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Google Chrome 69 Makes Your Passwords Harder to Hack

Google Chrome is a decade old and the company celebrated with a new look, a revamped password manager, a slew of develop-centric changes, plenty of security enhancements, and an improved omnibox.

Google rolled out Chrome 69 just in time for its 10th anniversary on September 2, bringing with it an updated interface that’s more aligned to the Material Design principles that powers other Google products. A recent post on Google’s company blog described the latest Chrome update as having “more rounded shapes, new icons, and a new color palette.” It also emphasized how menus, prompts, and the address bar were simplified to enhance the user’s browsing time.

One change that caught users’ attention was the browser’s password manager. While Chrome had previously offered to store user passwords, the new password manager will now be able to create strong passwords when required.

Let’s say you’re about to join a new site, Chrome can generate a new password for you. Simply click the “Use suggested password” button. The created password will include the conventional requirements of a capital letter, small letter, and a number. It can even include a symbol if necessary.

Image courtesy of Google

[Gif via Google]

You don’t even have to remember new passwords as Chrome will automatically save it to your vault. You will be able to check all your saved passwords on Chrome’s main toolbar and even have the option to export passwords as a CSV file.

There are several advantages to the enhancements that Google made to its password manager. First, the passwords generated are strong and will not be vulnerable to hacking. Next, the user not knowing their new password provides them some security from phishing attacks. After all, how can you reveal your password when you don’t know what it is or can’t remember it?

Chrome 69 promises improved auto filling capacities as well. The feature should work on more websites and make it easier for the tool to manage details like addresses, personal details, contact information, and payment options.

Some sectors have pointed out that Chrome’s password updates are similar to what tools like 1Password and LastPass provide. However, the updated features are not yet available on mobile. This can be a big turn-off for some users and could drive them to use other compatible password managers.

Users can update to Chrome 69 by utilizing the browser’s built-in updater. They can also download it from google.com/chrome, the Apple App Store and Google Play.

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Bing Ads enhances Overview tab, makes it easier to save, share reports

Updates include the ability to add or exclude search queries from the Overview tab.

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New Drop Box Add-On Makes it Easier to Find and Share Files in Gmail

Dropbox took advantage of the Google Next event to reveal its new Gmail add-on. The first product of its partnership with Google, the extension will make it easier for Dropbox users to find, send, and save files from inside their Gmail inbox.

Gmail users who install this new plug-in will be able to attach a Dropbox file to their email by linking it directly to the relevant file or folder stored in the hosting service. And since the content is attached as links, file size is not an issue. Recipients of the email will also be able to access the file or folder without having to install any extra software.

Once installed, the add-on will appear on Gmail’s right-side rail. Clicking on the Dropbox icon will prompt it to scan the email thread for attachments. It will also show useful contextual information, like the sender’s name, the file name, and where it is located (email or Dropbox). Users can also view their whole Dropbox file system, making it easier to add and attach files.

Dropbox describes the Gmail add-on as a convenient method to organize the workplace as it allows the user to access saved content within Gmail. This does away with the need to toggle between the two applications. The add-on also makes it possible for Gmail users to save an emailed file directly to their Dropbox account.

Dropbox explains in a blog post that the “integration deepens our investment in the G Suite ecosystem, offering a cross-browser, cross-platform addition to our existing Dropbox for Gmail extension for Chrome.”

This latest add-on is compatible with any browser and will also work on the official Gmail application for Android. Dropbox also has plans to bring the extension to iOS, although there’s no launch date set yet.

The Gmail add-on is just the tip of the iceberg. Dropbox has also shared its plans to develop add-ons that would let account holders use Google Docs, Slides, and Sheets directly within the file-hosting service. There are also talks of integration with Google Hangouts. This feature will let users send links to files saved in Dropbox directly to Hangouts.

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Google’s reliance on Wikipedia makes it vulnerable to search pranks

Google said Wikipedia prank caused Republican “Nazism” Knowledge Panel.

