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Inbound Marketing: Do you care about the quality of your brand’s content?

An exploration of quantity-driven content marketing approaches and the role that quality should play.
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4 building blocks to help your brand’s SEO strategy succeed

Crawlability, optimization, brand engagement and knowledge-content creation are all important pieces to create a more competitive SEO program.

Please visit Search Engine Land for the full article.

Search Engine Land: News & Info About SEO, PPC, SEM, Search Engines & Search Marketing

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7 Ideas for Keeping Your Brand’s Content Marketing Fresh & Relevant


vegetable dish

Have you ever opened the fridge and realized that all of the produce that you painstakingly picked out at the farmers market had gone bad? Maybe there were a few items that were salvageable but the rest had to be tossed. You wouldn’t want to serve your guests a rotten ratatouille would you?

Today’s content marketers should be using only the freshest of ingredients (tactics) to keep their audience engaged and coming back for seconds.

Keeping an online audience engaged is getting harder and harder. They are constantly bombarded with an overwhelming amount of content which makes it very difficult to hold their attention. In fact, the Statistic Brain Research Institute found that the average attention span in 2015 is 8.25 seconds and only 4% of page views on the internet last longer than 10 minutes. Remember that blog post it took you 3 hours to write? Chances are your customers are speed reading and moving on.

However, there are steps that you can take to keep your content marketing fresh, interesting and innovative for your audience. In today’s market, Content marketing can take on many different forms and be published on a variety of platforms. The possibilities are nearly limitless.

Below are some of the ideas for how you can keep your content marketing program fresh and delicious. Bon apetite!

#1 – Study the Works of Other “Chefs”

Today’s foodies love everything from Indian street food, to fine French dining. What has become even more popular over the past few years is the concept of food fusion, which takes notes from different types of cuisines and mashes them together to produce the best possible dishes.

In order to create these tasty recipes, chefs had to go outside of their base knowledge of a particular cuisine and incorporate ideas from other cultures.

It can be easy to fall into a routine of strictly following what other marketers in your industry are doing to help determine your content marketing strategy.

Instead, look for innovative ideas that are outside of your industry and may not even be a part of marketing. For example, take a look at your personal email inbox, is there anything that caught your eye as a consumer or that you found to be an interesting concept? Use these ideas that you find in other industries to fuel your content marketing ideas.

#2 – Ditch the Recipe Book & Try Something New

Some of my best dishes have come from throwing together ingredients that I thought went well together. Other times I have been left with an inedible goopy mess. But at least I knew not to do it again.

Believe it or not, failure can be a good thing. Why? Because if you failed, that means that you made an attempt. One of the worst things you can do as a marketer is to remain stagnant and keep executing on the same old safe, tried and true digital marketing tactics.

Now that doesn’t mean that you should just go chasing after any idea. You should still be mindful of your approach and determine what it is that you expect to get out of it.

#3 – Mother Sauces Require Key Ingredients

You can’t make a bechamel sauce without butter and a hollandaise without lemon just isn’t quite right. While there are variations of these mother sauces, there are core ingredients that bring them together and make your tastebuds sing.

One of the most overlooked opportunities for marketing is combining your different digital teams (either internal or external). The convergence of search, social and content is not a new concept. However, there is a big difference between creating an integrated digital marketing strategy, and getting your different teams together to collaborate.

It doesn’t matter if you have a large team, a small team or are working with an outside digital marketing agency, there is always an opportunity to collaborate. This approach will help each team understand what it is that the other is working on and can lead to some creative brainstorming for content marketing solutions.

#4 – Small Touches Create a Better Diner Experience

Personally, I eat just as much with my eyes as I do with my mouth. There is almost no replacement for a beautiful plate of food that tastes equally delicious. The perfect combination of ambiance, a beautiful table, good parking and alluring food can create a truly epic dining experience.

Similarly, you should always use content marketing to create a good customer experience.

This means:

  • Create Content for Need: Does your content marketing program help solve a business problem or meet a customer need?
  • Optimize for Device: Can your customers access your website, blog and any other assets both on desktop and a mobile device?
  • Incorporate Storytelling: Connect customers to your content by incorporating storytelling into your strategy.

