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Google Posts adds ‘call now’ button

The new option within Google My Business lets you include your phone number as a call to action.

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Search Buzz Video Recap: Google More Results Button, Search Console Updates, GDPR & More

This week was thankfully not as hectic as the past several weeks, but we did see a new feature officially launch…

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Marketing 101: What is a radio button?

: Marketing is full of subtle tactics that you see everywhere, but it’s a matter of connecting the jargon to the tactic. In this MarketingSherpa post, we discuss radio buttons — what they are, how to use them and how to test your audience’s response to them.
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iPhone 8 Will Not Have a Home Button According to Rumored Specs

Apple has not revealed the release date for the iPhone 8, yet speculations about the highly-anticipated device continue to circulate over the internet. The latest on its rumored features seem to confirm the scrapping of the Home button.

Images of the alleged dummy phone were leaked recently and it confirmed some of the talk about Apple’s latest gadget featuring a bezel-less display. The 5.8-inch OLED screen, meanwhile, envelops the whole front face of the device which is similar to that of the Samsung Galaxy S8 Edge.

While Apple fans are still trying to get used to the audio jack-free iPhone 7, the Cupertino-based company is trying to force-feed another innovation. Instead of the Home button at the bottom, users will see a Touch Bar that will likely include a Touch ID and fingerprint sensor, which will be integrated into the display.


If the rumors prove true, users won’t need to push a button; rather, they just have to rest their fingers on this specific spot to access the menu.

The rumored specs for the iPhone 8 also elude to an upgrade of the secondary speaker for the device. This is a departure from its design for the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus which utilized the earpiece as a secondary speaker, but didn’t really impress users.

This change will reportedly enhance the audio quality. However, there are no specifics yet, particularly on whether the quality will be similar to the primary loudspeaker on the iPhone 7 dual stereo device.

The iPhone 8 will supposedly also be as thin as its predecessor (7.1mm) and have the same size overall. It should, however, look larger due to the bezel-less display. The other rumored specifications include wireless charging, 3GB of RAM, and a “3D-sensing front camera.” It’s also rumored that the device will come bundled with the wireless AirPods to replace the earpieces that come with the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus.

Previous reports alleged that the iPhone 8 will have 30% more battery life, thanks to having an L-shaped battery pack. If that proves true, the upgrade will likely push the price of the device over $ 1,000, which is $ 200 more than the current generation of Apple’s flagship phone.

The iPhone 8 will reportedly be released in the fall of 2017, although Apple has yet to confirm this.

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SearchCap: Google mobile index, back to top button & a Doodle

Below is what happened in search today, as reported on Search Engine Land and from other places across the web.

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Online Marketing News: Buy Button Bonanza, Everyone’s Getting ‘Near Me’, Facebook Snags The Spend

Engage Your Visitors

How to Write Better Titles Using Data-Driven Strategies [Infographic] – How much time did you put into the title of your last blog post? If your answer was, “Not much,” don’t worry — it’s often the most overlooked component of content. Check out this infographic to learn more. Search Engine Journal

Google Says “Near Me” Searches Have Doubled This Year – Search queries that contain a location qualifier such as “nearby” or “near me” have doubled in the past year, according to Google Trends data from March. Eighty percent of those searches come from mobile devices. Search Engine Land

STUDY: Different Engagement for Different Types of Content on Facebook – Do different types of content on Facebook lead to different types of engagement? Social media news aggregator NewsWhip has the answer. SocialTimes

Twitter Brings Programmatic to Social With Amplify Update – The microblogging service has introduced a program called Auto Amplify. The new feature reduces lots of manual work and helps brands better manage their campaigns in real time. ClickZ

Facebook Video Soars Past 4 Billion Daily Views – Showing no signs of slowing, daily video views on Facebook have jumped 1 billion since January. Marketing Land

Twitter Unveils Official Consulting Partners: IBM Is First Up – IBM has worked with Twitter as a strategic partner since October, and the relationship has helped the social-data purveyor recognize something important: Twitter needs more preferred consulting partners. Ad Age

Pinterest Unveils New ‘Action Buttons’ – The social networking site revealed the plan for its long-awaited revenue-generating feature. Inc.

The Majority of B2B Companies Are Using Incomplete Data – Almost three quarters of the records in B2B marketing databases are inaccurate or incomplete, according to a new study by Dun & Bradstreet NetProspex. Direct Marketing News

Twitter Unveils New Audience Insights Dashboard – Twitter is looking to entice more advertisers to the platform with a new Audience Insights dashboard, covering a wide range of analytics options. Similar to Facebook insights, Audience Insights includes an overview of various demographics, interests and purchase behaviour data, enabling Twitter advertisers to dig deeper into their audience and better target their content – both through paid and non-paid means. Twitter

Facebook Accounted For 75% Of Social Ad Spending Globally In 2014 – The global social advertising market grew 41% to $ 15.3 billion in 2014; Facebook is maintaining dominance despite lack of presence in the giant China market. Marketing Land

STUDY: Interaction with Instagram Posts Trounces Facebook, Twitter – When it comes to interaction with posts, Instagram blows away parent company Facebook and Twitter, according to a recent study by social analytics provider Quintly. SocialTimes

Uber Partners With Foursquare to Combine Local Search and Transportation – Uber has formed yet another partnership, this time with local search recommendation app, Foursquare, that will give the car service an even greater advantage over competitors like Lyft and Curb. Search Engine Watch

Facebook Adds “Call Now” Click-to-Call Feature to Newsfeed Ads – Local advertisers now have a new tool for converting social network users to leads and sales, thanks to Facebook’s new ‘Call Now’ button for News Feed ads. Mobile users who tap the button call the business immediately. Social Media Today

Google Confirms “Buy” Button Is Coming To Search Ads – Google has just confirmed the report that it will enable “buy now” buttons on some mobile ads. Marketing Land

What were the top online and digital marketing news stories for you this week?

