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Lamborghini Terzo Millennio Fiber Body to Be Its Battery

The Lamborghini Terzo Millennio is a futuristic electric super sports car that is being researched in collaboration with MIT says Automobili Lamborghini Chief Technical Officer Maurizio Reggiani. He said that one of the key technologies that they are collaborating on is a carbon fiber body panel and chassis that will incorporate battery storage and include a high-tech ultra efficient supercapacitor storing more energy with less weight and size.

Maurizio Reggiani, Chief Technical Officer for Automobili Lamborghini, spoke about the future of cars at Bloomberg Pursuits’ The Year Ahead: Luxury summit in New York:

New Electric Super Car With All-New Technology

We were in a Board meeting with our President Stefano Domenicali and we had a discussion about the future of Lamborghini. You can imagine that the super sports car tradition is part of our heritage. But it’s clear we need to look forward as well. If we look forward there is a short-term strategy that is already defined and part of our normal development. However, sometimes you must be much more visionary, to look really forward. Together we started a discussion and we decided to launch a project that we called the Lamborghini Terzo Millennio.

We tried to determine if a futuristic car can be a Lamborghini with the technology of today. The answer was no. For this reason, we started to scout what technology needs are important for the future and we recognized that nowhere was this technology available. Looking inside the most important center of research where something similar was in the pipeline of investigation we discovered at MIT several laboratories that were working on something exactly like this.

Lamborghini Chassis and Body to Double as the Battery

Two years ago there was an official signage between Lamborghini and MIT with this level of collaboration we opened two laboratories that work on futuristic research of structural carbon fiber elements. This research focused on a carbon fiber chassis and body panel that can be made to function as the battery, to store energy inside the panel of the car. The other laboratory is researching a supercapacitor that will allow it to have much more energy storage with less weight and less packaging.

After just one year of signing this agreement with MIT, we have already had a big result in terms of research. It’s clear that it is something that is a strategic project because as you can imagine normally a project like this has three or four years of timing where professors, students, and our engineering team works together. Not everything will work perfectly because it is still being researched and research doesn’t every time provide a solution. We will need to see what can be appliable and can also be sustainable from an economic point of view.

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Anna Paquin Slams Body Shamers Who Called Her “Pregnant and Fat”

Anna Paquin walked the red carpet for her new film, The Good Dinosaur, this week. Twitter lit up shortly thereafter with comments about the actress that were less than kind.

Rather than hiding in a corner, Paquin slammed the body shamers, calling them out for their rude behavior.

“Fun fact: Wearing a dress that is not skintight=Pregnant/invites people 2 call u fat. I’m neither so thanks 4 that,” she wrote.

That wasn’t all Anna Paquin had to say either.

Anna Paquin’s black embroidered dress with full skirt looked lovely on her. She didn’t look pregnant and she most certainly didn’t look fat.

Lots of Twitter followers complimented Paquin on her looks after she slammed the shamers. That prompted her to Tweet yet another message.

Anna Paquin needn’t worry that fans felt she was fishing for compliments. When one looks as stunning as she did on The Good Dinosaur red carpet, they have no need to fish.

How sad that so many people feel it’s okay to share their unkind opinions on social media. People with so little to do should consider volunteering. Lots of nonprofits need people with nothing but time on their hands.

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Confederate General Nathan Bedford Forrest Body May Be Dug Up, Statue Sold

In South Carolina, they are pulling Confederate flags down from state buildings. Memphis, Tennessee is doing you one better. They’re planning to dig up the body of Confederate General Nathan Bedford Forrest. The Memphis City Council voted unanimously last week to dig up the body of Nathan Bedford Forrest and move it to another location. They have also said they …

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