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eBay’s New AR Feature Makes Finding the Right Shipping Box a Lot Easier

eBay has now made it easier for sellers to ship their items by using augmented reality to pick the right USPS box, the company announced in a Monday press release.

Using Google’s ARCore platform on Android, eBay leverages motion tracking and environmental recognition to help sellers superimpose virtual shipping boxes of various sizes over a physical product.

Aside from accurate sizing, the new AR feature will help sellers quickly compute for actual shipping costs, as well as save time from having to test boxes at the post office.

The new feature can be found in the “Selling” part of your eBay account. To try it, tap on “Will it Fit?” option on your smartphone. You’ll then have to place your item on a flat, non-reflective surface, say a wooden tabletop, for the AR to work.

Next, tap on your item to place the virtual box over it, then aim the smartphone camera around it to map the surrounding area. You can move around the box and look from all angles to see if the product sticks out while adding room for padding. Once you’ve picked the box, you’re now ready to ship out the item.  

Sellers on eBay ship billions of items annually, so any innovation that simplifies the shipping process will likely be well-received.

“By coupling Google’s ARCore platform with premiere AR technology built at eBay, we are continuing to make the selling experience more seamless,” James Meeks, eBay mobile head, pointed out. “This technology is just one example of the types of innovation we’re working on to transform eBay. It demonstrates our continual innovation on behalf our sellers to help them save time and remove barriers.”

However, the AR feature of the updated eBay app is currently only available on a few Android ARCore-compatible devices in the US. There are plans to eventually extend the feature to iOS devices, but no timetable has been set yet.

[Featured image via eBay]

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Alibaba CEO Jack Ma Makes Multi-Million Dollar Investment in ‘Rent the Runway’ Fashion Business

It seems that Chinese billionaire investor Jack Ma is planning to expand his business interests to include women’s fashion. Mr. Ma and his Alibaba co-founder Joseph Tsai, are now eyeing a stake in Rent the Runway, a New York-based designer clothing rental for women.

Jack Ma and Joe Tsai, through Blue Pool Capital, will inject $ 20 million in fresh capital into Rent the Runway based on details on a filing uncovered by research firm Lagniappe Labs. Blue Pool Capital is a multi-billion dollar fund tasked with investing the wealth of Ma, Tsai and other Alibaba executives.

With the additional capital, Rent the Runway is now valued at a little under $ 800 million. During the company’s previous fundraising activity, it was valued at $ 750 million after it was able to secure $ 60 million in Series E investment led by Fidelity back in 2016. The latest deal with Blue Pool will carry the same terms as the Series E deal.

Rent the Runway was established in 2019 by Harvard Business School students Jennifer Fleiss and Jennifer Hyman. It was previously a purely online-based service business that allowed women to rent designer dresses for special occasions rather than spending a substantial amount to buy them.

The business idea became a hit and, veering from its pure eCommerce model, Rent the Runway soon opened up retail locations in major US cities like Chicago, Los Angeles, New York City, San Francisco and Washington DC. Now, the company rents other high-end accessories such as handbags and jewelry.

Aside from rental earnings and such, Rent the Runway’s revenue is now boosted by sales in lingerie, cosmetics, shapewear, and tights. In addition, the company introduced a subscription model where clients can rent a rotating closet assuring a wider variety of clothing options even for everyday wear.

It is still unclear if Ma and Tsai plan to eventually acquire Rent the Runway. According to Jennifer Hyman, Rent the Runway co-founder and CEO, the deal is “good for us whether we IPO, or we sell the business, or we stay private.”

[Featured image via YouTube]

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Google Glass Makes a Comeback with Focus on Enterprise Market

Many critics viewed Google Glass as an expensive failure in the consumer market soon after the product launched in February of 2013. The lack of practicality coupled with its hefty $ 1,500 price tag rendered it unfavorable to the public.

