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Why Everyone Hopes You’ll Be the Hero

I walked into the small, yellow audition room and stopped twelve feet in front of the cheap, plastic, fold-out table….

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Google Unveils Stadia Game Streaming Platform and is Dead Serious About Eliminating Barriers and Making High-End Gaming Accessible for Everyone

Google CEO Sundar Pichai unveiled their Stadia game streaming platform at the 2019 Game Developers Conference in San Fransisco today. Stadia is designed to bring high-end gaming to Chrome and other devices and aims to eliminate the many barriers to gaming. It will likely be a subscription service similar to Netflix but focused on games that can be played without a console right in Chrome or other devices.

Sundar Pichai, CEO of Google, introduces Stadia, Google’s new streaming gaming platform at the 2019 Game Developers Conference in San Francisco:

Biggest Impact of Gaming is How it Pushes Technology Forward

Perhaps the biggest impact of gaming is how it pushes us to make big leaps in computing and networking power, high fidelity graphics, and the infrastructure that supports it all. All of it is pushing computing and technology forward and I find it really exciting. At Google, we have always believed that technology should adapt to people. Not the other way around. We’ve been building towards this vision for some time. For example, when we launched Chrome a decade ago we envisioned that it could be a modern platform for web applications. We wanted to bring the power of the web to everyone including use cases that seemed impossible at that time like high-quality games.

Finally, we are making progress towards that goal. In fact, over the last two years, we’ve been hard at work on game streaming technology. Last Fall, we launched our first public test with Project Stream. But a technical test wasn’t the whole view of our ambition. It was probably the worst kept secret in the industry. Internally, we were actually testing our ability to stream high fidelity graphics over a low agency network. We learned that we could bring a triple-A game to any device with a Chrome browser and an internet connection, using the best of Google to create a powerful game platform.

Google Committed to Paying Billions to Game Developers

When we say best of Google, it always starts with our cloud and networking infrastructure. Our custom server hardware and data centers can bring more computing power to more people on planet Earth than anyone else. Today, we are in 19 regions, and in over 200 countries and territories connected by hundreds of thousands of miles of fiber optic cables. The best of Google also includes our open platforms that allow us to reach billions of people. With Google, your games will be immediately discoverable by over two billion people on a Chrome browser, Chrome Books, Chrome Cast, Pixel Devices, and we have plans to support more browsers and devices over time. That’s in addition to all of the people playing and watching games across YouTube and Google Play.

When we build these ecosystems, we always take the approach that we only succeed when our partners do. Collectively, our partners across web, Google Play, and YouTube have earned more than $ 110 billion over the last four years alone. We are committed to this approach here as well. So now, we have focused on our next big effort, which is to build a game platform for everyone. And, when we say for everyone, we really mean it. It is one of our most cherished values as a company. Be it Android or Chrome or AI, we are dead serious about making technology accessible for everyone.

Google is Dead Serious About Eliminating Barriers

But, if you think about games, there are a lot of barriers for users to play high-end games. Beautiful graphics really need high-end consoles or PCs. And games don’t have instant access. Think about the way the web works. You can easily share a link and it works seamlessly. We want games to feel that way too. Instantly enjoyable with access for everyone.

I think we can change the game by bringing together the power and creativity of the entire community, people who love to play games, people who love to watch games, and people who love to build games. That means all of you. We are really excited to work with you. We want to build a platform and we want you to show us what’s possible. And together, I think we can create a new games experience powered by best of Google and built for everyone.

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Why Everyone Should Be Moving To HTTP/2

A Google spokesperson recently revealed that GoogleBot will soon support HTTP/2. Columnist Patrick Stox explains what this is and what it means for SEOs.

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SPONSOR MESSAGE: Repositioning SEO So Everyone Wins

Join us Tuesday, Sept 23rd at 1:00EDT (10:00PDT) for a live webcast to hear Jessica Bowman, Founder and CEO of SEOInhouse and Matt Roberts, Chief Strategy Officer, Linkdex as they discuss how a good SEO program can bring higher rankings in search engine results, improve conversion rates and…

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Paul Walker Tragedy Brought Everyone Together For Film

Paul Walker’s tragic death in a car crash last Thanksgiving left millions of fans in mourning, but the loss of one of the stars of Fast And Furious 7 also left producers floundering for ways to complete the movie in a way that both made sense and was respectful to the character. Vin Diesel, who starred with Walker in several of the films in the series, says that while he and his co-stars were devastated by Walker’s death, the accident also brought them all together.

“The good thing is, because we took all the time, the movie is a true testament to everyone coming together and wanting to honor both the saga and our brother, and there’s something very beautiful about that,” he said.

Ultimately, producers decided to put stand-ins in place of Walker’s character for the unfinished scenes, which made it difficult for some of the actors. Knowing his friend was supposed to be beside him and turning to find someone else in his place was jarring, Vin Diesel said.

