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Build your PPC campaigns with this mini campaign builder script for Google Ads

This script lets you build or add keywords to your Google campaigns following standard best practice.

Please visit Search Engine Land for the full article.

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An Uplifting Journey from Meditation Authority to Bold Business Builder

hero's journey - a meditation on natural authority

Many of us have an exaggerated image of the business world — that it’s all about making heartless decisions based solely on profits, not people.

But what if you could build a business that had a transformative effect on your customers’ lives? And what if you could profit at the same time?

Morgan Dix has built two businesses that enable his customers to transform themselves.

The first one teaches meditation, and the second one teaches people to build a platform for their ideas.

Morgan’s story is this month’s Hero’s Journey feature. We’re tapping the collective wisdom of our community members to bring you reports from the front lines of the content marketing world. See all the Hero’s Journey posts here.

Read on as Morgan tells his story.

The cosmic irony of meditation’s newfound respect

Morgan Dix: In 2013, I co-founded AboutMeditation.com, an educational website that helps people learn how to meditate. Through articles, a weekly podcast, online courses, and an online community, we demystify the process and practice of meditation.

I used the Problem > Agitate > Solve content equation I learned here on Copyblogger to identify that people struggle mightily with maintaining a consistent meditation practice. So that’s one of the chief problems we address through our content and courses.

We help our audience understand that meditation is as natural to human beings as breathing. But like any new skill or art, it takes time, patience, and practice to develop. A lot of people pull the ejection cord on meditation way too quickly because it’s hard to know if you’re flying in the right direction.

We provide simple instructions and lots of context so you can see where you are in the process at any given moment. With meditation, that kind of perspective and orientation is super important.

I also feel it’s important to communicate out of the gates that meditation isn’t exclusive. You don’t have to be a monk, martial artist, hippy, or guru to develop a rich and rewarding practice. Meditation has really gone mainstream.

I relish the cosmic irony that mindfulness meditation is now seen as a go-to performance-enhancing practice on Wall Street.

Using content to develop authority in a crowded market

Morgan Dix: We have three levels to our offer — free, registered, and paid. Our free offer includes a multi-author blog, a podcast, and guided meditations.

The blog features how-to articles, personal reflections, and introductions to different meditation techniques.

On the podcast, we interview teachers, tech mavens, scientists, and inspired practitioners who share different perspectives and stories related to meditation, mindfulness, healing, and health. We also include occasional guided meditations on the podcast.

In our registered level, we offer people a more curated experience with a self-paced three-part meditation seminar exploring how meditation is a great antidote to the stressors of modern life. Folks can also access more premium guided meditations at this level.

And finally, we offer a series of paid online courses (all self-paced) that walk people through the basics of meditation and provide a broad orientation. We also offer a more advanced course.

One thing I’m proud of is how we iterated during the creation process of one of our first products.

We created a free 16-part meditation mini course as a lead magnet. That did pretty well in terms of email conversions, but we realized that the course was too long for a lead magnet. People weren’t finishing it.

So, we scaled it back to five core lessons. A little more than 6,000 people took the mini course over 14 months.

For us, that uptake and the feedback we received was clear proof that the product worked. Then we relaunched the mini course for $ 20 with new branding. Using our email lead nurture cycle, we are selling one a day as the base of our product line.

Our unfair advantage is content marketing. Studying and applying the principles from the Copyblogger playbook has helped us develop some real authority in a competitive market dominated by a relative few.

In essence, the Copyblogger approach has helped us build our minimum viable audience. It’s helped us build a great email list, rank high in search engine results, continually extend our reach, build our network, and improve our offerings.

Marrying passions to move from nonprofit education to platform building

Morgan Dix: I started my business during a transitional period in my life. I’d worked in nonprofit education for 16 years in the employ of others. I wanted to strike out and start something new.

This business married three of my passions: meditation, marketing, and writing. I wanted to create and mold something with my own hands, so to speak. I wanted creative freedom. Joining with my business partner on this project made that possible.

Before I did anything, I read through most of the Copyblogger ebooks.

I wanted to sharpen my copywriting craft and everyone pointed me to Copyblogger.

Slowly but surely, I applied the principles. Soon our blog was getting more social shares.

Then, organic search engine results to our content started to multiply.

