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Why LinkedIn Live Is a Big Deal

Brian Wallace presenting on LinkedIn Live

Just a few years ago, most people barely acknowledged LinkedIn as a social network. “Oh, LinkedIn? I never really pay attention to that.” was a popular refrain. While most people were snoozing, LinkedIn was growing, and a combination of LinkedIn influencers and back-to-back rollouts of new features made LinkedIn the place for businesspeople to network online — and now offline, as well.

LinkedIn Influencers Are a Thing

The people who blazed the trail in the early days of LinkedIn’s expansion did so because they saw an opportunity to leverage this vast network where most people were completely asleep at the wheel. Influencers like Michaela AlexisString NguyenKerri TwiggTim Salau and more began to advise others how to optimize their profiles and make the most of the preferred social network of the big leagues. It was a global grassroots movement that achieved what it set out to do — get people to take LinkedIn more seriously.

Then Came LinkedIn Local

Once people began to take LinkedIn more seriously, networks began to grow to include more than just the 17 people in your office and one person you knew in college. It turns out you can actually connect with people you don’t know at all and get to know each other over LinkedIn, growing your network far beyond your physical barriers — sort of like thinking globally for networking.

Then another LinkedIn trailblazer, Anna McAfee, started the #LinkedInLocalmovement when she set out to meet folks from her online network offline and was soon joined by four other founders — Swish GoswamiAlexandra GalvizErik Eklund and Ryan Troll. The movement spread across the world and now LinkedIn Local meetups happen every day.

As LinkedIn has grown, the network has developed new features to accommodate this new level of interest. You can turn on Find Nearby to find people you might already be connected to in a crowded conference, and you can generate a QR code to help people find your profile.

LinkedIn Live: The Next Big Thing From LinkedIn

linkedin live

One thing that has been consistently missing from the LinkedIn experience has been a true live streaming video. LinkedIn has had video capability for a while, but it has not been something that is interactive where you can see audience questions in real time and respond right there in the video.

Now LinkedIn Live is in beta. A few people across the world have access to it, and I am one of them. You can choose your video streaming service from an approved list, which includes Switcher Studio and others, to produce high-quality, engaging content.

The holdup has likely been related to figuring out how exactly to roll out a live video streaming feature that is going to uphold the professional feel of LinkedIn — we don’t really need another Facebook Live where people can make videos about their lunch on a whim.

My first LinkedIn Live video took place at a LinkedIn Local event, and my second took place at LinkedIn’s New York Headquarters where I talked with LinkedIn intern turned business solutions consultantAaron Fawzy.

My initial impressions are that this is going to be a great way to deepen professional relationships through the open sharing of information, and the biggest difference is that this sharing of information will now be collaborative thanks to real-time feedback and commentary.

If you want to prepare for the rollout of LinkedIn Live, polish up your profile and show that you can create high-quality, meaningful, and relevant content. It’s a great way to deepen your professional connections and grow your career.

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LinkedIn Says They Got Hit By A Google Algorithm Update In February 2017

It is incredibly rare for a public company to admit they got hit by an algorithmic update by Google search. But Eun-Ji Noh, the data scientist in LinkedIn’s SEO department shared at SMX London that they did indeed get hit by the update and how they recovered.

Search Engine Roundtable

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SEO guide to optimizing your LinkedIn profile for more connections, better leads

Learn how to craft messages for new connections and attract clients to your profile with this SEO guide to LinkedIn optimization.

Please visit Search Engine Land for the full article.

Search Engine Land: News & Info About SEO, PPC, SEM, Search Engines & Search Marketing

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How LinkedIn is Using Machine Learning to Determine Skills

One of the more interesting reveals that Dan Francis, Senior Product Manager for LinkedIn Talent Insights, provided in a recent talk about the Talent Insights tool is how LinkedIn is using machine learning to determine skills of people. He says that there are now over 575 million members in the LinkedIn database and there are 35,000 standardized skills in LinkedIn’s skills taxonomy. The way LinkedIn is figuring out what skills a member has is via machine learning technology.

Dan Francis, Senior Product Manager, LinkedIn Talent Insights, discussed Talent Insights in a recent LinkedIn video embedded below:

LinkedIn Using Machine Learning to Determine Skills

The skills data in Talent Insights comes from a variety of sources, mainly from a member’s profile. There are over 35,000 standardized skills that we have in LinkedIn’s skills taxonomy, and the way we’re figuring out what skills a member has is using machine learning. We can identify skills that a member has that’s based on things that they explicitly added to their profile.

The other thing that we’ll do is look at the text of the profile. There’s a field of machine learning called natural language processing and we’re basically using that. It’s scanning through all the words that are on a member’s profile, and when we can determine that it’s pertaining to the member, as oppose the company or another subject, we’ll say okay, we think that this member has this skill. We also look at other attributes, like their title or the company, to make sure they actually are very likely to have that skill.

