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Three tips for Q4 ad copy and messaging

The holiday season is quickly approaching with the start of Q4, which means an increase in consumer demand and more competition in the paid media space. Shoppers are looking to find the next big thing and anticipate enticing deals during the holiday season, especially during the Cyber weekend.

Users will be researching on many devices and platforms and will be considering competitors before purchasing, especially for higher-priced items.

Many companies will feature different offers throughout the season, testing different messaging and creative is important to help entice a user to convert. We should test this throughout the year, but early Q4 is a prime testing time. Once winners are proven, advertisers should align the messaging across all platforms. In this post, I’ll discuss best practices for testing and messaging dissemination across Facebook, Instagram, and Google.

Offer discounts in retargeting campaigns

One of the strongest audiences to test is with retargeting audiences. These users have shown some type of interest and intent in your product or service and should be exposed to a variety of creative and messaging enticing them to come back to your site.

One of the most popular ways companies try to lure users back to the site is with discounts for consumers who recently visited the site. I recommend testing this messaging against more general “come back to the site” ads and keeping a close eye on CPA and ROAS to understand the discount’s overall impact on margin.

Source: M.Gemi

Some important notes when testing messaging to retargeting audiences: be sure to exclude recent converters (no one likes to get an ad for something that they just purchased). Do not advertise to users who visited the site a long time ago and if you are advertising to lapsed users, wait a few days for them to come back to the site to purchase before offering a deal.

Test non-discount messaging and imagery

For some businesses, offering discounts to bring users back to the site might not be profitable. If that sounds familiar, don’t let it stop you from building and testing new creative and messaging. Some ideas for additional creative and messaging testing on Facebook and Instagram are testimonials or reviews of top products, product use cases/anecdotes, and talking about the problems or issues that your product solves (if applicable).

Other considerations include testing just an image of the product against an image of a consumer using the product. If you are a company that offers seasonal products or has an upcoming product release, showcasing those products to loyal purchasers – maybe even offering an exclusive on pre-sales – can help to increase product sales on new releases.

Make sure your messaging spans platforms

Your audiences don’t limit themselves to one advertising platform, so your messaging should follow suit and be consistent wherever your ads appear. On Google, make sure that ad copy, keywords, and extensions are up to date with current products. If you are running special messaging to lapsed buyers or site visitors who didn’t purchase, you might also consider creating RLSA-only campaigns to target these users with the same messaging or offer that they are seeing on other sites or in their email.

If you are offering a discount that should be prominent in your Facebook and Instagram ads, there are a few components to test, namely whether you should put the discount messaging directly on the creative or mention it in the copy (either in the headline or text).

If you’re selling a product with a high price point, testing Dynamic Product Ads vs. single-image or carousel ads can also be valuable in retargeting efforts, since you can increase the relevancy of products shown to the user.

With the start of Q4 upon us, you’ll need to move fast to capture increased user demand and battle increased competition and higher bids. Creative and messaging testing should occur in early Q4 so that learnings can be applied to the more competitive times, like Cyber weekend, through mid-December.

Lauren Crain is a Client Services Lead in 3Q Digital’s SMB division, 3Q Incubate.

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BlackBerry is Now Suing Facebook for Copying Its Messaging Technology

BlackBerry Ltd. filed a lawsuit against Facebook on Tuesday, claiming that the social media giant and its wholly owned apps, Instagram and WhatsApp, infringed on the former smartphone maker’s messaging patents.

“Defendants created mobile messaging applications that co-opt BlackBerry’s innovations, using a number of the innovative security, user interface, and functionality enhancing features that made BlackBerry’s products such a critical and commercial success in the first place,” BlackBerry said in its complaint filed with a Los Angeles federal court.

BlackBerry’s spokesperson Sarah McKinney said in an email, “Protecting shareholder assets and intellectual property is the job of every CEO.”

Although the former phone maker claimed that there had been “several years of dialogue” with the social media company, BlackBerry intends to proceed with the case in the interest of its shareholders, McKinney added.

