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Native ad test in Google Discover feeds gets a new look

The ads reflect the new design of Google Discover, previously known as Google Feed.

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Google Assistant Gets Redesign & Enables Money Transactions

This week, Google announced that the Google Assistant has received a redesign or makeover. This makes it easier for you to get things done over voice or using your hands. Google also announced you can now make money using the Google Assistant.

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SearchCap: Google and Facebook accused of plundering, GSC gets new features, IF functions & more

Below is what happened in search today, as reported on Search Engine Land and from other places across the web.

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Twitter Gets Rid of 70 Million Fake Accounts in May and June, Cracks Down on Trolls

Twitter has been aggressively suspending false accounts in a bid to curtail the spread of fake news. The company’s massive crackdown on trolls and bots have resulted in one million dubious accounts being deleted or suspended per day.

According to the Washington Post, Twitter has been coming down hard on fake accounts, trolls, and bots since late last year. The purge of these accounts was reportedly brought about when testimonies from Google and social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter revealed that millions more Americans were exposed to fake news than previously estimated.

Fake Accounts But Real Damage

Fake accounts with links to Russia are said to have tweeted false information in an attempt to affect the 2016 US presidential elections. This disinformation campaign involved a troll factory based in St. Petersberg that used state-of-the-art technology to fool voters and exacerbate the tension in the already worsening political and social environment.

Data compiled by the Post revealed that Twitter got rid of more than a million accounts per day in the past several months. The company reportedly suspended 70 million or more accounts in May and June. The purge apparently continued until July.

Twitter’s aggressive steps to shut down these malicious accounts could lead to a major backlash against the company as it could result in a decline in monthly users. But the company appears unfazed as it continues its campaign against the bots and trolls responsible for the propagation of false news.

Taking a Stand Against Fakes

Twitter has repeatedly garnered criticism for failing to control the spread of bots and trolls that were created with the sole purpose of spreading disinformation. But the social media platform’s new and harsher stand against fraudulent accounts shows a clear shift in the company’s ideology. Twitter had previously refrained from checking possible abuses with regards to tweets due to free speech.

The company’s Vice President for Trust and Safety, Del Harvey, revealed to the Washington Post that they are changing their stand on “balancing free expression versus the potential for free expression to chill someone else’s speech. Free expression doesn’t mean much if people don’t feel safe,” Harvey explained.

While a lot of Twitter users applaud the company’s move to delete fake accounts, President Donald Trump has taken to the platform to tweet about getting rid of the accounts of news organizations like the New York Times and the Washington Post.

While the two companies’ accounts are legitimate, Trump has been blaming them for the spread of fake news or at least news that paints him in a negative light.

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Bing Gets New ‘Visual Search’ Feature, Competes With Google Lens

Microsoft is not going to let Google have all the fun. The company has recently unveiled Visual Search for Bing, a feature that’s expected to complete with Google Lens.

Visual Search is a new AI-powered search function that builds on the Intelligent Search feature that Bing rolled out in December of last year. The feature allows users to search the web or look for products via photos saved on their camera rolls or pictures they have taken. For instance, you can find more information about an unfamiliar flower or an interesting building you came across by taking a photo through the Bing app or by uploading it from your device. The Visual Search feature will then identify the subject and provide you with links containing key information about it.

Consumers will also be able to shop for clothes, accessories, or furniture in the same way. Let’s say a woman sees a necklace she likes. She can take a shot or upload a picture of the item and Visual Search will send her information on where she can buy the necklace, the price, and other details. The feature can also send her similar-looking products.

According to Vince Leung, Microsoft’s product lead, there are instances where “it is almost impossible to describe what you want to search for using words.” Visual search will certainly ease that dilemma, especially as the algorithm the program uses is continuously learning. Since the algorithm works by using data that contains millions of images, the more data is searched for in Bing, the better the algorithm becomes.

Bing’s core team stated that consumers can expect the Visual Search feature to expand and improve continuously. You can now avail of the function’s latest version in the Bing app for Android and iOS. It’s also available on Microsoft Launcher and the Edge browser for Android. Visual Search will also be available soon on the Bing.com and on Microsoft Edge for iOS.

