happily-ever-after. They married on Jan. 9, just six years after Anderson had their first brief marriage annulled.

Two days after she filed, Anderson posted a lengthy original poem about love, heartbreak and prostitution on Facebook.

Anderson has been married to two other men besides Salomon. Her marriage to Mötley Crüe drummer Tommy Lee ended in 1998 after three years, and her marriage to Kid Rock in 2006 only lasted three months.

Salomon — best known for his part in the Paris Hilton leaked sex tape scandal in 2003 — seems just as fickle as his wife. His first marriage to voice actress Elizabeth Daily ended in 2000, and his second marriage to actress Shannen Doherty ended in an annulment in 2002 after only nine months.

Image via Pamela Anderson, Facebook


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