We started the podcast a year ago and 75,000 downloads later, we’re reaping the benefits in terms of audience reach and growth.

When I first started with online business, I didn’t appreciate that it’s a long game. But I do now and I must say, that mindset shift makes a huge difference. That perspective enables me to appreciate the slow and steady progress of growth.

There’s something inexorable about content marketing. You keep showing up and creating great content. You get better at it. You refine and test. You find more dots to connect. You learn more about your audience. And most importantly, you find out how to serve them better.

And you’re always building something that’s generating value, fans, respect, attention, legitimacy … and authority. I love that. There’s so little waste and so much learning.

Shifting gears to ramp up profits

Morgan Dix: A while back, we discovered my wife was expecting. Although About Meditation was growing, it didn’t provide a living wage yet. I needed to shift gears and do something right away that would generate revenue faster.

So, I launched MorganDix.com and leveraged the copywriting and content marketing skills I’d developed with About Meditation to help other people build their own platforms. I immediately had more work than I could manage and a reliable source of income.

On one level, I felt relieved and grateful. On another, I felt like it wasn’t a big deal.

I’ve internalized the platform-building process and it’s becoming more instinctive. One thing I love about content marketing is how flexible and empowering it is.

You can apply content marketing across so many fields of business, areas of expertise, and interests. Consequently, I feel like it’s easier to see business opportunities. I love helping other people see that in their own work.

Two changes that made a major difference

Morgan Dix: Lately, we’ve started to outsource a lot of tasks and processes that I used to do for About Meditation. That’s made a big difference and freed me up to spend my time working on the things I do best.

Another major success is our podcast. It feels like the gift that keeps on giving.

Of all the things I’ve done, this feels like it’s established the authority of our platform more than anything else.

The connections we make through the podcast open up new business opportunities and extend our reach. The more intimate nature of the content creates a richer relationship with our audience.

The Rainmaker Digital products Morgan uses

Morgan Dix: We use the Rainmaker Platform and we love it.

We use the podcasting functionality for our podcast.

We use the learning management system for our courses and the landing pages to sell them.

Meditating on changes and expansion plans

Morgan Dix: We’re about to launch a redesign of our site with the Altitude theme. We plan to launch a membership site later this year and a podcast network in 2017.

We’re also launching a multi-author blog. We’ve invited six new bloggers and meditation teachers to become monthly columnists for our platform. It’s exciting to feature a variety of new voices on the site who will provide a more diverse range of content. That is launching this month.

Find Morgan Dix online …

Thanks to Morgan for appearing in our Hero’s Journey series.

Do you have questions for him? Ask them in the comments.

We’ll be back next month with another story to teach, inspire, and encourage you along your journey.

Discover how to build authority based on your expertise, values, and voice

Morgan honed his authoritative voice and content marketing skills inside Authority, our membership site for advanced content marketing training.

To build that type of authority for your own website, put your name on the Authority interest list by clicking on the button below. We’ll let you know when doors open again.

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Update: Progress on the Link Builder upgrade

Author (displayed on the page): 

Picture of road sign showing progress in action

Upgraded so far

We have made some great progress already with the changes made including:

  1. Creating the new Prospects page layout
  2. Adding #tagging through notes
  3. New Guest Posts and Mentions Strategies

What’s coming up

We have a few big changes planned which focus on better discovery and management of contacts. Here’s a brief run through of what to expect …

New Contacts page design

Being able to quickly find the right contact details is key. With our new design you will be able to group contacts together then quickly sort through these groups to find the right one. The contacts themselves will contain much richer information including a timeline of your activity with them.

Custom strategies

One of the most important parts of link building is being able to find good prospects. This feature will allow you to specify what sort of prospects you want and create a strategy based around these. This will mean you can expand out your prospect list at will, while keeping it absolutely focused.

Automatically finding contact details

Link Builder does this already, but we realized it can do it better. This upgrade will mean we return more results in less time. We check for social media profiles and the information these contain to provide you with the best contact details possible.

This isn’t all we’re planning as there are lots of little changes and fixes that we will be implementing as well, however if you have any thoughts or ideas about what you would like to see please do let us know in the comments below.

The technical stuff

If you want to get a bit more information and technical detail on what we are doing then please read on. This is a bit more in depth so if your not interested in the nitty gritty then please feel free to skip this section!