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Digital Marketing News: Gen Z’s Snapchat Love, LinkedIn’s GIFs, & Google Gets More Time

Digital Marketing News: Gen Z’s Snapchat Love, LinkedIn’s GIFs, & Google Gets More Time

Snapchat Remains Teens’ Favorite Social Platform, Instagram Their Top Marketing Channel
Snapchat has remained the top social platform among teens, who also see Instagram as the best way for brands to communication with them, according to Piper Jaffray’s latest semi-annual “Talking Stock with Teens” survey. MarketingCharts

LinkedIn Teamed Up With Tenor to Add GIFs to Its Messaging
A feature allowing the use of animated GIF images has begun rolling out to LinkedIn users, the latest in a series of changes to add more fun to the business-oriented social platform. AdWeek

Google, Others Cut Into Facebook Share Of Consumer Time
Google’s properties including YouTube have grown more popular among U.S. adults than Facebook, with both taking up a greater share of consumer time than the properties of Verizon, Amazon, Snapchat, and Twitter, according to recently-released January 2018 Nielsen ratings data. MediaPost

Native Advertising Growth Projected to Slow
Native advertising spending growth among U.S. marketers will continue at a slower rate, less than half of the 64 percent figure seen in 2016, according to new eMarketer report data on the ads, which imitate the look of surrounding content. Wall Street Journal

Only 3% Of Marketers Deem MRC Video ‘Viewability” A Reasonable Standard
Just three percent of brand marketers see the current Media Rating Council’s (MRC) video viewability standard — which determines what is counted as a viewable impression — to be reasonable, according to recently-released survey information. MediaPost

62% of B2B marketers see video as priority format, finds LinkedIn study
62 percent of B2B marketers polled by LinkedIn feel that content creators should favor video among all platforms, ahead of email, infographics, and traditional social media creative material. The Drum

PiperJaffray Spring 2018 Taking Stock With Teens Statistics Image

What marketers need to know about Facebook’s updated Business Tools Terms
Facebook’s decision to apply the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) standards worldwide means an update to a number of the firm’s business tool definitions and accompanying terminology for marketers. Marketing Land

Google launches Enterprise Dialogflow chatbot platform out of beta
Google has launched its smart chatbot platform for businesses — Dialogflow Enterprise Edition — offering the ability to build artificial intelligence-based processing systems for customer service agents, virtual assistants, and other AI-infused support capabilities. VentureBeat

Ad tech streams into audio
Streaming audio providers are increasingly turning to new marketing methods for audio advertising technology that take advantage of smart speakers and voice search, and with digital audio ad revenue topping $ 1.1 billion in 2016 and growing 42 percent during the first half of 2017, creative targeting is abundant. AdAge

AR Drawings Can Now Be Added to Videos in Facebook Stories
Facebook will roll out augmented reality (AR) drawing features for videos within its Facebook Camera offering, the company announced, a potential new promotional tool for marketers. AdWeek


The New Yorker Daily Cartoon: Thursday, April 5th, 2018

A lighthearted look at Facebook’s recent travails by Jeremy Nguyen — The New Yorker

Researchers Find New Malware Designed To Make ATMs Spit Out Cash — The Onion

Facebook Adds Ability to Tip Live Streamers to Mobile Apps — Variety


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Amazon Gets Patent for Delivery Drones with Gesture and Voice Recognition

Amazon has obtained approval on a new patent from the US Patent and Trademark Office for a delivery drone that can respond to human gestures and voices on Tuesday.

The patent, filed in July 2016 and published recently, is in line with the company’s goal to maintain a fleet of unmanned aerial vehicles that will rapidly deliver packages in 30 minutes or less. Through visual cues, voice commands, and a person’s gestures, the drone can establish its flight path, release the package, or ask humans about the delivery.

Patent illustration for Amazon drone

The document included several illustrations of the design, one of which shows the delivery drone and a man outside his home. He was wildly flailing his arms in what Amazon called an “unwelcoming manner,” a gesture as if to shoo away the drone overhead. A blank voice bubble suggests possible voice commands for the drone.

