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Emily Blunt Can’t Relate To People Who “Don’t Have Their S**t Together In Their 30s”

Emily Blunt is not usually one to hold back when she has an opinion on something.

Emily Blunt was ready to share her disdain for the fact that women were recently denied entrance into a premiere because they weren’t wearing heels.

In fact, Emily Blunt is dissatisfied with the way women are treated in Hollywood in general.

Yes, there is the occasional women in Hollywood appreciation event, but Emily Blunt says that’s not enough.

She said, “We need to take more action and talk less about it.”

She added, “I sometimes feel you can exacerbate a problem by talking about it until you’re blue in the face and putting further and further stamps on the divide. Instead of having nights that celebrate women in Hollywood, we should organize programs where you pay for female writers to develop their skills.”

Emily Blunt doesn’t seem to need any help, herself. She has made quite the name for herself with her stellar acting, singing, and even action skills.

Perhaps that’s why Emily Blunt can’t relate to a large section of the public that isn’t having such an easy time at life. She won’t even attempt to portray them onscreen.

She said, “I don’t ever relate to characters that don’t have their s— together in their 30s. I’ve been offered a couple parts like that and I just say, ‘I don’t relate to it. I don’t understand it.’ I don’t have an interest in playing those kinds of parts. As I get older, I just love seeing people that don’t have their head in their hands. I like seeing people who cope.”

Emily Blunt, living up to her name.

What do you think about Emily Blunt’s statements?


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