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Friday Roundup: Grumpy Cat, Twitter at the movies and more

grumpy cat christmasAnother Friday and a whole new month. Halloween is over and it’s full-speed ahead from now until New Year’s. For online sellers, these could be the most lucrative weeks of the year. For other types of online businesses, it’s just the opposite. Between the holidays and the travel and the parties, it can be hard to keep workers and clients on task. Trying to close a deal just days before half the people involved leave for a four-day Thanksgiving weekend is stressful and maddening.

My advice: (even if you didn’t ask for it) cut yourself some slack and enjoy the holidays. Easier said then done, I know, but give it a try.

In keeping with the less stress spirit, here are a couple of fun news stories from the world of online marketing.

Proving There’s No Such Thing As Bad Press

On Halloween, Lifetime Network released a trailer for their upcoming holiday TV movie “Grumpy Cat’s Worst Christmas Ever“. Grumpy Cat may be a YouTube star but YouTubers were not happy to learn about his slightly bigger screen debut. Take a look at the numbers as of this morning:

Grumpy Cat Numbers

In just under a week, the trailer received more than 2 million views and an almost equal number of thumbs down to thumbs up. If you’re a Lifetime executive, all those thumbsdown reviews might be worrisome. But the movie’s marketing manager is jumping for joy because the more people hate on the film, the more people are going to watch just to see how bad it really is. Will Grumpy Cat’s holiday extravaganza land on the “so bad it’s good” list? You’ll have to tune in on Nov. 29 and find out.

No Longer Living Social

One piece of not so good news to share: LivingSocial laid off 400 workers and shut down their Southern California sales center. The new CEO says the company has to move away from the daily deal space and toward offers that run continuously if the company is to survive. Just one more sign that the daily deal is done for.

Twitter at the Movies

Back to fun stuff. According to Twitter, there are, on average, 200,000 movie-related Tweets per day.


In October, the most Tweeted about movie was “Annabelle” (@TheConjuringUK), a supernatural horror flick about a very creepy doll. The studio loaded the Twitter feed with video clips and intriguing images including this mask for Halloween selfies.

“Dumb & Dumber To” stars Jim Carey and Jeff Daniels did their part when they answered fan questions on Twitter in October.

Next up, it’s “The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1” (@TheHungerGames). The movie hits theaters on November 21 and has already racked up more than 1 million Twitter mentions.

In honor of these stats, I think we should all go to the movies this weekend.

That’s it for me. See you all back here on Monday.

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Google Testing New Ad Formats For Movies, Music In Anti-Piracy Effort

Today, Google published a report on how the company fights piracy. As part of this, Google provided updates on new ad formats its using to point users to “legitimate sources of music and movie downloads”. The newest format, which we have just seen in the wild, shows a list of ads in a…

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Mobile Movie Lovers Love Movies More Than Anyone Else

Nielsen, the guys famous for cataloging what everyone is watching on TV, just posted some results from their 2012 Moviegoer Report and I have the scoop. I was excited to see these numbers because it’s a little out of the norm. We often see data related to how TV fans are using mobile and social media, but movie stats are tougher to find. So, let’s dig in.

For the purpose of this survey, Nielsen defined a “moviegoer” as a person who saw at least one movie in a theater in the past 12 months. On average, folks in this group didn’t just watch one movie, they watched 6.8 movies in the theater. Here’s where it gets cool: the average moviegoer paid to watch 23.1 movies at home. The survey doesn’t say but I’m assuming this means bought or rented a DVD or paid to watch a movie On Demand or streaming to a PC, etc. That’s a pretty big number, especially when you compare it to free movies which I take to mean airing on regular TV, on YouTube or free On Demand.

Scroll down, past this graphic and we’ll talk some more.


Look at the increase in the numbers when you get into mobile device owners. Smartphone gets us up to an average 40.5 movies a year. Tablet users bring the number up to 46.6. Wow. And it’s not just an increase in movies at home, they even saw more movies in the theater.

Nielsen says tablet owners are also more likely to see a movie more than once and buy their ticket online. They also spend 35% more than the average moviegoer on entertainment every month.

Seriously, movie studios, if you aren’t creating cool promos and apps for tablets, you’re missing out big time.

Moving on to social media:

We know that TV fans love to chat via Twitter and Facebook, but what about moviegoers?

On average, more moviegoers are using social media to discuss movies than ever before. But when you break it down by age, there’s actually a decrease in usage in the 12 to 24 age group. The biggest increase came from the 35-44′s. I couldn’t even begin to figure out why that happened.

Mobile moviegoers are way more likely to send a social media message or a text right after seeing a movie. Logical, given that they have a device that allows them to do so while they’re still in the lobby.


We know about the power of the recommendation but it’s not always true when talking movies. 3 out of 10 moviegoers told Nielsen that comments on their social networks affected their decision to see a movie. This was particularly true of those in the 35 to 44 age bracket. The impact on younger viewers was down 5% over last year.

If you add up everything I saw on TV, Netflix, DVD and in the theater. . . I’d say 3 movies on a slow month, 5 on the high side. . . which puts me somewhere between 40 and 48. Right in the bucket with all the other tablet users. Good job, Nielsen. You got it right.

How many movies did you see on average last year?




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Google Play TV Shows, Movies, Music Debut on Google TV

Google has released its Play software and media service to the Google TV platform. The update will allow Google TV users to access the Play app store as well as download and view content from the Play television and movie services.
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