Thanks for reading and have a great weekend!

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Leaked Screenshot Shows Start Button Is Back In Windows 8.1

Windows Blue is now officially Windows 8.1. It will enter into a public beta in June. It’s rumored that the start button and a boot to desktop mode will be offered alongside numerous other updates. Thanks to a leaked screenshot, we can seemingly confirm one of those rumors.

Paul Thurrot’s Supersite for Windows shared the following screenshot today that shows the Start button is back in Windows 8.1, and it’s looking better than ever:

Leaked Screenshot of Windows 8.1 Show Start Button

The start button will behave mostly as it did in Windows 7 with a few key Windows 8 eccentricities. For starters, hovering over the Start button changes it color in much the same way the Start charm changes color in the current build of Windows 8. It’s also impossible to turn off the Start button, at least for now. That should ensure that newcomers to Windows 8 won’t be confused by the lack of a start button.

Thurrot also reveals two more really interesting tidbits about Windows 8.1. The first is that you can use your own wallpapers now as backgrounds in the Start menu. Previously, you could only use a small number of Microsoft-designed illustrations and colors. Secondly, a boot to desktop mode is indeed present, but it is turned off by default. It’s understandable as Microsoft is still trying to sell consumers on the walled garden Start screen experience.

Microsoft will presumably make all of this and more official later in June when it releases the Windows 8.1 public preview on June 26.


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Bing Adds “Pin it” Button in Image Search

Separate from Bing’s social sidebar efforts, the folks at Bing have added a “Pin it” button to the Bing image search results. No more copy-and-paste. No more extra plugins. Now you can Pin images you find directly from Bing to your Pinterest boards.
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LinkedIn Launches Company Follow Button (How to Add It Now)

linkedin logo fabricintroductory3

Looking to generate more followers for your awesomely optimized LinkedIn Company Page? (It is awesomely optimized, right?) This morning, LinkedIn made it just a little bit easier to generate company followers with the launch of its new follow button. Like Twitter’s follow button and Facebook’s like button, LinkedIn’s version makes it simple for your website visitors to follow your company’s LinkedIn page with just one click. No navigating to the LinkedIn website required!

And yes, you should want some more followers. In a recent study of over 5,000 businesses, HubSpot found that traffic from LinkedIn generated the highest visitor-to-lead conversion rate at 2.74%, almost 3 times higher (277%) than both Twitter (.69%) and Facebook (.77%). In other words, increasing your reach on LinkedIn will likely increase your website’s LinkedIn referral traffic, and because of the powerful conversion rate of LinkedIn traffic, you’ll likely see an increase in leads, too!

socialconversion resized 600 resized 600

Convinced you should spend some time building the reach of your LinkedIn Company Page? Here’s how to add the new follow button to your website. It’s easy!

How to Install the LinkedIn Follow Button

1) Visit https://developer.linkedin.com/plugins/follow-company

2) Enter your company name or ID. (Or select your company as you begin typing and the dropdown menu appears.)

company name follow button23) Choose your button’s count mode preference — whether or not you’d like the button to display your LinkedIn Company Page’s follower count.

linkedin count mode

4) Click “Get Code,” and voila! Copy and paste this code onto your website and blog where you’d like the button to appear (your About Us page, your blog’s sidebar, and your homepage are great places to start). Now you’ll start easily converting website visitors into new LinkedIn Company Page followers.

follow button

But … Do More Than Just Add the Button

When your website visitors click the LinkedIn follow button on your website, they’ll automatically follow your company if they’re already logged in to LinkedIn (or they’ll get prompted to log in first if they’re not). As a result, these visitors will start receiving the status updates you publish to your LinkedIn Company Page in their LinkedIn homepage’s updates feed.

But the value of adding the LinkedIn follow button is dependent on how effectively you use your LinkedIn Company Page to begin with. If you rarely or never post status updates to your company page, the value of the new followers you generate from the LinkedIn follow button is moot.

So if you don’t have company status updates installed on your company page, learn how to do so here. And start using them regularly! While you’re at it, start improving your company page so new followers have a reason to follow you to begin with. Here are a few blog posts that will help:

And, what are you waiting for? Go add the LinkedIn follow button now! And start following HubSpot’s LinkedIn Company Page while you’re at it ;-)

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Google +1 Button Let’s You Publish To Google +

Yesterday Google announced they have enhanced the Google +1 Button to allow users of Google +, the social network, to publish directly from the +1 button to Google +…

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