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Twitter Doubles Its Character Limit for Select Languages

Twitter is about to address one issue that has annoyed users of the social media platform for the longest time – its restrictive 140-character limit per tweet. On Tuesday, the company finally announced that it is now doubling the character limit per tweet from 140 to 280 characters.

However, the expansion to the new 280-character limit will not be applicable to all languages supported by the platform. The new cap will be imposed on select languages such as English, French, Portuguese and Spanish but the 140-character limit will still be used for other languages like Chinese, Japanese, and Korean according to Tech Crunch.

Apparently, some languages like Japanese, for instance, only require fewer words to express the same amount of information as compared to other languages such as English. According to company data, 9 percent of English tweets reached the 140-character mark while only a minuscule 0.4 percent of Japanese tweets were observed to reach the threshold, Business Insider reported. In addition, most English tweets have 34 characters compared to the 15-character tweets common for Japanese users.

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Search Buzz Video Recap: Google Mobile Interstitial Penalty, AdSense Ad Limit, Bing Expanded Ads & Games

This week I cover the new upcoming Google intrusive mobile interstitial penalty that is coming January 10th. Google wonât be building a testing tool for this penalty…

Search Engine Roundtable

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