The last thing that we’ll do is look at the skills a member has and figure out what are skill relationships. So as an example, let’s say that a member has Ember, which is a type of JavaScript framework, since we know that they know Ember, they also know JavaScript. So if somebody’s running a search like that, we’ll surface them in the results. I think that the most important reason why this is helpful and the real benefit to users of the platform is when you’re searching, you want to get as accurate a view of the population as possible. What we’re trying to do is look at all the different signals that we possibly have to represent that view.  

575 Million People on LinkedIn Globally and Adding 2 Per Second

Today, LinkedIn has over 575 million members that are on the platform globally. This is actually growing at a pretty rapid clip, so we’re adding about two members per second. One of the great things about LinkedIn is that we’re actually very well represented in terms of the professional workforce globally. If you look at the top 30 economies around the world, we actually have the majority of professionals in all of those economies.

LinkedIn is the World’s Largest Aggregator of Jobs

I think there’s often a perception that most of the data’s directly from LinkedIn, stuff that’s posted on LinkedIn and job status is one notable exception to that. Plenty of companies and people will post jobs on LinkedIn, and that’s information that does get surfaced. However, we’re also the world’s largest aggregator of jobs. At this point there are over 20 million jobs that are on LinkedIn.

The way that we’re getting that information is we’re working with over 40,000 partners. These are job boards, ATS’s, and direct customer relationships. We’re collecting all of those jobs, standardizing them, and showing them on our platform. The benefit is not just for displaying the data in Talent Insights, the benefit is also when members are searching on LinkedIn.com, we’re giving them as representative a view of the job market as possible.

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Cory Sanchez: Why It Took Four Careers To Eventually Become Co-Founder Of A 7-Figure LinkedIn Marketing Business

 [ Download MP3 | Transcript | iTunes | Soundcloud | Raw RSS ] I met Cory Sanchez in San Diego when we were both in town for two conferences — Traffic and Conversion, and Social Media Marketing World. I’d never met Cory before, but after sitting down with him for a few hours I […]

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Entrepreneurs-Journey.com by Yaro Starak

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Cory Sanchez: Why It Took Four Careers To Eventually Become Co-Founder Of A 7-Figure LinkedIn Marketing Business

[ Download MP3 | Transcript | iTunes | Soundcloud | Raw RSS ] I met Cory Sanchez in San Diego when we were both in town for two conferences — Traffic and Conversion, and Social Media Marketing World. I’d never met Cory before, but after sitting down with him for…

The post Cory Sanchez: Why It Took Four Careers To Eventually Become Co-Founder Of A 7-Figure LinkedIn Marketing Business appeared first on Yaro.blog.

Entrepreneurs-Journey.com by Yaro Starak

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Digital Marketing News: New AdWords Tool, Global Digital Adspend Up, LinkedIn Video Filters

Google's new AdWords Keyword Planner Tool Released

Google AdWords Releases New Keyword Planner Tool
An updated and more feature-rich Google AdWords Keyword Planner tool has been released, including a newly-designed forecasts area showing a unified overview and the ability to add multiple keywords in bulk, all now available to anyone with access to the latest iteration of the AdWords experience. Search Engine Journal

Forecast: Digital Advertising Pulling Away From TV on Global Basis
New research from Zenith forecasts big gains for global digital ad revenue, increasing a lead built last year and pointing towards a 44.6 percent share of total ad revenue by 2020. With the U.S. and China leading the 2017 through 2020 adspend growth forecast, mobile will be the biggest contributing medium. Marketing Land

Users Worry About Facebook Data: Plan To Use Less, Stop Altogether
Facebook users have said they’ll cut their time on the site or, in some cases, leave entirely, according to new survey data from Raymond James. 44 percent of respondents were “very concerned” about Facebook’s use of their data, while 40 percent said that they were “somewhat concerned,” with 8 percent planning to stop signing in completely. MediaPost

EU Antitrust Chief Keeps Open Threat to Break Up Google: Report
As it drafts transparency regulations for technology firms, the European Union hasn’t ruled out splitting Google into smaller companies, and holds “grave suspicions” about the firm’s dominance. Reuters

Google Starts Rolling Out Mobile-First Search Index
Google’s long-anticipated migration to mobile-first indexing has begun, with the Internet giant on Monday announcing a roll-out in notifications to an increasing number of websites. MediaPost

LinkedIn Just Launched Some Snapchat-Like Features for Video Creators
New text styles, video filters, and other Snapchat-like options have recently debuted on LinkedIn, which said that video is being shared at rates 20 times that of other content types. AdWeek

Facebook Will No Longer Show Audience Reach Wstimates for Custom Audiences After Vulnerability Detected
Marketers using Facebook’s custom audience targeting will no longer see campaign reach estimates, after researchers discovered a possible privacy exploit and the social media firm suspended the popular metric. Marketing Land

Instagram Now Lets You Link to Hashtags and Other Profiles in Your Bio
Linkable biography hashtags and the ability to link to other profiles are two features that have recently been added to Instagram, as the company moves towards a more interactive online bio. The Next Web

Snapchat Bulks Up Location-Based Ad Targeting & Launches In-Store Analytics Tool
New location-based ad targeting features have been rolled out to marketers by Snapchat, including three tools aimed at pinpointing geographic points. Marketing Land

