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Bumble CEO: Launching in India to Further Empower Women

Bumble is launching their app in Inda with the help of its new investor and brand ambassador actress Priyanka Chopra. The actress should help Bumble India get off to a fast start, having already announced it to her 23.6 million followers on Twitter.

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Why You Should Consider Launching Your Product on Facebook Live (And How to Do It)

People love to watch other people do stuff; it’s ingrained in our DNA. It’s why most of us enjoy people watching in the park or going to the latest blockbuster movie. Facebook and Instagram have taken advantage of this quirk in our genes with their live video streaming features.

Brands who live stream appear more approachable and real. Unlike TV commercials, live stream feeds feel more authentic as it shows the human side of a company. It’s why more businesses are incorporating Facebook Live into their marketing strategies.

Benefits of Live Streaming on Facebook

  • Boosts your audience numbers: An event streamed live on a platform like Facebook or Instagram is capable of reach millions of people worldwide. It also gives users a chance to participate in or attend an event they would otherwise have missed.
  • Cuts down on cost: You don’t need an expensive camera, a fancy set or a video editor when you go live on Facebook. And since you can host an event anywhere, even in a hallway, you can cut down on travel and rental expenses as well.
  • Real-time audience interaction: Consumers react more positively to “face to face” interactions. During a Live feed, the audience can send questions that the host can answer on the spot. Brands can also build trust with clients because of the transparency they show during these engagements.
  • Drum up excitement around product launches: Businesses can generate hype for a product launch on Facebook. These raw and real videos can harness the excitement you’d feel when opening a gift or seeing an event start.

How to Launch Your Product on Facebook Live

Give people an inside look.

Everyone is curious about what happens behind-the-scenes. Pull back the curtains on your business and give viewers a chance to know the real people behind the brand. Give your audience a quick tour of your office or show the tools or equipment you use. Doing this will help viewers understand you better and it’s a great way of building trust.

Starbucks used this strategy in its 2016 National Voter Registration Day. They broadcasted the event live as company representatives walked around the park. They also introduced and talked to people who volunteered in the event.

Draw in viewers from other platforms.

One of the best ways to launch a product or start a new channel is to through the “cheap seats” route. You start by going live on Facebook and encourage viewers watching on other platforms like YouTube, Instagram or Snapchat (considered the cheap seats) to move to your page in order to see the comments.

To make things more exciting, you can also go live on the other platforms during a break from the mainstreaming feed and invite viewers to join you on Facebook.

YouTube entrepreneur Chris Ducker used this tactic to promote his book launch party.

Instagram Live stream Chris Ducker

Provide a preview of your upcoming product.

Giving your audience a sneak peek or a preview on what’s coming next will drum up excitement and make them feel special. Show a trailer for an upcoming webinar or go live and show your staff brainstorming about a new product.

Tough Mudder is a great example of how to do it. The organizer streamed Coach T. Mud showing participants their training course. Seeing what they would be experiencing got more people interested in signing up.

Use video bots for show notifications.

Take advantage of Facebook’s live video bots and use them to interact and encourage your audience to subscribe to your show. You can do this by asking viewers attending your live feed to type a specific word in the comments if they want to receive notifications. You can also create a URL for your video bot and encourage your audience to click on the link to sign up for notifications. This strategy gives you control on who can see your posts since it’s your viewers themselves who told you they want to be notified about your show.

Get live customer testimonials.

Tap a loyal customer to talk about your product or company during a Facebook Live event. A lifestream approach to get engaging and natural flowing testimonials from customers are a very effective way of marketing your product. Meet up with a customer and hang out with them. The informal setting and relaxed mood can go a long way to getting your audience to warm up to your pitch or new product.

Facebook Live is an excellent platform to launch a product or show your customers and prospective clients what your company is really about. Take advantage of the numerous strategies you can employ to get people interested in your launch. Live stream a launch party with a celebrity or conduct a real-time Ask Me Anything session. Seeing what’s happening as it happens can drum up interest and build customer trust.

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What to get right before launching a global business

Columnist Thomas Stern shares how taking care of business at home helps ensure global success.

The post What to get right before launching a global business appeared first on Search Engine Land.

Please visit Search Engine Land for the full article.

Search Engine Land: News & Info About SEO, PPC, SEM, Search Engines & Search Marketing

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Google Mobile-First Index Not Launching Too Soon

In November 2016, Google began experimenting with the mobile-first index and since then, many SEOs and webmasters began thinking it is live – it is not.