In a sad 2015 announcement, Google shut down the Google Glass website, leaving users with a short thanks for “exploring with us” and later promised that “the journey doesn’t end here.” Since the product was taken off the market, Google Glass Explorers’ Edition remained low key.

However, despite pulling the product from the public market, Alphabet continued to supply Google Glass to US companies including, GE, Boeing, DHL, and AGCO. The pair of trendy glasses slowly found its calling in the enterprise market.

In the hands of AGCO, Google Glass was able to reduce production times by 25 percent, while healthcare professionals found that using the product reduced paperwork loads by 20 percent. As a result, doctors were able to spend 50 percent more time with patients. Meanwhile, DHL also shared their improved working experience with Google Glass, claiming that they were able to increase supply chain efficiency by 15 percent.

After making improvements to the Glass design and hardware, Alphabet X–Google’s “Moonshot” research and development subsidiary– reintroduced the eyewear with the name Glass Enterprise Edition. This latest version of Glass is easy to detach which makes it more shareable and affordable when deployed to different industries. It includes an impressive updated camera module with an improved resolution from 5 megapixels to 8. The new device also boasts a longer battery life, coupled with a powerful processor and an improved user interface.

With GEE, it seems that Google has learned from the short comings of its once experimental Glass product and invested in a field where the device isn’t a mere trendy accessory, but a tool representing innovation and advancement in many fields.

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What Makes Mozzers Tick? (An April Fools’ Day Alternative)

Posted by Nick_Sayers

After five years at Moz, I’ve found that I work with some of the most creative and talented people I’ve ever met. When it came time to brainstorm ideas for an April Fools video this year, rather than tricking people like every other company does, we decided instead to showcase a few of the talented folks around the Mozplex. Alongside Kristina Keyser, we shot and edited this video so you can see what makes us Mozzers tick when we aren’t building sweet SEO software.

We know a lot of you, in the community, have random hobbies like us — we’d love to hear about them! Please share them with us in the comments.

Looking for more information on all the cool stuff you just saw? We have that for you, too!

Check out my movie, The Last Buck Hunt, on Amazon Prime.

If you want to sing Teenage Dirtbag like Chiaryn, start with this karaoke wiki.

David would like for you to check out his Seattle-based band, Your Favorite Friend.

The Modern Quilt Guild is a great place to meet other quilters and find meet-ups to show off your work.

If you’re looking for a great community around knitting, Alex recommends Ravelry.

In the mood for some pop punk? Check out Kevin’s old band, Miracle Max. (But we also secretly think you should check out this article as well.)

Abe would like for you to know more about making old-school gaming beats by checking out Chip Music’s forum.

It’s really cool to see that Katie does martial arts at Seven Star Women’s Kung Fu, because it’s rare to see schools like this just for ladies.

Looking for beautiful pictures from around the world? Peep Kristina’s photography.

Looking to get super duper ripped like Lucas? Learn more about Bodypump.

Looking to adopt a dog in the Seattle area? Janisha recommends starting your adoption search now.

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Cory Huff: Shakespearian Actor Starts A Blog To Teach Creative People How To Sell Their Art Online And Today Makes $180,000+ A Year Online

[ Download MP3 | Transcript | iTunes | Soundcloud | Raw RSS ] Cory Huff is certainly a creative person. He’s an interesting mix of actor and internet marketer, who today runs a business focused on teaching other creative people how to sell their art online. Cory runs a blog,…

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Entrepreneurs-Journey.com by Yaro Starak

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LinkedIn Makes Spamming Contacts Easy With Conversation Starters… Fun!

LinkedIn added Conversation Starters to their messaging platform, making contacting people you never speak to so easy, even a fifth grader can do it! Let’s get started:

Let’s say you’re a salesman and you want to contact someone you have never talked to before about buying your product. This is always a dilemma, right? Hmm… what should be my opening line? Well, LinkedIn has now made this easy by giving me handy conversation starters.

All I have to do is click the lightbulb. Great!! ”</p

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