A diagram of the drone’s communication system includes speakers and microphones, as well as navigation components like depth sensors and cameras to detect visible, infrared, and ultraviolet light. Through its array of sensors, the delivery drone would recognize audible and visible gestures and react accordingly.

The patent also detailed the steps a drone would take when it reads body language—thanks to its human gestures database—as it delivers the package. Once it’s clear to deliver, the drone releases the parcels from the air or lands on a certain spot to place the package. It would be able to verify the recipient’s identity via an app, speech recognition, or remote operator.

Moreover, the delivery drone can add new movements to its database to improve the accuracy of its gesture-recognition system. “In some examples, when in the learning context, a human operator may interact with the UAV in order to ‘teach’ the UAV how to react given certain gestures, circumstances, and the like,” the patent stated.

The eCommerce giant has declined to comment on the gesture-recognition concept, but this isn’t the first time that Amazon has applied for something this ambitious. Since announcing plans to design an air delivery service, the company filed patents for mobile flying warehouses by using airships and self-destructing drones.  

[Featured image via Amazon]

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AdWords gets Google Optimize & Google Surveys 360 integrations

Advertisers will be able to create landing page tests down to the keyword level and deploy consumer surveys to remarketing lists.

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Bing search app for iOS & Android gets new music, video & map features

Bing’s making it easier to find song titles, as well as add Netflix and Amazon movie titles to your watchlist on mobile.

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Moz Content Gets More Robust with the Addition of Topic Trends

Posted by ronell-smith

Topic Trends, the latest feature added to Moz Content, allows marketers to quickly access a snapshot of the most popular and the most relevant content in any vertical.

By accessing the content in the Content Search index, Topic Trends highlights the topics that were written about most frequently in the previous five days.

Since the presidential election is the hottest thing going at the moment, it’s little surprise that election news is dominant:

Topic Trends displaying the most current, most popular topics

This feature is based on the Sharing Trends Graph, which highlights the number of articles matching your search in the Moz Content index, in addition to factoring in the median number of shares per article.

By typing “Featured Snippets” into the search field, for example, you get a two-line graph that’s rich in details that can instantly inform your content strategy:

  • The grey line represents the number of articles published about the topic being searched for over the last five days.
  • The green line depicts the median shares of those articles.

“We’re using the graph as a rough indicator of audience interest in the topic,” says Jay Leary, Moz’s senior product manager for Moz Content and one of the lead architects behind the product. “It’s sort of like a Google Trends, but instead of searches for a topic, we’re looking at the sharing of articles about the topic.”

Below the graph you’ll find a list of results along with their content metrics, including Reach, Links, Discovery Date and a host of other metrics, including those associated with social shares:

Created by content marketers, for content marketers

Ever since Matthew J. Brown announced the Beta version of Moz Content at MozCon 2015, we’ve been focused on designing, creating and delivering a tool that will make it easier for marketers to create the types of content that’ll resonate with their audiences.

The Tracked Audits feature is ideal for brands who already have an audience, but if you’re just getting started, the focus is usually on research. That’s where Content Search comes in.

The Tracked Audits feature, for example, provides marketers with all of the information a normal content audit would, but has the added dimension of an extended and customizable timeline.

Instead of spending hours manually (which I’ve done numerous times; it’s no fun) you can simply have updates emailed to you detailing everything you need to know to track content performance.

Also, thanks to Content Search, you can find the most popular pieces of content from across the web via a simple topic search:

Results returned for the query “content marketing”

Not only will this allow you to be better informed about the content types and content topics you should create, but it also alerts you to who your main competitors are for content you desire to create, as well.

Share your feedback

If you haven’t tried Moz Content yet, now is as good a time as any to give it a whirl: https://moz.com/content

If you’ve already been using the product, try out the newest feature and let us know what you think.

Either way, we’d love to hear from users of the product. We’re always looking for ways to improve it and welcome your input.

Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below.

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