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India is planning to achieve 50 GW of prodction from renewbale energy by 2028


India is planning to achieve 50 gigawatt (GW) of production from renewable energy by 2028, in order to get to its goal of 40 per cent of electricity generation from non-fossil fuels by 2030, Ministry of New and Renewable Energy secretary, Anand Kumar said at the India-Norway Business Summit 2019 in New Delhi.

Of this 500 GW, 350 GW would come from solar, 140 GW wind, and the remaining generation capacity would come from small hydro and biomass power.

“This figure excludes large hydro. If we take large hydro into account the figure will grow to 560 GW to 575 GW. To reach this figure we have to bid out 30 GW of solar energy and 10 GW of wind energy every year,” Kumar said.

He added that India’s requirement for electricity generation capacity may reach 840 GW by 2030 if the country’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP) grows at a rate of 6.5 per cent.

“Out of 840 GW, we plan to install a little more than 500 GW in renewables. We have installed 75 GW renewable energy capacity in the country and another 46 GW is under various stages of installations,” added Kumar.

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The Best Form of Energy is PASSION

Prolific video blogger and digital marketer extraordinaire, Neil Patel, recently talked about how passion drives him and should drive you too. Here are some key outtakes to get you motivated:

Passion is All You Need

Today, I’m shooting a lot of videos, probably 20-25. There are moments when I’m tired, I am human. It’s not like I am a machine where I can keep going forever. People ask me do you want coffee? I don’t want coffee, I don’t need caffeine. If you haven’t tried giving up coffee in your life, the first week or two or even a month is a bit tough, but it gets easier.

Here’s what I found is the best form of energy. It’s passion. If you love what you are doing you will keep going no matter how tired you are.

Passion Drives Personal Efficiency

I was talking to a buddy last night and he was mentioning to me, hey sometimes I only work like 43 hours in a week, because if I work 60 hours that other 17 hours are really inefficient, and I’m not really getting much done. What I’ve found is that if you are truly passionate about what you are doing, you’ll be efficient with all of your hours. It doesn’t matter if you are tired, you will still figure out how to grind through, put in all that you have, and get the job done.

Yes, you could take vacations, you could take breaks, but I believe the best form of pushing through and accomplishing your goals is having passion. And if you don’t have the passion for whatever you are doing, stop doing it, life is too short. You’re going to regret it in the future, the question is just when.

How to Find Your Passion

Keep trying out different things. When you are a kid you’re like, I want to be a doctor, I want to be a firefighter. Then you grow up, you may go to college, you may not, but you’re not still like I want to be a doctor or firefighter. Most people are lost. A lot of people 50 or 60 are still lost. Most people don’t know what they want to do, they just don’t admit that.

The way you figure out your true passion, what you want to do, is you try a lot of little things out and you will eventually figure out what you are good at, and usually what you are good at is also what you are passionate about. And if not, quit, go onto the next thing. As long as you keep trying new things you will learn what you’re passionate about, and then you will do well and you won’t need the coffee.

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UK firm powers 49,000 homes through solar energy in Nigeria


The United Kingdom’s Department for International Development, UKAID, in a bid to increase electricity supply in Nigeria, has provided solar energy to 49,000 homes within the Nation.

According to the agency in charge of the programme in Nigeria ‘SolarNigeria’, the funds from the UK DFID will be used to scale the market for solar home lighting and power across the Nigeria through to 2020.

This initiative is considered as an innovative programme that will help solar suppliers and financiers in Nigeria to scale up and allow households to access this equipment on full commercial terms. It has also approved additional N4, 75 billion for the programme to help scale the market for solar home lighting and power in Nigeria through to 2020.

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Solar Energy Could Save You Money


You may well have noticed that solar panels have appeared more and more homes. In fact, looking across the rooftops of my own window of his office, I see a number of new facilities are in place.

So how can we explain this sudden increase in demand? You may think this reflects the fact that people in the UK have more of an interest in the environment and seeking to reduce its consumption of coal, gas and oil. Is it true that there is this growing desire to help the environment in general?

Like so many things in life, it soon becomes apparent that the first explanation is rather simplistic. Surely we can say that environmental issues do not attract a lot of coverage these days. In fact, a variety of topics being discussed on television and in newspapers.