The Contacts page

This is a mock-up of what we’re planning:


At the heart of these changes we’ll be separating the Contacts and Prospects tabs. At the moment Link Builder only has a Prospect element, contact details are appended to this. We are going to create a separate Contact element so that the Contacts and Prospects tabs will have independent functionality.

This means that it will be possible to have multiple Contact elements for one Prospect and vice verse and you’ll be able to tag and delete these elements independently of each other.

Additionally, we’ll be making contacts appear across campaigns. Prospects will still be unique to a campaign, but once you have the Contact details for a Prospect, this set of information is recorded separately as a ‘Contact’. That Contact will then be visible across campaigns.

NB As a Contact is made up of contact information it won’t exist until you have some. At the moment the Contacts page is a list of Prospects where contact information can be included. This will change so that unless a Prospect has some contact information recorded, it will not appear as a Contact.

The Prospects page

We’re going to be adding in a few more details to the Prospects section, such as automatically tracking placed links. This feature topped the user survey and so has been high up on the priority list.

This means that when a Prospect is contacted, the page the link will be placed on can be recorded, automatically scanned and then we’ll let you know when it appears. We will also give you the status of the link ie, if it’s a nofollow link or if it points at a 404 page on your site.

Automatically finding prospects

This is a feature which Link Builder has at the moment but has not been as reliable or fast as we would like. We have decided to rewrite the functionality entirely, meaning that it will be an all new feature.

We are now going to be crawling sites in a more intelligent way to discover social media profiles linked to the site. We can then use an API to query the social media profiles and return information.

Custom Strategies

Custom Strategies is the next big feature for the Prospects page and is something we’re really excited about. You’ll be able to give a set of parameters to Link Builder, which will then go out and fetch Prospects based on these.

For instance, you could tell us that you’re interested in blogs which include guest posts and the keyword cycling. You would then have a Custom Strategy created which will be full of Prospects from cycling blogs who accept guest posts

On top of that, we’ll be implementing a few more changes to Custom Strategies so that you’ll be able to hide or delete strategies. This will remove all associated Prospects, meaning that you can quickly and easily clean up your list of Prospects.


Please use the comments section below to leave your suggestions for what you would like to see in the new tool. You can also get in touch with us @wordtracker on Twitter or if you have more in depth questions support@wordtracker.com can help.

Wordtracker Blog

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The Link Builder upgrade: What would you like to see?

Author (displayed on the page): 

Link Builder is a fantastic tool

With Link Builder you can find, target and record link prospects, keeping track of your progress and your backlink graph. There are lots of reasons already to buy Link Builder as it is. So if you’re not currently subscribed then take up the seven day free trial and see what it can do for your link building campaign already.

It has become clear, though, that there are some areas where we could introduce additional functionality into the tool. There are also some other areas where we think we may be able to improve upon the functionality of what’s there already.

Link Building is building contacts

People are at the core of good link building. These are your contacts: whether it’s keeping track of past contacts or finding new ones, contacts should be at the center of not just a campaign but the link building process.

We intend to give Link Builder more focus on tracking and maintaining contacts. Making these accessible across campaigns. We will also be improving the way in which new contacts can be discovered, meaning you will be able to quickly and easily find contact details for a website.

The way we work

Here at Wordtracker we work to Agile principles, which means that we work in short development cycles creating new products in a fast and flexible way. This process is ideal for incorporating feedback, so even once a feature is started it can be changed or adapted.

We will be upgrading Link Builder in sections. As we finish the development of any given part of the tool we test and push those changes live so you can start using them. This means that you will be able to see changes from early on in the process. Each change is effectively an upgrade and will be carefully planned so that your data is retained and the functionality of the tool gets incrementally better.

We build tools for our customers, so tell us what you need

We don’t build tools for fun , although we do enjoy it. We build tools to make our customers money. If there is something you really want to see in Link Builder then please do let us know. This can be anything from a ‘killer’ or ‘must-have’ feature to simply where you don’t think something works well enough as it is.

We are also looking at how the tool is structured as a whole and the way in which the workflow guides you through the process. If you have any ideas that you’d like us to incorporate, please let us know.