B2B Marketers Need to Get Ready for GDPR
With the EU’s General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) May 25 compliance deadline looming, as few as 15 percent of B2B marketers may be fully in-step with the upcoming requirements. Chief Marketer

Google News Initiative Kicks Off With Subscribe With Google, Other Efforts
Details about a new “Subscribe With Google” framework for publishers were announced by Google in New York City Tuesday, along with a Google Analytics-based publisher dashboard. Marketing Land


Marketoonist Personal Data Comic

Take a humorous look at personal data and terms of service – Marketoonist

BREAKING: Aging Punk Marks Himself Safe on Facebook Following 7 Second Break Up – The Hard Times

Mark Zuckerberg Prepares For Congressional Testimony By Poring Over Lawmakers’ Personal Data – The Onion

The Glory That Was Yahoo – Fast Company

You Are What You ‘Like’ – Psychology Today


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What Marketers Can Expect From LinkedIn in 2017

With the backing of Microsoft, LinkedIn has big plans to increase its effectiveness for marketers in 2017. Russ Glass, LinkedIn Marketing Solutions’ Head of Products, was interviewed by LinkedIn Account Executive at Vivek Venugopal:

Venugopal: What about LinkedIn has kept you excited about being here? What gets you up in the morning and into work everyday?

Glass: I think LinkedIn Marketing Solutions specifically. It’s also very exciting because our mission is to be the most effective platform for marketers to reach professionals. It’s one of those issues you can actually accomplish. We’ve got this global network of professionals, this incredible platform that they come to on a frequent basis, that has great content and great information.

We have an opportunity now to take all of those assets and put great capabilities around it for marketers to be successful. Every day we are a little better than we were the day before and I think we are going to continue to see that kind of growth.

Venugopal: Can you tell us a little bit about what marketers can expect to see out of the LMS platform in 2017 and talk a little bit about the Microsoft acquisition and how that might impact the roadmap?

Glass: I could talk a long time about what we’re doing next year and all the opportunities with Microsoft, but maybe I’ll focus on the most important stuff, the stuff I’m most excited about. The first half of 2017 we will launch more product than the entirety of 2016.

We’re focused on a couple of key areas, the first of which is data. How do we allow marketers to bring their own data to LinkedIn so that they are targeting audiences more effectively and then combine that with LinkedIn datasets in order to do things you just can’t do on any other platform? Such as bring their own email data, bring their own account lists, connect with their CRM systems, connect with their marketing automation systems and use website pixels so they can retarget visitors on the LinkedIn platform. Then layer LinkedIn’s unique understanding of a professional and who they are in their business life so that you can get in front of exactly the right audiences and you can put content in front of exactly right audiences.

The second big area is reporting and analytics. We have a ton of analytics and reporting efforts that we’re going to start rolling out early next year including website audience analytics and conversion tracking, which we started to roll out and will continue to iterate on.

The third big area is return on investment. How do we help marketers, particularly lead-gen marketers, that are trying to convert our members into the buyer’s or download case studies or register for events. How do we let them do that more effectively? We’re launching products like our lead-gen form product where without leaving LinkedIn and without having to go to a landing page a user can submit their LinkedIn profile information to a marketer. It goes right into their CRM system and right into their marketing automation system. It’s an incredible product particularly for the B2B marketer.

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LinkedIn Makes Spamming Contacts Easy With Conversation Starters… Fun!

LinkedIn added Conversation Starters to their messaging platform, making contacting people you never speak to so easy, even a fifth grader can do it! Let’s get started:

Let’s say you’re a salesman and you want to contact someone you have never talked to before about buying your product. This is always a dilemma, right? Hmm… what should be my opening line? Well, LinkedIn has now made this easy by giving me handy conversation starters.

All I have to do is click the lightbulb. Great!! ”</p

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Results of 2016 LinkedIn Job Fulfillment Survey

LinkedIn surveyed over 1,000 US professionals to determine their level of job satisfaction and found some interesting results. Apparently, Charlotte has the most satisfied white collar workers with 65% of them feeling fulfilled at work.


Charlotte is followed in the most satisfied list by Boston, Indianapolis, New York City and Denver.

Career Fulfillment

Chefs apparently are the most fulfilled professionals, with 84% saying so in the survey:

  1. Chef – 84% fulfilled
  2. Real Estate Agent – 75% fulfilled
  3. Doctor – 68% fulfilled
  4. IT Consultant & Support – 59% fulfilled
  5. Architect – 58% fulfilled
Fulfillment Factors

Not surprisingly, a persons salary ranks as the number one factor in job satisfaction:

  1. Salary
  2. Positive relationships with colleagues
  3. Doing work that has a positive impact
  4. Work-life balance
  5. Feeling challenged at work

The survey also looked at age ranges and didn’t find much of a difference in fulfillment between age groups. Interestingly, young people age 16 – 24 were the most fulfilled (58%). Perhaps that’s because the full brunt of life and all of its bills hasn’t caught up with many of those in this group just yet.

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