#5 – Do Your Customers Like Their Steak Rare, Medium or Well Done?

Let’s pretend that you went out to the nicest steak restaurant in town and everyone in your party ordered a nice juicy steak. Now imagine that the server assumed that everyone at the table wanted their steak well done without asking? Chances are, there would be some pretty unhappy people at the table.

Many companies are afraid of asking current customers simple questions about the helpfulness of their content. There is the fear of negative feedback or that the customer will decide that they no longer want to do business with you.

Instead of being fearful, consider this an opportunity to improve your marketing program by better providing your customers what they need. They’ll also appreciate your willingness to hear what they have to say. Ultimately, this temperature check will tell you what you’re doing well (and need to do more of) as well as opportunities for improvement for content.

You can either contact customers directly and ask them or survey your community at large through email, social media or other means.

#6 – Add Your Own Flair

Part of what makes celebrity chefs so great is that you get to experience “what they’re really like” simply by tuning in to the Food Network or Cooking channel. In all fairness, their cooking chops is largely what got them to where they are today, but their personalities are what have made them celebrities.

Few brands are able to inject the proper amount of personality and authority into their content marketing. Often, brands are fearful of towing the line and offending the audience. Always err on the side of professionalism but don’t be afraid to use humor, personality and wit where appropriate.

Another option is to provide your audience with a “behind the scenes” look at your organization. This can be accomplished through “candid” videos, images shared on social media and contributions from team members from across the organization on their experience working with the company.

#7 – Throw Spaghetti at the Wall & See What Sticks

While you want your noodles al-dente, crunchy just won’t cut it. Sometimes the only way to tell if they’re good is to throw them at the wall and see if they stick.

The same can be said for creative content marketing brainstorms. It’s better to throw in a bunch of ideas and see which ones end up sticking.

To keep your content marketing fresh, consider adding some impromptu brainstorming sessions when needed. Consider inviting team members outside of the marketing department for a fresh set of eyes, ears and brains.

Provide the team an overview of what you’re hoping to accomplish as well as any relevant information about the target audience. Then, set them loose. Truthfully, you won’t use every idea that is concocted during your session, but there is always something useful that comes out of a brainstorm. Even if it’s just inspiration.

Are You Hungry to Innovate Your Content Marketing Program?

I don’t know about you, but this blog post is making me incredibly hungry. If you’re stuck in a content marketing rut, hopefully this post has helped you think of some different ways that you can innovate your marketing, without getting egg on your face.

What have you found to be the best way to get your creative content marketing juices flowing?

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Only 6% of Fans Engage With a Brand’s Facebook Page, and Other Marketing Stories of the Week


Many inbound marketers have reached the point where they’re actively using social media, business blogging, and working on their on-page SEO, but how do you take your marketing to the next level?

You’re smart for having that scaling mindset and wanting to do more, but the problem is keeping up with it all! Facebook and Google have been making some serious changes lately, and growing a following of loyal subscribers for your blog isn’t exactly something that happens over night. So how does a marketer do it all?

In this post, you’ll find the top 6 marketing stories and resources of the week to keep you updated and help you learn how to scale your online presence.

Google Searchers 3x More Likely to Be Logged-In Than Bing, From Search Engine Land

Have you noticed that social and search are becoming more and more integrated lately? Well, according to a recent survey from Search Engine Land, 62% of respondents reported they do not want or gain benefit from social results mixed in with search results. Whoa. That throws us marketers a bit off course, doesn’t it? Isn’t personalization a good thing? In the same survey, data also revealed that 61% of Google searchers are logged into a Google service when using the search engine, compared to 22% of Bing users. This shows that Google clearly has an advantage over Bing when it comes to collecting information about users, due to the high rate at which users are logged in to the search engine. Even if users aren’t certain they want social and search to be integrated, this data proves that users are still using it at an incredible rate, regardless of what they might want. To see more data on Google vs. Bing in their social integration battle, check out the full story here.

