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Whatsapp Introduces New Live Location Feature That Lets You Track Friends in Real Time

Pretty soon, it will be easier for family members and close friends to track the location of their loved ones to make sure they have safely reached their destination. WhatsApp has introduced a new feature that gives its users the ability to broadcast their location in real time.

Called Live Location, the new WhatsApp feature will be available on both Android and iOS versions of the application. Apparently, it is a feature that is similar to that of parent firm Facebook, which rolled out the temporary location sharing feature on Messenger last May.

To share your location temporarily with someone, you need to open a chat with that friend or family member on your contact list. The feature can be accessed by choosing the Location option within chat, and you will then need to choose the length of time you want your location to be known to the other party. The feature will start airing your location in real time once you hit the send button.

At the moment, there seem to be three options for the duration of the Live Location feature, according to Tech Crunch. Users can share their real-time location for fifteen minutes, one hour or eight hours but they can manually turn off the feature if they no longer want their location to be broadcasted or if they have already reached their destination safely.

Meanwhile, the receiving party will see a map with the broadcaster’s avatar at the center on their chat. There is also a “Live Until” message at the bottom indicating the time that the Live Location tracking will end.

With its introduction of the Live Location, WhatsApp has joined Snapchat and Foursquare which already have their own versions of the feature.

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How to Spoof Facebook Friends with Dodgy Headlines from Trusted News Sources

I’m not sure how long users have been able to edit the titles and descriptions of news posts shared by friends, but people should be aware – especially marketers.

Here are a few things I really shouldn’t be able to do, yet inex…
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5 Tips for Meeting Online Friends IRL

Posted by Dr. Pete

Dr. Pete and GianlucaSocial media is a bit of a paradox – we have more “friends” than ever, but our relationships feel more and more superficial. When we retreat to the comfort of the internet, we introverts have even less incentive to get to know people IRL (In Real Life, for those who don’t spend all day on the internet). If you know me online, it may surprise you to hear that I consider myself a recovering introvert. I’m also a work-at-home father of a 1-year-old, so I’m lucky to hit one SEO conference a year.

In honor of being in Seattle for Mozcon this week, I’d like to share 5 tips for how I’ve managed to make social media count and turn online relationships into real, offline friendships and business partnerships. Just to illustrate the point, that’s a picture of me with SEOmoz enthusiast and fellow proud dad Gianluca Fiorelli, who I finally got to meet in person today (thanks to Rudy Lopez for snapping the picture).

1. Get to Know People

If you only see your online friends as a way to get more Likes and +1s or water your Farmville crops when you’re out of town, you’ll never develop a real-life connection. Building any lasting relationship starts with sincerity. I think that 80% of my own success comes from the fact that I genuinely like people. Social media blurs the lines between work and personal life, and it’s a tremendous opportunity to get to know more about people’s lives outside of work.

2. Be a White-hat Stalker

Social media is also an amazing way to keep track of people, especially with real-time information like Twitter and FourSquare. Sometimes, all it takes is paying attention and knowing when you and your online friends will be in the same place at the same time. A couple of years ago, I was on Twitter and noticed that an industry friend was visiting the Google office in Chicago, just a few blocks from my condo. I pinged him, and two hours later we were having a beer together.

I’m not suggesting that you actually stalk people and show up uninvited to wherever they check in. White-hat stalking is about finding opportunity in the fact that many people in our industry spend a lot of time on the road. Sometimes, an online friend from across the country or even the other side of the globe just happens to be in town. Sometimes, you’re going to the same event, and may not even realize it. It’s all about paying attention.

3. Pre-arrange a Meetup

If you are going to an event, especially a large conference, it’s easy to assume that meeting people will just naturally happen. Conferences are big events and 2-4 days can go by in a flash. If you’re going to be at an event, let people know. It may feel self-indulgent, but announce online that you’re going. If you leave meeting up to chance, you’re going to miss a lot of people. Arrange a meetup – it could be dinner the night before the event, or it could just be making sure you find each other at the after-party. Don’t overthink it – a simple “Hey, I’m in Session A3 – where are you?” on Twitter works wonders.

4. Don’t Miss a Chance

When an opportunity does come along to meet someone IRL, don’t pass it up. Not to keep picking on Gianluca, but when he arrived at the hotel yesterday he tweeted that he was down in the lobby. At a relatively small, 3-day conference, it’s easy to assume that we’d have plenty of chances to meet up, but instead I told him to wait a minute, grabbed my room key, and jumped in the elevator. I can’t count the number of times I saw someone I wanted to meet, thought “They look busy, I’m sure I’ll see them later” and then didn’t. Don’t miss your chance.

5. Act Like an Extrovert

I hate the phrase “Fake it ‘til you make it” because of that one word – fake. It’s taken me a long time to accept that there’s a huge difference between deliberately being fake and acting the way you’d like to act, even if it’s a bit out of character. If you’re outgoing online, you’d probably like to be a little more outgoing IRL. So, why not try it on for size? No one online knows that you’re secretly terrified of your own shadow. These days, when I recognize an online friend, I approach them like we’ve known each other forever. It’s amazing what a difference that makes.

To the introverts out there, I’d just like to end by saying that many of the people in this industry that you think are social animals are closet introverts themselves. One of my favorite industry posts of all time is Lisa Barone’s introvert confession back in 2008. Even social media professionals struggle with actually being social IRL. If you’re at Mozcon, don’t be afraid to say “hi” – I only bite when I haven’t been fed.

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When it Comes to Advice People Prefer Strangers Over Friends

We’ve all been told not to take candy from strangers, but advice is a whole different matter. According to a new report from Meebo, more than half the people surveyed went to someone they didn’t know when looking for advice on the web.

Here are some of the stats:

  • 53% of people said they want to get advice from someone who is knowledgeable about a topic, but whom they don’t know.
  • More than a third of the population (38%) turn to anonymous sources for product and service recommendations.
  • 41% of people would prefer to connect with “everyday experts” on travel information, whereas only 17% would turn to people they already know.
  • 43% would turn to unknowns for recipes or cooking-related content, while only 22% would connect with people they know.

The concept of going to a stranger for advice isn’t all that new. Before the internet, we sought outside experts to plan our vacations, sell our homes and decide on a new hairstyle. Relationship problems? Joe the bartender can help you out with that.

The good thing about asking strangers for advice is that the advice doesn’t come with strings attached. If the DIY expert on the web suggests you paint your living room blue, you can feel free to paint it yellow. If you mother suggests blue, then you could be in for trouble if you go with a sunnier shade.

On the marketing side, setting yourself up as an expert is an excellent way to promote your brand. Search Twitter for questions on your topic then answer them for all the world to see. Run Q&A days on Facebook. Load your website with helpful articles that go beyond the scope of your product.

Here’s your assignment for today, give out one tip on Facebook or Twitter. Something that will help the reader feel, look, or do something better. It will only take a moment and it will come back to you two-fold.

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