Subscribers to the Keywords tool will have seen that we have massively expanded out the tool set, adding multiple new features without putting the monthly price up.

Please use the comments section below to leave your suggestions for what you would like to see in the new tool. You can also get in touch with us @wordtracker on Twitter or if you have more in depth questions support@wordtracker.com can help.

Wordtracker Blog

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Here’s what our customers say about Link Builder

Author (displayed on the page): 

Watch the video

Ben Hunt, Web Design From Scratch

My favorite feature is that it finds what’s useful … it finds the sites that link to your competitors but not to you.


Brian Mathers, Online Excellence

“The Link Builder tool gives me direction. It helps me to identify where the actual links are that I should be focusing on.”


Michael Delpierre, online marketing agency ConversionPipeline

“As a business owner/marketer … it’s a huge cost saver. Before we used to have to manually search for websites that were (a) relevant and (b) have a good Google PageRank. The tool does that automatically for us – it’s a treasure trove of information.”


Erin Pheil, Colorado online marketing company TimeForCake

“We’ve used a lot of link building tools over the years, but in the first half hour of using Link Builder we knew that is was going to be a tool that we’d be using for our SEO services from that point onwards.”

“It’s clean, it’s intuitive, simple and easy to use – that makes working with it very enjoyable.”


You can try Link Builder yourself free for 7 days

Wordtracker Blog

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Link Builder reviews

Author (displayed on the page): 

Last month Wordtracker (re)launched our Link Builder app.

We added loads of exciting features to help make your link building easier and faster – you can read more about them here: Is this the best link building tool ever?

Users’ comments

Hundreds of new users have signed up to try Link Builder I’ve been speaking to some of them – here’s what they have been saying.

Pete Kever, president of GHIIS, an Ohio-based internet marketing firm told us how Link Builder had sped up his link building:

“This morning I was working on a fairly competitive phrase, plus size dresses – for a client of mine called Kiyonna (www.kiyonna.com). Within minutes I was able to tell exactly what niches I had not exploited yet. The new co-link count along with the filtering helps prioritize the effort.

And being able to see who is already linking to my client is very valuable to going back and getting even more links to deeper pages.”

A search on Link Builder for plus size dresses produces hundreds of potential link prospects. You can search by keyword or analyze your competitors.

Keith Saye, of http://www.best-web-site-design.co.uk gave an honest account of how tedious he found link building – until he discovered the new Link Builder.

“I have always found that, although absolutely necessary, link building is the single most time consuming and tedious exercise to do with SEO. But then along came Link Builder and changed all that.  In my opinion, the best way to describe it is that not only does Link Builder quickly shine a spotlight on your top competitors’ link strategy, it also plants a little flag there in case you didn’t get the point. An absolute pleasure to use, and a massive time saver (but don’t tell the competition!).”

Graham Ashton, an old friend of Wordtracker’s, is founder of Agile Planner, the agile project management tool. He wrote to say:

“When I tried Link Builder I’d already researched the keywords that I wanted to use on my PPC campaign, so I fed the top keyword into Link Builder. When I sorted the results by “Co-link count” a treasure trove of niche specific review sites bubbled to the top.

“Being able to find contact details for all these sites with a single click is very nifty, and removes a lot of the grunt work involved in starting a linking campaign.”


We were particularly pleased with this review from expert link builder Wiep Knol:

“Link Builder is very, very easy to use. It uses competing link profiles to discover new link targets, and it’s very good at this … the perfect tool for an SMBs or in-house online marketers with lots of responsibilities and limited budgets.”

Link Builder allows you to see your competitors’ link profiles. Notice how everywine.co.uk gets more links from news media than thewinesociety.com.

A review by vanillacoke on SEOBook was just as positive:

“The features that I like in Wordtracker’s Link Builder tool are:

  • Ability to prospect by multiple URLs or by choosing a specific keyword
  • Option to use Fresh or Historic Index via Majestic SEO
  • Simple ways to keep notes and contact information
  • Ability to search for contact and about information on selected prospects
  • Robust selection of countries
  • Initial, intelligent link grouping
  • Exporting capabilites
  • Fast results and a really clean, easy to use interface”

If you’ve blogged about Link Builder and we’ve missed your thoughts, please let us know (via email or @wordtracker on Twitter)

You can take a free 7-day trial of Link Builder.
Or, if you’re already a subscriber – we’d love to know what successes have you had. Let us know below:

Wordtracker Blog

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A Complete Review of Wordtracker’s Link Builder

You need links to rank, period. We can talk all we want about great content, social signals, brand signals, and all that jazz but quite a bit of that is subjective.