“It was, needless to say, the hardest movie I’ve ever done. I remember when the tragedy happened, my mother said to me, ‘It’s not fair that you have to mourn in front of the world.’ What’s even harder is to mourn and simultaneously that the person is next to you, so every time you turn to whoever’s sitting in that chair you see not Paul,” he said.

The actors who stood in for Walker were actually his brothers, Cody and Caleb, who celebrated with Tyrese Gibson recently when the film wrapped.

“Emotional and bittersweet….. In the end you always got #Family,” Tyrese wrote in an Instagram caption.

Fast And Furious 7 will be released on April 3, 2015.

Image via Wikimedia Commons


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Google Universal Analytics Now Open to Everyone

Google’s Universal Analytics aims to help you understand how customers interact with your business across devices, give insights into mobile app performance, and improve your ROI by helping you understand which channels drive the best results.
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Why Doesn’t Facebook Share Names of Everyone Who Likes Your Page?

To seriously understand the business value of building and engaging with your Facebook audience, knowing who likes your Page is a critical first step in connecting your audience and your customer list to gain incredibly powerful insights.
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Everyone in Web Marketing Should Be Against SOPA

Posted by randfish

If you've visited the Internet today, you know that SOPA and PIPA are being protested by companies like Google, Craigslist, Reddit and thousands of others. To them, we at Moz (and all of us in the web marketing world) say, "Thank You." It's not often that the web's interests align so clearly with the principles of economic and political freedom, and we appreciate those who are recognizing it today, along with those who'll continue the fight in the future.

If you're unfamilar with SOPA, please take a few minutes to watch this video:

PROTECT IP / SOPA Breaks The Internet from Fight for the Future on Vimeo.


We'd also strongly recommend that everyone concerned about this take heed of Joe Brockmeier's wise words on the topic (via RWW):

I'm glad that all of these organizations are taking a stand. But invoking what some call the "nuclear option" is only going to be so effective. Even if SOPA/PIPA are stopped this year, they'll be back under new names next year. The entertainment industry can afford to keep at it, knowing that the public's attention span is extremely short. The lobbyists who work on things like SOPA are paid to press these things through Congress. They can focus on them year after year, while the voting public has to make a conscious effort to keep tabs on their representatives.

Informing people about SOPA and asking that they call their representatives is all well and good, but it doesn't go nearly far enough.

What the SOPA protesters should say is that even if SOPA goes down in flames, it's not over. It's never over. Further, the public can not rely on mainstream media to warn them of this sort of legislation. This is doubly true when the legislation is supported by the same organizations that own the media.

Sure, call your representative and senators today. Protest SOPA and PIPA. But beyond that, keep paying attention to what your elected officials are doing. Spend a little more time paying attention to your government, even if it means spending a little less time on entertainment activities.  

Today's events are a great step in helping to raise public awareness, but there is real danger in the long term, and advocates must take action more than just today. That said, I've personally signed the petition at American Censorship, and if your beliefs align, I'd encourage you to consider it.

SOPA + PIPA are real threats to Internet freedom, commerce, content and the marketing profession not just in the US, but worldwide (another troubling and terrifying issue that Moz isn't really the place to discuss). We support all those helping to keep the web the amazing place it's become and will put our names, our votes and our dollars to use stopping those who'd legislate against web freedom to help the wallets of self-interested non-innovators.

p.s. SEOmoz had originally planned to make some changes to our site today in support of the SOPA/PIPA blackout protest, but we've been having some release management challenges – for that we apologize. Please don't construe this as a lack of support.

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Everyone Should Hire ‘Social Media Experts’

Posted by randfish

I caught a post this week from Peter Shankman entitled "I Will Never Hire a Social Media Expert and Neither Should You." It’s not the first of its kind, nor was it the best argued, but it struck a nerve and has made a number of waves around the web. Needless to say, as someone who employs multiple team members with a great deal of social media expertise, I strongly disagree with the substance and sentiment of the piece.

Here’s Peter’s argument in his own words:

No business in the world should want a “Social Media Expert” on their team. They shouldn’t want a guru, rock-star, or savant, either. If you have a “Social Media Expert” on your payroll, you’re wasting your money.

Being an expert in Social Media is like being an expert at taking the bread out of the refrigerator. You might be the best bread-taker-outer in the world, but you know what? The goal is to make an amazing sandwich, and you can’t do that if all you’ve done in your life is taken the bread out of the fridge.

The full piece makes a passionate case, but an entirely false one. There’s no evidence, only opinion; no examples, just speculation; no data, but loads of stereotyping. The author is certainly one of the premier benefactors of social traffic and of a new, more socially-connected web (Mr. Shankman founded and sold HARO, the service that connects journalists to subject-matter experts), yet he somehow manages to ignore the benefits social media has brought him (and his clients/company) to write a scathing dressing-down of anyone who dares claim expertise in this marketing discipline.

