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Steve Wozniak: I Believe Steve Jobs Would be Very Happy with Apple Today

Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak said that he believes that Steve Jobs would be very happy with Apple today because they continue to put people above technology. Wozniak also said that other mobile phone companies are not really innovating, they are just creating fun features. He said that Apple is focusing on innovations like Touch ID that literally affect everything we do all the time in life.

Steve Wozniak, Apple co-founder, recently discussed how Apple continues to live up to the vision that the company was founded on:

I Believe Steve Jobs Would be Very Happy with Apple Today

In my discussions with Steve Jobs, even when I met him in discussing philosophies of the world and how it works and what’s right and wrong… I believe that he would be very happy with the company today and its concern more with end users and putting people above technology. Steve always acted that way. The users should be more important than the technology itself. You should not be a victim of the technology and what it can do. You should get to live your human life in the most human way possible.

Apple was the first one to have a smart assistant called Siri where you could just talk a thought that you had in your head. You didn’t have to memorize a structured sequence of operations and memorization. That’s what we got the world away from… becoming human.

Real Innovation is What Changes Our Life.

People look at a product as an innovation and they say, oh my gosh all of these companies are coming out with other products and each one has a different look and a style and operating system. Wait a minute, what kind of innovation is that? Buy a Samsung phone, I used to do it. I love playing with other products and seeing what they do. You could say smile and it would take a picture a second later. Well, that’s a fun feature, but features aren’t innovation.

Real innovation is what changes our life. Apple was the first of the phone companies to put Touch ID. Let’s look at real things in life. Touch ID so you didn’t have to type passwords. Every other phone company had to come along and copy Apple. Apple was the first one to come up with an easy to pay system. Don’t even turn your phone on, don’t unlock it, don’t find an app, don’t type in a credit card number pin. Just hold your phone over the device and put your finger on it to identify yourself. Every other company now had to find easy ways to pay with your phone because you always have your phone with you. Those are major innovations that affect everything we do all the time in life.

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What If You’re Not An Expert, Never Made Money Online And You Don’t Believe Anyone Will Pay To Learn From You?

Almost every week I receive an email that asks something like this… Dear Yaro, I want to sign up for your Blog Mastermind course, but I’m worried it won’t work for me because I don’t have a topic. I’m not an expert and I have no idea how to figure…

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Entrepreneurs-Journey.com by Yaro Starak

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Believe it or not: Facebook promises to cut down on hoaxes

news-feed-fewer-hoaxes-report-a-story-as-falseBefore you read another word, go over to Facebook and post a disclaimer saying that Facebook is forbidden from using your photos and text for any reason at all. Otherwise, they’ll take your life, make a book out of it and sell it for a profit and you’ll get nothing.

And while you’re there, make sure you forward that post with the letter from the sick little girl. She’s been fading for the past ten years but every time you share that post, she gets a little bit healthier.

Crazy. At least P.T. Barnum made money off of his suckers. What are Facebook hoaxsters gaining from their efforts? (And by the way, Barnum never actually said those oft quoted words.)

It may seem like Facebook hoax posts are harmless but they are doing damage to your social media marketing campaigns. How? Because they take up precious space on everyone’s news feed, pushing your posts off the page. They also annoy people to the point where everything that comes after is forgotten. Seriously, Facebook hoaxes are ruining your business!

And that’s only a partial hoax. . . .

But here’s another mixed message. Facebook’s blog post is titled “News Feed FYI: Showing Fewer Hoaxes” but when you read on, Facebook clearly says they won’t be removing any hoax posts from your feed.

We are not removing stories people report as false and we are not reviewing content and making a determination on its accuracy.

What they are willing to do is add a disclaimer to the top of posts that have been reported as false.

news-feed-fewer-hoaxes-hoax-story-exampleThat should stop people from spreading the rumors. . . if they read the notation and believe it. If enough people stop believing in fairies. . . I mean Facebook hoaxes, the post will be flagged and Facebook will slow its distribution.

Do your part. Click the drop down on offending posts and report any and all hoaxes instantly to the proper authorities. The news feed you save, could be your own.

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Retailers believe in online marketing, so why are they still spending offline?

RetailMeNot contacted 200 marketing decision-makers at retailers that sell both online and in physical retail locations and have at least $ 50 million in annual revenue to find out how they feel about digital advertising.

75% said they believe that digital delivers a higher return on investment than offline advertising. They believe it, but they’re not putting their marketing money where their mouth is.

Digital spend

Looking at the total marketing budget, 51% is going to the digital side, 49% to offline. Why? Old habits and a lack of confidence. Only 27% of those surveyed thought of themselves as advanced digital marketers. Only 19% said they thought their current multi-channel approach was effective. Which means a whole lot of marketers think they could be doing better if they tried harder or had more training.

Mobile is a particular problem. 65% said they believe branded apps are excellent for driving in-store sales but only 19% said they had advanced knowledge of mobile apps and only 24% said they were actively working on mobile apps.

Part of the problem is the rate of change in digital marketing. Two years ago, we weren’t even talking about mobile apps. Now it’s an idea every retailer has to think about. We’ve been buying banner ads for years, but now it’s video ads and social media promoted posts and native advertising. Are they teaching this stuff in business school? Does it matter? Because by the time the students graduate and go to work, what they’ve learned is as old school as a flyer on the grocery store bulletin board.
Digital Oppourtunities

Marketers are slowly moving away from offline assets such as catalogs and newspaper ads. Now, they’re concentrating on their own websites, deal sites and apps and to a lesser extent, their own mobile apps.

Other survey results:

  • Nearly three in four retail marketers (70 percent) said that most customers care a lot about finding
    a good deal.
  • Not only are they looking for a good deal, they are looking for them online: Approximately two-thirds
    (63 percent) said customers were “savvy when it comes to finding deals on the Internet.”
  • Half (50 percent) agree that most consumers get their information about retailers through mobile

In the end, a large percentage of marketers said they feel like they could be doing a better job incorporating digital into their plan but how can you take the time to learn something new when it’s all you can do to keep up with what’s happening now?

So that’s my question for all of you: how do you keep up with the changes in digital marketing. Do you take classes? Hire experts or just fly seat of pants and hope it all comes together?

Marketing Pilgrim – Internet News and Opinion

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Do You Really Believe You Will Reach Your Big Goal?

I remember approaching the final year of my university degree thinking about what I was going to do next.

I was working a casual job at the university, the dot com bubble had just burst, and I was about to graduate with average grades from a business management degree with absolutely no intention of getting a full time job.… Read the rest of this entry »

Entrepreneurs-Journey.com by Yaro Starak

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