If you practice SEO, and have success with it, then you are well aware that a claim of “you need links to rank” is an objective, true statement without a bunch of false positives.

The gray areas come in to play when we talk about things like anchor text, quality, volume, and so on but the overarching truth is without links you are largely invisible in the SERPS.

Ok, enough of what you already know. Wordtracker recently updated one of their core tools with some cool new features and functionality.

What is Link Builder from Wordtracker?

Link Builder is designed to address a most of the core, key functions of a link building and prospecting campaign.

  • Locate potential link partners via competitor backlinks or based on specific keywords
  • Setting up a link building campaign and sorting your links properly (blogs, directories, social media, etc)
  • Tracking the status of your link campaign’s efforts

Wordtracker uses Majestic SEO’s Fresh Index by default but you can use the Historic Index as well.

I might opt for the Fresh Index initially, because Majestic tends to have dead links in the historic index (thanks to the significant churn on the web) but if you can’t find enough decent prospects in the Fresh Index, using the Historic one isn’t a bad option.

There is a lot I like about this tool and a few things I’d like to see them add to or improve on.

Step 1: Setting Up a Campaign

I’m a fan of clean, easy to use interfaces and Wordtracker definitely scores well here. Here is the first screen you are presented with when starting up a fresh campaign:

Researching competing link profiles is not enough with respect to link prospecting, in my opinion. I really like the option to not only research multiple URL’s at once but also to research keyword-specific prospects.

You can research lots of countries as well. Below is a snapshot of the countries available to you in Link Builder:

Step 2: Prospecting With Competitor URL’s

I am craving some chocolate at the moment, as you can tell from my selected URL’s :)

Here’s a good example of my decision making process when it comes to using the Historic Index and the Fresh Index. My thought process usually involves the following information:

  • The bigger/older the link profiles of the URL’s the more likely I am to use the Fresh Index to avoid lots of dead links
  • If the site is a well known brand I will be more likely to use the Fresh Index given the likelihood that the link profile is quite large
  • Smaller link profiles, newer link profiles will probably benefit from using the Historic Index more

In this example the sites I’m researching have big link profiles and have been around for quite awhile in addition to being large brands, so I will use the Fresh Index to cut down on potential dead-ends.

I selected the “Edit Sources” box because I want to make sure I pick the URL with the most links (or you can just go with both) but I wanted to show you the options:

I’ll leave all selected just to maximize the opportunities. Sometimes you’ll find pages ranking for specific keywords you might be targeting, rather than just the homepage ranking, so you can use both or one or the other if that’s the case.

In this scenario I’m looking at the URLs ranking for “chocolate”, and they all happened to be homepage’s anyway.

Wordtracker is pretty quick with getting the data in, but while you’re waiting you’ll see the following screen:

Step 3: Working with the Analysis Tab

In order to keep the results as targeted as possible, Wordtracker automatically removes the following links from the results:

  • Image Links
  • Redirects
  • No-follow links

One thing I’d like to see them do is let no-follows through because even though they might not pass any juice they certainly can be decent traffic sources and link building isn’t just about passing juice, it’s also about brand building and traffic generation.

I’d even say let image links through. I understand they don’t want to be a pure link research tool but image links can be valuable for some of what I just mentioned as well. I would say, give us the data and the ability to filter it rather than just taking it away completely.

Here is a snippet of the result page and a description on what it represents:

On the left are pre-designed buckets that Link Builder groups your links into. This is helpful but I’d like to see more flexibility here.

They also offer a tagging feature to help you group links in another way. The tagging can be helpful for things like assigning links to specific people within your group or really any other custom setup you have going on (maybe stuff like grouping keywords into priority buckets or whatever.)

The prospect tab gives you the domain (chow.com in the below example) the link sits on, the page it links to on a competing site or sites, and the page the link is actually on from the linking site:

All you have to do is click that “links to” button to see where the link is pointing to (in this case chow.com is only linking to 1 of the sites I inputted).