What is clear is that there is more awareness of environmental issues and can also increase the levels of concern. In some cases, people can think about future generations. What kind of world are we leaving our children? It is easy to see how these issues could lead to a change in behavior.

But many experts also suggest that people tend to act more quickly, if they have some kind of financial incentive to do so. In other words, we can see a financial gain as a motivator to make a decision. This is certainly something that many people in the field of renewable energy in the UK seem to agree.

Undoubtedly help explain the presence of more and more solar panels. People are encouraged to install, with the promise that can actually make money over time. What you see is that completely changes the decision to purchase and installation.

If you had planned to install solar panels in the past, then it is quite possible you have been thinking about the high costs were involved. It may have been nice to think that could help improve the environment, but may not have been terribly realistic.

This reflection has been modified by the realization that the installation of the solar panel should not be considered as an expense. Instead, you can consider an investment that will pay off over time.

This leads us to see that solar energy is not only an option for those who are concerned about the future of the planet. It is realistic for those who wish to make some extra money option.

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Our Solar Energy Future

The transport sector of the US business community have helped make this country the strong nation is. Progress has been made in many areas that will strengthen our future of solar energy and improve our position in the world, even more than it is now. The good news comes from the reduction of petroleum use and emissions of greenhouse gases in the transport. This comes from the National Renewable Energy Laboratory and Argonne National Laboratory and confirmed by the Ministry of Energy and its previous assessments. Transport is responsible for over seventy percent of our oil consumption thus reducing emissions of greenhouse gases, accounting for more than thirty percent of this number is very beneficial to our national well-being power.

Solar electric cars are increasing. However, prices will fall further to average consumers can find cars more affordable. Like many of the technology, there will be less expensive ways for manufacturers to produce them. The positive effect on air quality will be. Our future solar energy will become stronger as the benefits are seen by all citizens. The will of the people is behind it, because the results will be positive on the economic cost of gas and the continuous increase.

Progress not only in the US but around the world about our future of solar energy continues on many levels. Many universities are investigating solar cells that develop increasingly effective in terms of the amount of sun energy will turn into practice. Although the use of decreases fossil fuel, the need throughout the developing world to cheap energy is increasing. Once solar energy becomes cheaper to use, there will be more interest worldwide in its use for domestic and industrial use. Germany is an excellent example of what the enormous changes that have taken place in connection with the switch of the nation in solar energy. Our future solar energy will also grow if the same initiatives that Germany has used can be used in the US also. Germany provides financial incentives in the form of payments for his people to make the transition to solar energy in their homes and businesses.

Our future solar energy will have a major effect on our economy with increased employment in relation to many sectors of the labor market. As this industry grows, jobs will be added in the manufacture, marketing, construction, and research and development to the list of job opportunities.

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Importance of Wind Energy – Pros and Cons to Save Energy

Wind power is a clean and renewable energy to produce electricity. Today, wind energy is considered a renewable energy leader after the second solar energy. Until the composition of this post, the absolute capacity of wind turbines in place in the world is more than 3,500 TW.

With a whole lot of individuals can receive benefits of wind energy, there are millions of people around the world who put wind turbines to provide electricity to the house for your property. However, wind power is really worth? Can you really save hard earned money of the application of this power? The following are some of the advantages and disadvantages of wind energy that can enhance your knowledge of this renewable energy.

Well, if you need to know the advantages and disadvantages of wind energy. It is essential to think of different energy sources as non-renewable energy resources could not last forever. In this post, you might start by listing the benefits in this list of points cons, then finish with a balanced conclusion.

1. No pollution or radioactive waste is created. Similarly, the development and installation of wind turbines is less destructive to the environment.
2. Wind power is much more autonomous. If a normal disaster took place, so fundamental power plants inactive individuals with their own custom turbines certainly still have the ability to apply power.
3. do not exhaust all kinds of non-renewable resources such as coal, oil or fuel.

1. Some people say that wind turbines spoil the charm of the court. This can be especially true when they are very large, or when there are many of them in one place.
2. Wind turbines can be adversely affected by extreme storms such as an example of a thunder weather.
3. The blades are capable of killing the steal attempt. However, it is good for the thoughts that other methods of energy production, including damage caused by air pollution.

As they pass finite places in the world, is an inescapable truth that we discover options if you prefer environmentally continue living here for many years to come. Similarly, rather than how it is these days, many researchers agree that we must find methods of energy production that will never pollute the atmosphere of how other sources of energy do.

