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Chris Barnes: School Teacher Turned Game Creator Explains How He Launched A Million Dollar Escape Room Board Game Online Subscription Business

 [ Download MP3 | Transcript | iTunes | Soundcloud | Stitcher | Spotify | Raw RSS ] In late 2018 I received an application for a new InboxDone.com client. His name was Chris Barnes and he explained how he had a hugely successful online subscription business. As I listened intently to Chris during his discovery call […]

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How to Transform from Fan to Fanatic to Fantastic Content Creator

Building an audience involves a lot of trial and error. But those who wish to have their own audiences make…

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Facebook’s New Creator App Will Help Social Influencers Create More Video Content

Facebook is doing everything it can to woo influencers away from YouTube. The rollout of its Creator app might be just what the social media giant needs to get more video creators on its side.

The app is touted to make it simpler for users to create video and live streams using mobile devices. Facebook is also confident of two things that will draw users to the app – Facebook Live’s new features and unified communication.

The Creator app now includes a feature that allows for the addition of custom created intros and outros to be used during live broadcasts. Specially designed video frames, interactive stickers, and various camera effects are also being introduced. The app also allows the user to shoot and edit photos and upload them to Facebook Stories and various platforms.

The app’s enhanced communication features are also expected to draw in more influencers. The Creator app boasts of an incorporated inbox for all messages and comments posted on Facebook, Messenger, and Instagram. Having a unified inbox means that the user doesn’t have to move through different apps just to reply. Unfortunately, the app only covers messaging within Facebook’s services but who knows if this will change in the future.

Data and analytics about the video will also be made accessible to users, allowing them to regularly check any algorithm changes to their output. Knowing key details about their follower demographics can help influencers focus on the type of video content they should post and the brands that might be willing to work with them.

Facebook is also launching a website where video bloggers and creators can get more information on how to develop videos for the site, as well as receiving answers to key questions. Site members will also be given early access to any upcoming features.

The Facebook Creator app is now available on iOS. However, Android users will have to wait a few more months for the app to be launched on the system. It should be pointed out that the Creator app is not technically new. It’s a rebranding of the Facebook Mentions app that was launched in 2014 and which was initially available only to verified Pages and public figures. However, the app is now open to all users.

With the Creator app, Facebook is showing just how much it wants to work with influencers and independent vloggers. And with the errors and strange changes currently happening on YouTube, the social media giant might just be able to win this influential and potentially lucrative community to its side. 

[Featured image via Pixabay]

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Fired From Bakery Job, Alonzo Lerone Resets His Life as a Successful YouTube Creator

This is a story of inspiration for all of you wannabe YouTube creators who are afraid to follow your dreams. Alonzo Lerone was working in a bakery, posting some videos on YouTube, but not really believing that he could make a living from YouTube ad revenue. Then Alonzo was fired and his life took a turn for the better.

Check out Alonzo on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/Alonzo

How it Began for Alonzo

“Being from a small city, I didn’t think I could make a living off of YouTube,” says Alonzo. “No one heard of Goldsboro. I was working on YouTube during my stint at the bakery. I didn’t have a nine to five, I had a nine to nine job. YouTube was an outlet for me, it was to escape my problems.”

“I was getting vibes so I knew it was coming, I just didn’t know when,” commented Alonzo. “When I got fired from it, I shook their hand and said thank you for the opportunity. When one door closes, another window opens and I left it at that.”

Hard Work and Consistency

“I made an oath to myself in late 2013 where I said, when 2014 comes along I’m going to my classes and I’m going to upload at least one video a week,” said Alonzo. “When people were at the beach during the summers I was working in the books and doing YouTube. By the end of 2014 I realized, oh my gosh I’ve been doing it! If I ever win an award I would totally give my boss a shout out saying thank you for firing me, it gave me more time to do what I love to do.”

“I am able to make a living,” said Alonzo. “I bought a house, paid my car off, paid my school loans off. It’s about saving and being consistent. I don’t want to get to that moment where YouTube feels like work. I’m not uploading three videos in one week. I don’t take a six month break. I’m really consistent.

Advice for YouTube Success!

“My advice is don’t get discouraged because of low views,” says Alonzo. “Don’t delete your videos. When I first started out I was in competition. When I stopped concentrating on the numbers and started focusing on my own content that’s when the numbers came in. I just hit a million subscribers. I feel like I’m on top of the world right now with my channel!”

