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When Naming The Google 3/12 Broad Core Ranking Update Florida 2

As you know, I reported yesterday morning, well before Google confirmed the Google search update that there was an update. The reason why Google even confirmed the update was because I emailed them asking them to confirm, they did on Twitter as you know. I didn’t want to name it yet but honestly it is a beautiful thing for Brett Tabke of WebmasterWorld to name an update again.

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Bing Ads Launches Close Variants for Broad Match Modifiers

Broad match modifiers help advertisers control the intent of users seeing ads, but Bing says advertisers may have been missing out because of grammatical errors in queries.
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Mexico Mass Kidnapping Leads To 11 Vanishing In Broad Daylight

In a story that sounds too crazy to be true, 11 people were kidnapped in broad daylight in Mexico City recently. The incident occurred in the Zona Rosa district of the city, which is a well established district with numerous restaurants, clubs, and offices.

The abduction occurred sometime Sunday morning, between 10am and noon. It took place just a little over a block from the US embassy, and occurred on the main boulevard in the city.

Relatives of the victims have called on the authorities to find them, going so far as to march from the Interior Department building, to a square in the city. They also protested outside of the bar where the group was kidnapped from, demanding that surveillance footage be released.

The 11 victims were of various ages and gender, six being men in their 20′s, a sixteen year old boy, and four women. Residents of the neighborhood the group is from said as many as 15 or 16 could have been kidnapped, along with the known 11. They were from a tough neighborhood called Tepito, which had reported numerous abductions recently. Many believing them to be related to gang activity.

Josefina Garcia, son of one of the victims said this of the incident, “How could so many people have disappeared, just like that, in broad daylight?”, continuing, “The police say they don’t have them, so what, the earth just opened up and swallowed them?”

The club where the mass kidnapping took place has been closed as authorities investigate the matter further.

[H/T: News.com.au]


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