The column to the right shows the page on the domain where the link is originating from and the number in the middle is a measure of how important that particular prospect might be.

The furthest most right column shows columns that tell you whether the domain is also linking to you and how many other sites, out of the sites you inputted, that domain is linking to. The idea being that the domain might be more likely to link to you if they are linking out to multiple competing sites as well:

The grayed out button to the right of the co-link count is the “target” button. This is the button you’d click to let the tool know that this is a prospect you’d like to target.

You have the following toolbar available to you in the Analysis tab:

These are generally self-explanatory:

  • Delete – removes selected prospects from the campaign
  • Export – export your results to a CSV file
  • Copy to – copies prospects to another campaign within your account
  • Tag – allows you to tag selected prospects to help create custom grouping fields
  • Filter – filters Top Link by “contains” or “does not contain”. An example might be if you wanted to target a link prospect or prospects which contained the word “chocolate” somewhere in the URL

You can also click on any of the groupings on the left to view those specific groups only. I find that the groupings are fairly accurate but I personally prefer the ability to customize fields like that rather than being boxed in.

I created a sample tag titled “for eric” that contains 2 links I want a team member named Eric to work on:

Step 4: Working with the Contact Tab

The Contact tab has most of the same toolbar options as the Analysis tab with one exception:

  • Find Contact and About Links – click on the links you want to find contact information on and/or find the about page on

Link Builder works in the background to find this information and you can continue working in the application. There is a notes option as well. There’s no specific way to leave multiple, time-stamped notes (for team environments) but the input box is expandable so you can leave an ongoing contact history.

You have the same contact flag on the right and to the left of that is an email icon that turns yellow if you click it and is designed to let you know contact is in progress or has been initiated.

When the contact request comes back (just refresh the contact tab) you’ll see the following, new fields within the Contact tab that denote the contact/about pages for the prospect:

Step 5: Reporting

The Reporting piece of Link Builder has the following reports:

  • History – options for the Fresh/Historic Index of Majestic SEO via cumulative and non-cumulative views for the chosen domains
  • Spider Profile – the link category breakdown (the aforementioned pre-defined link sources Wordtracker assigns your prospects to) of each domain
  • Target Summary – number of targets, number/% of targets contacted, number/% of targets not contacted, number/% of targets linking to you

This gives you a quick overview of the growth of competing link profiles, current link building rate, types of links they have, and your own Prospect metrics. All the reports are exportable to PDF.

Here’s the History report:

Here’s the Spider Report:

Here’s the Target Summary:

Additional Campaign Options

As we discussed earlier, you can either input a list of domains to search on a specific keyword.

If you search on a specific keyword to start you are able to select URL’s to include in your prospecting search. Everything else, in terms of options after the URL selection is the same as if you were to have started with domains.

Having a keyword search to start a campaign is helpful in case you are looking to go beyond competitors you already know of and get a real deep look into link prospects across that keyword’s market as a whole.

Also, right next to your campaign name you can sign up to be automatically notified of new links and prospects for your campaign:

Firefox Extension

Link Builder also has a Firefox extension that allows you to grab all the external links from a page and save them in your Link Builder account.

I find this is helpful on directory sites (for gathering a list of topic-specific URLs), as an example. The extension is really easy to use. You can install it here. Once you arrive at a page you want to use it on you just click on the LB logo in your toolbar:

Then once you click on the option to gather the links, you get the following interface:

You can save the chosen links right into your Link Builder account.

What I Like

The features that I like in Wordtracker’s Link Builder tool are:

  • Ability to prospect by multiple URLs or by choosing a specific keyword
  • Option to use Fresh or Historic Index via Majestic SEO
  • Simple ways to keep notes and contact information
  • Ability to search for contact and about information on selected prospects
  • Robust selection of countries
  • Initial, intelligent link grouping
  • Exporting capabilites
  • Fast results and a really clean, easy to use interface

What Could Be Improved On

I think Wordtracker could do some things to make this tool even more functional and useful:

  • More flexibility with the naming and assigning of link types
  • Have profile-wide settings to include all links (no-follow, image, etc) or exclude some rather than excluding without a choice to include
  • More filtering options around the data points they offer and whether a prospect has been targeted or not
  • More robust link tracking (if the status of links change send me an alert). Though I realize that is getting into link tracking versus link building, it’s still a nice option
  • A bit more flexibility with notes and timestamps for a more defined contact history (especially if teams use this)

A Solid Link Building Product

Overall I think this tool does a good job with its intended use, link building. I think some users would like to see more done to make it more team friendly but I think you can accomplish a lot with their tagging feature.