However, it is true that sometimes make wind turbines are substantial one eye sore on certain landscapes. To provide every person with enough electricity, certainly it requires much more wind than we currently have. One way around this is for people to develop their own wind turbines as that can only provide electricity for your home. This has two major advantages:

• Less need for a number of large wind turbines landscape demolition.
• People can be more independent

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5 Important Considerations About Home Solar Energy


The following five factors are important considerations if you’re evaluating whether solar energy would be right for your home. Home solar energy can provide some significant advantages, but many people don’t even discuss them. It’s a controversial topic, and in some ways it’s understandable why the government would not want you to strongly consider using a renewable energy source like home solar power.

1. Solar Energy is Impossible to Regulate

Solar energy has its pros and cons, but this factor might be the single most important consideration to think about when it comes to your future. Energy costs are about to rise dramatically with the new energy tax, and they will continue to do so over the next 40 years.

The government’s inability to regulate solar power is one of this energy form’s largest advantages, because it means solar energy can never be taxed. The government is unable to measure exactly how much home solar energy you use, because it’s obtained directly from the sun instead of a traditional power plant. However, if you’re waiting for solar energy farms to start being built, this energy will probably be taxed the same way as energy that is derived from coal or oil.

2. The Price is Right (Free)

You also need to remember that home solar energy itself is free. Although you’ll need to buy and install a solar power system before you can start collecting the energy, this is a one-time cost. The price of the energy itself couldn’t be lower, because it’s absolutely free. And, although the price of energy derived from traditional sources will continue to soar, the cost of solar energy will never go up. As prices for energy from traditional sources become more expensive, you’ll save even more money by using home solar power.

3. An Unlimited Energy Source

By now, we all realize that if we continue to use fossil fuels at our current pace, today’s energy crisis will soon seem minor, because our supplies of fossil fuels will eventually run out. And even before things become that desperate, we’ll reach the point where we consume more oil than we produce. It won’t happen immediately, but the price of energy will rise as our energy consumption increases and our supplies of fossil fuels begin to become depleted.

4. Low Maintenance Requirements

Most of us don’t think much about our access to power, because we’re so used to obtaining it directly from the utility company. We would all probably love to keep our home energy systems working in a similar way – something that doesn’t require much effort or thought. This means the last thing you want to do is install a home energy system with high maintenance requirements. Solar panels need very little maintenance because they don’t use any moving parts. The fact that solar panels only need to be rinsed once or twice a year in order to remove any accumulated dust or debris is one of the big pros of solar power. A failure to perform this minor maintenance can, however, reduce a solar panel’s efficiency over the course of time.

5. Solar Energy is Non-Polluting

A fifth important advantage is that it is renewable and non-polluting. Most people are more concerned about the financial savings that can be achieved, but solar energy’s status as an environmentally friendly source is highly significant. In fact, using home solar power is one of the few things you can do that lets you save money while helping to preserve the planet.

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Comparing the Pros and Cons of Solar Energy


Solar energy is an incredible type of renewable energy and energy source that is becoming increasingly popular worldwide. More and more homeowners have discovered the true benefits of solar energy. However, like all other energy sources, there are advantages and disadvantages of their use. The advantages and disadvantages of this modern power source are listed.

Advantages of solar energy

1. renewable. First, our planet will never run out of solar energy in the sun dies. On the other hand, it soon runs out of non-renewable energy sources such as coal, fossil fuels and nuclear energy. According to NASA, the sun will live another 5 billion years from now. Do not worry.

2. plentiful. The potential of this renewable resource is unimaginable. The surface of the Earth receives more than 120,000 terawatts of energy, resulting in 20,000 years of energy for the actual application.

3. environment. We can use as much of it as you want without contamination. This is a very important in the fight against the climate crisis step.

4. sustainable. Another advantage is that it can meet the needs of this generation and generations to come.

5. Low energy costs. Owners can enjoy reduced electricity bills if they choose to go outside the network. They can also enjoy various incentives and agreements to finance the purchase of a new solar system.

6 can be used for more purposes. Finally, one of the most exciting benefits of solar power is that it has many applications. Mankind uses solar to generate electricity in remote areas of energy, space satellites power, heat swimming pools and even distill deep water in Africa. In addition, solar energy can be used for electrical appliances, recharge and store up electricity.