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Lee Zlotoff: Creator Of MacGyver Reveals The 3 Steps To Tap Into Your Own ‘Inner MacGyver’ And Solve Any Problem

[ Download MP3 | Transcript Coming Soon | iTunes | Soundcloud | Raw RSS ] When I received an email offering a chance to interview Lee Zlotoff, the creator of MacGyver for the EJ podcast, my initial reaction was mixed. I was excited to speak to someone who created such…

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How To Be an Entrepreneurial YouTube Creator

Have you ever thought of being a YouTube star or perhaps really using YouTube and your personality to promote your business? You can do it just as literally thousands of YouTube entrepreneurs have done including one YouTuber Eric Bandholz.

Bandholz is the Creative Directory and co-founder of Beardbrand, an Austin, Texas grooming company for men with beards, marketing beard care products. The company started in 2012 with a blog, a YouTube channel and a Tumblr account. They say that their “mission has been to foster style for the urban beardsman and provide tools that help men become better.” Eric Bandholz started the company with co-founders Lindsey Reinders and Jeremy McGee.

Screen Shot 2016-07-04 at 7.23.37 PM

The Beardbrand company was started with a unique personality and passion. “Rather than wait for someone else to build the community, we (my co-founders and I) stepped up to the plate,” says Bandholz. “We wanted to be more than a company that sells products, and instead we want to guide men to become the individuals they want to be (beard or beardless). For many of our customers, that means giving them the tools they need to grow their beards out. I’m talking about guidance on how to handle the growth of beards physically and psychologically.”

We’ve grown tremendously over the years and are really lucky to be leading a new movement for men. Traditionally beardsmen were thought of as bikers, hippies, vagabonds, and outdoorsmen. We wanted to show the world that there were ordinary guys out there who rocked beards and they don’t fit the traditional stereotype.

On this channel we talk about beard, hair and body grooming. We also have another channel called Urban Beardsman where we talk about the lifestyle of the urban beardsman. Those topics include style, travel, lifestyle, and self improvement. Thank you so much for your support and beard on!

Eric Bandholz was recently interviewed by John McCallen of YouTube in a YouTube Creators Spotlight video. Banholz offered three tips for entrepreneurs thinking about creating their first YouTube videos and launching their own YouTube channel to promote their business.

“One… Just do it,” says Bandholz. “Get off your butt, start creating, no excuses. When I started creating content regularly, like once a week, is really when we started to see the growth in our channel. In the first year we uploaded five or six videos and we had 300 subscribers. And then I really decided to get it into gear, in 2013 when we launched our business, and uploaded probably 20 videos that second year. And then we really got consistent and started uploading every single week. That’s when we jumped up to something like 70,000.”

“Two,  take advantage of the resources on YouTube, they’re everywhere, like YouTube’s Creator Academy, other YouTubers and other channels, and listen to your community as well”, added Bandholz. “The challenge is when someone is like ‘I love this music!’ And the next post is: ‘I hate that music!’ So you really just have to do what feels natural and comfortable to you and is something that you feel proud to share.”

The third key ingredient to successfully becoming a YouTube entrepreneural marketer is to “be passionate about what you’re doing” says Bandholz. “Because that’s what’s going to keep you going through the long haul. If you don’t have that passion it’s going to be a total, total drag. So I always recommend: do the thing that makes you happy.”

“Beardbrand has grown to a seven-figure business,” according to the Beard Man Eric Bandholz. “We’re up to 12 employees, hiring more every day. It was a really exciting day for me to see us pass 100,000 subscribers. We e-mailed all our customers and let them know.”

“When we started Beardbrand nobody had known or heard about beard care,” Bandholz said. “It would be scoffed at. Without YouTube, without explaining why we’re doing the thing we’re doing, without being able to engage with the community, we would not be here. With literally a zero-dollar investment and a passion for beards I’ve been able to build the life that I want to live and I’ve been able to surround myself with the people I want to surround myself and interact with the community of people that I love interacting with.”

The company has been unsuccessfully featured on SharkTank, exposed to the world by a New York Times article and now has become a YouTube phenomena and they say, you can do it too. As Eric Bandholz says, “Just do it!”

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The Secret to Powerful Products that Sell: Meet Tara Gentile, Creator of ‘Quiet Power’

tara gentile - how to unlock the door between before and after

Tara Gentile is known for helping people grow terrific businesses — without sacrificing ethics or heart.