As with my arguments against Mr. Roadruck last month, I’m worried that I’m falling for trollbait again. But, the people who do great social media marketing deserve a strong defense, and I believe the evidence is almost entirely in their favor. Besides that, as an SEO, I’ve long felt the brunt of baseless attacks by ignorant skeptics. I feel both a kinship and a duty to stand up for those who’ve had their profession ridiculed.

Let’s start by exploring the popularity of social media experts in comparison to another job role Mr. Shankman pointed out, traffic planners:

As you can see, there’s a dramatic rise in interest and demand for social media folks. I don’t think this is because companies are "wasting their money." In the current economic climate, corporate profits are at record levels and companies are hiring with a much greater eye to the bottom line than any other time in the past 20 years. These businesses are investing in high ROI projects + people, and social media is part of that.

The primary point Mr. Shankman appears to make is that social media skills and expertise are merely "common sense" that every marketing professional/department already has. Thus, there’s no need to specialists or experts to assist in understanding the tools, opportunities or nuances of the field.

I beg to differ.

Product, marketing, engineering and customer service departments can all benefit from greater knowledge and understanding of social media, and very little of it is common sense. From knowing the difference between an original tweet and a retweet (on the basic end of the spectrum) to crafting lifecycle attribution by melding tools like Bit.ly PRO and Facebook Insights with analytics packages (on the advanced end), social media expertise more than just useful, but often critical to improving overall performance.

Facebook has 600 million users; Twitter’s at nearly 200 million; LinkedIn is over 100 million; Blogs have hundreds of millions of readers and tens of millions of publishers; Tumblr alone has 250 million pageviews in a day and Disqus reaches 500 million visitors each month. Social’s driving an increasing proportion of the web’s traffic, conversions and value. How can anyone logically proclaim that experts are worthless?

As a thought exercise, I created the following chart highlighting some of the critical knowledge areas in social media:

Spheres of Social Media Expertise
NOTE: As I am not a social media expert, these are likely more illustrative than they are accurate

I don’t see how Mr. Shankman can believe A) that these pieces of knowledge won’t help organizations improve B) that such knowledge is innate and requires no specialization, research or study.

As further evidence, I’ll call to the witness stand some exemplary individuals and companies that I’ve seen have a massive impact on improving KPIs, processes and internal use of social media. While I’m a passionate supporter of social media marketing, these are the true experts:

  • Marty Weintraub of AimClear is one of the industry’s shining stars. His research, clients and results speak for themselves. No one has ever seen Marty speak and not come away in awe of the passion, dedication and deep expertise he shines.
  • Dan Zarrella of Hubspot has put together some of the most respectable and useful research in the field of social media and helped to turn HubSpot into a shining beacon of knowledge dissementation across the web. His presentations, webinars and data have made him the web’s pre-eminent social media scientist, and someone whose expertise is backed by more data than nearly anyone else in the marketing field.
  • Ciarán Norris of Mindshare Digital, whom I’ve known for years and who grew from a talented search marketer into an even more talented social and brand marketer. He now runs digital media marketing for Mindshare in Ireland and has helped dozens of big brands build remarkable, revenue-generating social strategies.
  • Thomas Høgenhaven is currently engaged in a unique project to study and make recommendations around SEOmoz’s internal social community, analyzing how users interact with each other, when high vs. low quality behavior emerges and how to encourage the former while minimizing the latter. I fully expect Thomas’ expertise and his work will be invaluable to our community and to the long-term prospects of this part of our business.
  • Jen Lopez of SEOmoz runs community management here at Moz. She’s helped to scale our social presences, stayed in touch with events, questions and engagement across multiple networks and is directly responsible for a substantive portion of our traffic, conversions, retention and brand-building efforts. Her expertise spans tools, platforms, branding concepts, social launches and more. See, for example, the recent Mozcation program she’s turned into an amazing outpouring of community effort and attention.
  • Kristy Bolsinger of Ant’s Eye View has consulted with dozens of local and national firms to help devise successful social media + web marketing programs. I’ve personally heard great feedback from folks who’ve worked with her, which is why I continue to refer those seeking consultants her way.

There are remarkable people with social media expertise. Some of them even use the highly appropriate title "social media expert" or "social media specialist." They provide a ton of value to the organizations they work with and neither Mr. Shankman, nor anyone else, should belittle their profession.

In fact, I recommend the opposite. Do as we’ve done, and hire folks with social media knowledge and expertise. It will open opportunities that wouldn’t be otherwise available, and if your other processes around monetization and customer acquisition scale, social is a phenomenal compliment to whatever channels you’re currently pursuing.

On a final note:

Peter Shankman in the directory: InvestinSocial

Mr. Shankman, if you despise social media expertise and those who earn a living from sharing that knowledge with others, might I suggest that you remove your "featured" listing from this directory of social media consultants? Also, let’s get a beer sometime. I bet you’ve got a ton of social expertise that could help my company (totally serious – I’ll even buy).

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