As stated above, I’d like to see some more done with notes and such but as a link prospecting and building tool Wordtracker’s Link Builder is worth your time to try out.

You can grab a free trial over at Wordtracker.


SEO Book.com

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Significant upgrade to Link Builder

Author (displayed on the page): 

Link Builder Free Trial

Following a full review of the Link Builder tool by SEOs and link builders in the field, we’ve made some significant improvements to the tool – and we’re planning many more.

From tomorrow, you’ll see the new version when you log in. All your existing campaigns will be saved for you in ‘My Campaigns’

Here are the major changes you’ll see:

  1. The tool focuses on giving you link prospects as quickly as possible. One click is all you need to generate thousands of link prospects.
  2. The prospects will already have been categorized for you into different strategies – blogs, news media, social media, job sites, directories, shopping sites, trusted sites and more.
  3. We’ve introduced a ‘fresh index’ where all the links will have been verified in the last 30 days – that means that dead links will disappear almost completely (one of the biggest problems we’ve had). You’ll also be able to query the ‘historic index’ where you’ll find many more link prospects that have been verified in the last three months.
  4. We’ve improved the collection of ‘Contact us’ and ‘About us’ data so that you can quickly find out about and contact prospects you’re interested in.
  5. We’ve introduced a tagging system so that you can identify and save link prospects that you might use over and over again – for example, mommy bloggers, environmental sites and so on.
  6. We’ve put a lot of work into the user interface so that the tool is more intuitive and easy to use.

In the pipeline, we’ll be working on:

  • Lots of help and advice on approaching link prospects and strategies for making your link requests irresistible.
  • Providing reporting information so that you can create attractive reports on your own sites, your clients’ sites and your competitors’.
  • Developing a monitoring system so that we can automatically update you when new links appear.

If you’ve got ideas for features and improvements you’d like to see in Link Builder, please let us know below and we’ll look carefully at them.

Try out the Link Builder tool free for seven days to see how these changes will help you find those all-important prospects for your link building campaigns.

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Improvements to Link Builder – January, 2011

We’ll be adding some significant features to Link Builder from Thursday, January 6th.

The features:

1) Increasing the default number of results we provide from 1000 to 2000 for each URL you analyze. Plus allowing you to access 7500 results for in-depth investigation of URLs.

2) Automatically analyzing the root domain of any URL – if you’re researching www.example.com/academy, we’ll also provide you with an analysis of example.com.

3) Allowing you to find a large number of link prospects, already sorted into categories, by combining results from a number of competitors.

And a bit more detail:

1) Increased results

We now give you many more results – you can now see the top 2000 linking domains for any URL.
And if you want to explore in depth, you have the option of having 7500 linking domains, though this will be a bit slower as there is a lot of useful information to process.



To ‘Show links’ all you have to do is click on the number of linking domains. So to see the top links to http://www.specialized.com, just click on 17,171 and so on.


In the example above, we’ve analyzed the top 10 results for the keyword mountain bikes. We return the results in the same order they appear in the search engine results. That’s great for analyzing pages that are beating you for specific keywords.

2) Analyzing root domains

In addition, we now automatically analyze the root domain of each result. This means you get links to all the sub-domains and so you can find more high quality link prospects.


3) Combine linking domains

Combining the results for a number of your competitors or leading sites in your market gives you a very quick way of finding a large number of link prospects, already sorted into categories.

Just select the URLs you want and hit ‘Combine links’.


We’ll automatically combine them and sort them into categories ready for you to build campaigns.


This process can take a few minutes but we’ll show your progress:

combine done


In the results below you’ll see (1) that the top linking domains for all the chosen URLs have been combined into a single set of 13,965 and have been automatically sorted into categories (2).

combined results


Your comments or suggestions for any new features are very welcome.

[Link Builder can help with any link building campaign. Click here for a free, no-risk 7-day trial]((http://www.wordtracker.com/linkbuilder)

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