In fact…

Search Engine Roundtable

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Google is launching automated call extensions in mobile ads on February 6

Call extensions will automatically pull phone numbers featured on landing pages.

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The Keys to Launching a Successful Online Course

The Keys to Launching a Successful Online Course

Hey there — welcome back to the Copyblogger Weekly!

We’ve had a lot to say this week about online courses. On Monday, Pamela Wilson talked about some of the surprising ways you can profit from launching your course. On Tuesday, Henneke gave us some specifics on how to write a high-value lesson plan to make your course easier to sell.

And yesterday, I shared my story about my own road to teaching online — a road that definitely included some bumps and curves. (Spoiler alert: it has a happy ending!)

If you’ve been thinking about launching a course but weren’t sure how to get started, Brian Clark is offering a free webinar next week to walk you through some crucial steps.

Wednesday, December 7, 2016 beginning at 3:00 p.m. Eastern Time.

Brian’s going to cover:

  • Designing the learning experience for your course
  • How to craft your learner profile
  • Identifying the benefits of knowledge (these unlock so many doors)
  • A three-step process for crafting learning objectives

We use these ideas literally every week at Copyblogger and Rainmaker Digital. The webinar will cover very hands-on, practical material that you can start working with right away — to develop an online course that’s an amazing experience for your learners, and an amazing business to support your goals.

To register for the free webinar, simply click here and enter your email address.

Then you’ll receive the special link to register for the webinar. You have to register to attend, and space is limited … so don’t wait.

Hope to see you Wednesday at the webinar, and I’ll catch you next week!

— Sonia Simone

Chief Content Officer, Rainmaker Digital


Here’s that URL, one more time:


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Rainmaker Rewind: Launching Your First (or Next) Digital Product

Rainmaker FM rewind

This week on Rainmaker Rewind, Sonia Simone explains the value of launching a digital product and the steps you should take to get moving.

Listen to Confessions of a Pink-haired Marketer to discover how digital products can help boost your income and the nitty-gritty of designing your first digital product with your audience in mind.

And, as always, be sure to check out the other great episodes that recently aired on Rainmaker FM.

  1. Confessions of a Pink-haired Marketer. Sonia Simone talks about why you should consider launching a digital product and what it can do for your business: Launching Your First (or Next) Digital Product
  2. The Digital Entrepreneur. Entrepreneur and Rainmaker FM host Chris Ducker joins Jerod Morris to discuss going after what you want and building your business: How to Market Like a Magnet and Build Your Personal Brand
  3. Copyblogger FM. Sonia Simone tackles this week’s hottest trend, Pokémon Go, and the growing world of augmented reality: Pokémon Go: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly
  4. Elsewhere. Glenn Leibowitz of Write With Impact welcomed Brian Clark to his show to chat about the entrepreneur’s journey and building a successful business: Brian Clark on Write With Impact
  5. Hack the Entrepreneur. Jon Nastor interviews Nathan Hirsch about setting goals and organizing priorities when it comes to your business: Prioritizing and Getting Things Done
  6. The Missing Link. Jabez LeBret answers your burning questions about all things LinkedIn: Ask Us Anything (LinkedIn Edition), Part One
  7. The Writer Files. Kelton Reid is back with part two of last week’s interview with neuroscientist Michael Grybko: How Neuroscientist Michael Grybko Defines Writer’s Block: Part Two
  8. Youpreneur. Chris Ducker dives into his personal strategy for facing doubts and how small goals can help you boost confidence: How to Kick The You-Know-What Out of Entrepreneurial Self-Doubt
  9. The Showrunner. Jerod Morris and Jon Nastor discuss the three activities they each regard as priorities in their schedules and share their personal lessons learned while starting and growing numerous podcasts: The Showrunner’s Dilemma
  10. Zero to Book. Pamela Wilson and Jeff Goins navigate the world of designing and printing your self-published book: How to Get Your Book Printed (2 Phenomenal Options, 1 Terrible One)

And, one more thing …

If you want to get Rainmaker Rewind sent straight to your favorite podcast player, subscribe right here on Rainmaker FM.

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Closing Down All My Courses, Launching A Software Startup, Looking For Investors And More – Updates To My Business Timeline

This is the latest addition to my Business Timeline, you can read the previous chapters here.


I turned 30 in 2009. I had been back in Australia a year after traveling around the world for 8 months in 2008.