Tara works with “idea people” — people who have an idea that they want to turn into a product, program, or service, but who may not always see themselves as business owners or marketers. She helps her audience and clients find the right business models, craft marketing that resonates, and structure their businesses for profit.

She calls her approach the Quiet Power Strategy — and it’s a complete reversal of a lot of the “cookie cutter” advice you sometimes see around digital business.

Listen and observe

A while back, Tara spoke with Rainmaker Digital CEO Brian Clark about how to thoughtfully observe your audience in order to strengthen your business.

Listen to Win: How Actionable Observation Provides Profitable Answers

Brian and Tara share a deep focus on listening in order to uncover audience interests, fears, and desires. When you master this, everything about your business starts to work better.

It’s also the key to marketing that doesn’t feel pushy or creepy — because you’re speaking directly to the problems and concerns of your audience, using their own language. Marketing becomes a direct expression of audience empathy.

Listening is the key to building a business based on service rather than selfishness.

“I see [listening] as probably the biggest thing that’s keeping people from creating marketing that works and products that sell easily … and sales processes that don’t feel slimy.” – Tara Gentile

What do they care deeply about?

In Tara’s world (and ours), the journey always starts with the deepest goals and concerns of the audience.

“How are you going to help them go from before to after?” – Tara Gentile

Tara’s process unearths what she calls the Target Conversation. Who are the people having this conversation, and what are they actually talking about?

Most of the time, the road from their problem to the solution you offer isn’t a straight line; it’s a series of somewhat meandering connections. This sequence of relevant ideas will click with the people in your audience where they are right now — not where you wish they were.

Tara calls this step Connecting the Dots: starting with where they are today, then moving purposefully to the next dot … and the next, and the next.

In this way, you create a clear path between your audience’s problems and your solutions.

Solving audience problems … even if you aren’t a renowned expert

“Don’t call yourself an expert … just be helpful. If you’re two steps ahead of your audience on the journey, you’re still a leader.” – Brian Clark

Tara and Brian share the conviction that a business that’s built on solving specific audience problems is far more powerful than starting with a notion of some abstract “market.”

“When you look at real people with real problems — or with real desires — they’ve got blanks. There’s something missing that isn’t allowing them to accomplish what they want to accomplish … There’s sort of a locked door between that before and after … And we’ve got insight into how to open it.” – Tara Gentile

Once you adjust your approach to focus your business’s marketing and products on customer problems and the solutions to those problems, you’ve set yourself up for success.

How to approach writing a promotion

“My best tip for copywriting is to feed your customers’ words back to them … They want to know that you’ve actually thought about what their problem is.” – Tara Gentile

First, Tara listens for the themes and language that come up again and again for her audience. Her promotional copy is then crafted to provide answers and solutions that speak to those specific issues.

She builds each sales page around a single key insight that’s arisen from conversations with her audience and customers. That gives the promotion focus, connecting Tara’s expertise directly to what’s most important to her prospects right now.

Promotions crafted this way stand out from the general background of noise and clutter that we see every day on the web and in our inboxes.

“The opposite of quiet isn’t loud; it’s noise.” – Tara Gentile

Let Tara walk you through her process: 7 Ways to Listen to Your Audience

We’re so happy that Tara will be joining us this October in Denver, Colorado at our live Digital Commerce Summit.

Here’s what Tara had to say about the presentation she’ll be teaching:

“It’s time to stop guessing about what digital product to create (whether it’s your first or your next). It’s also time to stop wasting time and money building the wrong products (i.e. the ones people don’t buy). Learn seven distinct ways to listen to your audience and build a system for turning what you hear into profitable offers. You’ll never have to guess about what people want to buy again.”

Tara’s process is applicable to any business — from selling a single ebook to running a multi-million dollar SaaS.

Join us October 13-14 for a carefully chosen curriculum that will give you the momentum you need to level up as a digital entrepreneur. Tara is just one of 15 speakers who have walked the walk. Over two days, we’ll teach you how to take your digital project to the next level — or how to get something new off the ground.

Click here to get the details and snag the best price on your tickets.

We’re looking forward to seeing you there!

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Google Doodle Honors Schrödinger’s Cat Creator Erwin Schrödinger

Today’s Google Doodle celebrates the birthday of Erwin Schrödinger, a Nobel Prize winning Austrian quantum physicist. He is most notably famous for a thought experiment called Schrödinger’s cat, depicted in the logo with an alive and dead cat.
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