Google Launches Promotions on Google Shopping, Enables Distribution to Google Offers & Maps on Android, Too, From TechCrunch

Google recently announced a new feature for merchants called ‘Promotions,’ where retailers can add promotions to their product listings in Google Shopping, Google Offers, and Google Maps on Android. These new promotions are meant to encourage foot traffic to a retailer’s store through Google Offers, which, if you’re not familiar, is similar to Groupon and Groupon Now. Essentially, you can purchase a deal online and then visit the store’s physical location to redeem that deal. Additionally, retailers can now create promotion lists, map them to the right products in Google Shopping, and then upload them to the Google Merchant Center. With this system, users can also redeem special promo codes, allowing retailers to actually track and measure the performance of their brick-and-mortar promotions. If you’re interested in learning more about Google’s new updates for retailers, check out the full story here.

Facebook Launches Global Pages to Simplify Brands’ International Facebook Presence

Facebook has recently launched a new structure to business pages for global brands, called Global Pages. This change is aimed to provide a better, localized experience for international brands’ prospects and customers, while also consolidating a business’ global Facebook presence into one destination. Do you know of any brands with multiple Facebook Pages for different countries and languages? Well, maintaining these confusing, multiple pages will no longer be an issue with Facebook’s new updates. Now a brand can simply have one general Facebook Page, but also take advantage of the ability to automatically route visitors to the appropriate version of the page depending on their geographic location for a more personalized experience. Administrators can customize each variation to include different cover photos, profile photos, applications, milestones, ‘About’ information, and even news feed stories. Does this global consolidation sound like something you’d be interested in? Read the full story here to learn more.

EdgeRank: Doing the Right Things Doesn’t Solve the Bigger Issue, From Social Media Today

Have you heard of Facebook’s Interest Lists? According to Facebook, “Interest Lists are an optional way to organize the content you’re interested in on Facebook. You can create your own Interest Lists based on the things you care about, or subscribe to other people’s lists.” Sounds pretty great, right? They’re not a brand spankin’ new feature, but many brands have been recently encouraging users to create these Interest Lists, in hopes that the brand will appear more in users’ news feeds. Of course, this doesn’t solve the bigger issue of EdgeRank overall because, according to Social Media Today, Facebook is “deciding that my news feed is too cluttered and attempting to fix that for me (and you) by developing an algorithm and basically deciding for me (and you) what I’ll find interesting.” Big brands like Starbucks and Coca-Cola get a great deal of fan interaction, so they generally have a higher EdgeRank. But what about the smaller brands? To learn more about the lingering EdgeRank issue, you can read the full story here.

Only 6% of Fans Engage With a Brand’s Facebook Page [STUDY], From Mashable

Oh, so hundreds of thousands of people ‘Like’ your Facebook Page? You must be getting so much engagement! Or maybe not. According to a study reported by Mashable, “On average, just 6% of fans engage with a brand’s Facebook Page via Likes, comments, polls, and other means.” Wow. So what does this mean for brands if 94% of people who Like your page are not engaging? Let’s look at this statistic from a positive point of view. Those 6% of people engaging are your “super fans,” which means they will gladly like, share, and comment on your page content, which helps boost your EdgeRank. In fact, “each month, the so-called super fan Likes 10 posts, shares five pieces of content, and comments once,” according to Mashable. So what you can do as a page administrator is leverage these 6% of engaged fans, and use them to your advantage. Make sure you’re catering to the needs of your core audience and you will build a much better, more prominent presence in users’ news feeds. To learn more about this study, you can read the full story here.

How to Grow & Scale Your Business Blog: A Guide to Increasing the Reach and Marketing ROI of Your Blog

You’re probably already aware that content creation is a very necessary function of successful inbound marketing. And for the inbound marketers who embrace that, a business blog is one of the most reliable and effective platforms for publishing your content. So wouldn’t it be great if you could scale the impact of your blog so it makes an even bigger, better, and more powerful dent in your marketing results? We recently released a new ebook that will teach you how to implement an advanced blog marketing strategy to help you grow, scale, and rethink the role of your business blog. Most importantly, this ebook will teach you how to actually convert blog visitors into dedicated subscribers. To learn more, download the free ebook here.

What other informative marketing stories or resources did you come across this week? Share them in the comments below!

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