After returning from overseas, I was presented with the opportunity to become a speaker. The plan initially … Read the rest of this entry »

Entrepreneurs-Journey.com by Yaro Starak

BizBash and Eventbrite present the third webinar from the “SEO & Social Media: The “IT” Couple. Taking place on May 30th at 11AM PT / 2PM ET, this webinar wi…

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Soft Launching SEOTools.net

Last month we soft launched SEOTools.net. Here are a few entries as a sample of things to come…

… do subscribe to the RSS feed if you like what you see thusfar.

Why create yet another site about SEO?

Good question, glad you asked. ;)

Our customer base on this site consists primarily of the top of this pyramid. I can say without doubt that I know that some of our customers know more about SEO than I do & that generally makes them bleeding edge. ;)

And then some people specialize in local or video or ecommerce or other such verticals where there are bits of knowledge one can only gain via first hand experience (eg: importing from China or doing loads of testing of YouTube variables or testing various upsells). There is becoming so much to know that nobody can really know everything, so the goal of our site here is to sorta bring together a lot of the best folks.

Some people newer to the field & a bit lower down on the pyramid are lucky/smart enough to join our community too & those who do so and participate likely save anywhere from 1 to 3 years on their learning curve…leveling up quickly in the game/sport of SEO. But by and large our customers are mostly the expert end of the market.

We could try to water down the community & site to try to make it more mass market, but I think that would take the site’s leading strength and flush it down the toilet. In the short run it would mean growth, but it would also make the community less enjoyable … and this site is as much a labor of love as it is a business. I think I would burn myself out & no longer love it if the site became noisy & every third post was about the keyword density of meta tags.

What Drives You?

When SEOBook.com was originally created SEO was much less complex & back in 2003 I was still new to the field, so I was writing at a level that was largely aligned with the bulk of the market. However, over the past decade SEO has become much more complex & many of our posts tend to be at a pretty high level, pondering long-term implications of various changes.

When there are big changes in the industry we are usually early in discussing them. We were writing about exact match domains back in 2006 and when Google’s algorithm hinted at a future of strong brand preference we mentioned that back in 2009. With that being said, many people are not nimble enough to take advantage of some of the shifts & many people still need solid foundational SEO 101 in place before the exceptions & more advanced topics make sense.

The following images either make sense almost instantly, or they look like they are in Greek…depending on one’s experience in the field of SEO.

My mom and I chat frequently, but she tells me some of the posts here tend to be pretty deep / complex / hard to understand. Some of them take 20 hours to write & likely read like college dissertations. They are valuable for those who live & breathe SEO, but are maybe not a great fit for those who casually operate in the market.

My guess is my mom is a pretty good reflection of most of the market in understanding page titles, keywords, and so on…but maybe not knowing a lot about anchor text filters, link velocity, extrapolating where algorithm updates might create future problems & how Google might then respond to those, etc. And most people who only incidentally touch the SEO market don’t need to get a PhD in the topic in order to reach the point of diminishing returns.

Making Unknowable SEO More Knowable

SEO has many pieces that are knowable (rank, traffic, rate of change, etc.), but over time Google has pulled back more and more data. As Google gets greedier with their data, that makes SEO harder & increases the value of some 3rd party tools that provide competitive intelligence information.

  • Being able to look up the performance of a section of a site is valuable.
  • Tracking how a site has done over time (to identify major ranking shifts & how they align with algorithm updates) is also quite valuable.
  • Seeing link spikes & comparing those with penalties is also valuable.

These data sets help offer clues to drive strategy to try to recover from penalties, & how to mimic top performing sites to make a site less likely to get penalized.

The Difference Between These 2 Sites

Our goal with SEO Book is to…

  • try to cover important trends & topics deeper than anyone else (while not just parroting Google’s view)
  • offer a contrary view to lifestyle image / slogan-based SEO lacking in substance or real-world experience
  • maintain the strongest community of SEO experts, such that we create a community I enjoy participating in & learning from

Our goal with SEO tools is to…

  • create a site that is a solid fit for the beginner to intermediate portions of the market
  • review & compare various industry tools & highlight where they have unique features
  • offer how to guides on specific tasks that help people across a diverse range of backgrounds & skill levels save time and become more efficient SEOs
  • provide introduction overviews of various SEO-related topics

SEO Book.com

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Bookmark November 1st! SEW Weekly Show Launching on WebmasterRadio.fm

The SEW Weekly search and social marketing radio show kicks off Thursday, November 1st at 1pm EST on WebmasterRadio.fm. Tune in for search news and an in-house SEO panel with special guests Simon Heseltine from AOL and Covario’s Dave Rohrer.
Search Engine Watch – Latest

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