The disadvantages of solar energy

The disadvantages of solar energy are less than their advantages. They are:

– Huge initial investment. Although the price of solar panels has dropped by over 40% in the last couple of years, they are still expensive compared to traditional sources of renewable energy.

– Intermittent. Another drawback that must be mentioned in the pros and cons of solar energy article is that access to sunlight is limited. For example, on cloudy days or at night, the efficiency of a solar panel falls below 1%.

– Require a lot of space. Solar farms require much space, either on the roof of the building or on the patio.

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Solar Energy Is the Best and Only Alternative!

The business sector worldwide for solar panels off is asserted to a record in the first 50% in 2016, following a strong interest and positive provisions in the US Moreover, China . Exceeded only by China, the United States is the largest manufacturer worldwide of greenhouse gases, with the largest source of emissions of the age of electricity.

America is changing its course and the energy of the sun US industry is the engine of the route based on the new street; a path to flawless energy future. 13 US companies that grow just joined the business climate legislation, reports in any case, of $ 140 billion in the failure of the incredible carbon speculation and more than 1,600 megawatts of new renewable energy including solar . Americans are balancing the goals to reduce expenses and stay away from the sun carbon emissions. Normally, we are attracted by the sun. A lot of people who enjoy daylight and affection to bathe in the sun and suddenly all applied using the sun to produce energy. Oriented tubing utility scale Sun also reached extraordinary levels. As demonstrated by the research of the national survey, people tend to be sure of renewable energy and storage of general energy insofar as these ideas are unique.

Industry based on sunlight has included 100,000 new jobs in the last decade. Similarly, the economy is strengthened by the massive flood openings for paid work by a selection on the institutional basis of the energy of sunlight focused more on solar energy part is exchanged. Many sun-based energy companies should be taken twice in companies and institutions over the next two years sunshine table base. Sun oriented modules costs fell by about 100 times in the previous 30 years.

Overhead costs per customer down that companies are developing. Meal expenses based on sunlight fell by 80% since 2008. Sun oriented energy will be a top choice reliable than non-renewable energy which damages the earth and our future. Sun should return to face major source of global electricity by 2050. Overall, the sector-based panels sun activity attracted waiting to become worldwide last 2017. We are now in the “Future Power” and we must move forward and adapt to make our world a better place to live.

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When Selecting Alternative Sources of Electricity in Your Home, Consider Solar Energy Panels


If you’ve ever considered installing solar panels on your home, you should be as informed as possible on the use of solar energy as a source of electricity before buying one. The use of solar energy was a topic in the media and in politics for many years, and its popularity has fluctuated. This can make it difficult for consumers to buy trusted panels and at ease to free themselves from sources of natural gas or electricity with coal. It is therefore imperative that you, as a consumer, his research on solar panels made to ensure that this is the choice of the appropriate energy for your home.

Know the company you buy their panels.

Many companies are in the field of tax exemptions of solar energy in the short term, so make sure you research the company before allowing them to install the panels. It is smart to do business with a company that has been operating in the region for more than a few years. You may want to not think about it, but the panels have the potential to function properly, and if the company that installed is out of business, you may have trouble finding a service company boards not theirs. In addition, it is advisable to choose local suppliers to be easily available to service its panels.

Know your financial options and reduce costs before buying solar panels.

There are breaks and incentives for use of solar panels and the potential to ultimately save money for the future of the tax on energy consumption. These help to offset the initial cost of installation of panels. Products and installation can cost thousands to tens of thousands of dollars, depending on the size of your home. In the US, the government offers specific credits and rebates to those using the sun for energy according to their residence tax status.

How solar panels will save you money.

Overall, households are finally starting to save and make money from your solar panels within five years of installation. This is because the excess energy that the panels capture the sun sends to the power meter so that your local power company will credit your account and allow you to use energy when sunlight is not available.

Know that you are helping the environment.

The sun is a renewable energy source that is environmentally friendly and durable. Compare solar electricity from coal or natural gas burning energy, and see that it is clear that the “green” option. Coal pollutes our air and is toxic to humans, and natural gas produces carbon dioxide when burned. Coal and natural gas are non-renewable sources of electricity, and one day we will be without these fuels.

Make an appointment to discuss the options with your local solar supplier. They must be able to provide a free quote for the service and to analyze their payment options.

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