In its 117-page suit, BlackBerry accused Facebook and its subsidiary services WhatsApp and Instagram of copying its patented technology. Cited examples include the cross-platform notifications and capability to share Instagram Stories on Facebook.

Meanwhile, Facebook Deputy General Counsel Paul Grewal expressed the social network company’s clear intention to counter the claim.

In a statement, Grewal said, “Blackberry’s suit sadly reflects the current state of its messaging business. Having abandoned its efforts to innovate, Blackberry is now looking to tax the innovation of others. We intend to fight.”

Previously, Facebook executives pointed out that replicating what works is necessary for advancing the tech industry. After all, Facebook wasn’t the pioneer of social media. Remember Friendster and MySpace?

BlackBerry led the innovation of messaging during the time when the cost of sending a simple text message to another country was exorbitant. BlackBerry phones with built-in BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) allowed users to securely send messages globally. Over the years, the easy availability of WhatsApp, Messenger, and Skype on Android and iOS platforms overthrew BBM.

Ultimately, the exclusivity of BBM to BlackBerry handsets resulted in declining phone sales. The company eventually stopped producing phones and sold the brand name to TCL, a China-based electronics maker.

[Featured image via Blackberry]

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Search Buzz Video Recap: Google Featured Spam, Google Local Messaging, Bing Popular Content & Rand Fishkin Leaving Moz

This week in search we saw a possible Google update over the weekend which died down a lot since. We saw our first case of image based featured snippet spam. Google Images now shows videos and recipe data in the results. Google published an FAQ around job postings for webmasters…

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Google begins rolling out messaging feature within Google My Business

You can now message with your customers directly via your Google local panel in mobile search.

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Email Marketing: The evolution of value in messaging

According to Brian Clark, Founder and CEO, Copyblogger Media, email is evolving and becoming more of a challenge for marketers to use effectively.

Watch this brief interview from the MarketingSherpa Email Summit 2014 Media Center to learn more about how email is changing, particularly in mobile marketing, and how you can adapt your strategy to provide value in messaging.

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Twitter Adds Option to Open Direct Messaging From Folks You Don’t Follow

Twitter quietly snuck in an option that I’ve been wishing for for a long time, so color me happy. It’s a simple opt-in that would allow people whom you don’t follow to send you a direct message.

recieve direct message

This option has a huge potential for misuse, but I think the opportunities far outweigh the annoyance factor. (She says now before the unwanted DMs start rolling in.)

You’ll find the checkbox under the Account tab in your Twitter settings. I think it should be under the Security and Privacy tab, but they didn’t ask me. Tick the box, add your password to prove you mean it and it’s done.

Without the check, direct messages can only be exchanged between mutual followers. You follow me, I follow you – we can direct message each other. It was created as a private way of moving a conversation off of the public feed.

I don’t use it that way. I do use direct messaging to relay non-public information such as an address or phone number, even an email address.

What ends up happening is I get public messages asking me to follow a person so they can send me a private, direct message. Usually its because they want my opinion or they want to pitch me. I’m good with that and now that I’ve checked the box, they can direct message me directly.

The concern is that the option can be used for spamming. So true, but so can the @ mention. Either way, your message is jumping to the head of the queue. I suppose there is a certain weight behind direct messaging versus an @ mention but in my case it’s six of one. . .

The Verge suggests this might be a first step toward Twitter news alerts or even paid brand messaging. Buying a promote Tweet is fine, but imagine if you could direct message 1,000 targeted users.

What I want to know is how Twitter is showing the open direct message option. Will there be an indicator on an account or do we have simply give it a shot and see if it goes through? I’d like to use this option to contact people I want to interview. It’s a quick way to introduce yourself and start the conversation. If you’re interested, we move to email. If not, we move on.

Yes, I see a lot of potential in this little switch. What do you think? Is opening up direct messaging a good idea or akin to opening the spam floodgates.

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Email Messaging: Start empathizing with your potential customers

One of the biggest hurdles you face as marketer lies in the mind of your customers. You need to uncover the attitude of your consumers and tweak your marketing efforts to appeal to that way of thinking. Read on to learn more about how transparent marketing principles can help you start empathizing with your potential customers.
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