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Privacy-focused, rewarded ads browser Brave tops 10M monthly active users

MAUs have doubled in the past year.

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Cisco CEO Says 5G Networks Could Be Active In 2 to 3 Years

“The carriers today are building the consumer 5G networks, and they don’t require a massive backbone upgrade when you just increase bandwidth to lots of mobile phones.”

Cisco CEO Chuck Robbins stopped by Fox Business’ Mornings with Maria to discuss 5G, intellectual property and reports of China bullying companies.

“When they begin to build out enterprise 5G services, then that will require them to build a dedicated, next generation, high-performance backbone because of all the traffic that will be generated and…that will be over the next two to three years. So right now, they are focused on the radios needed for the consumer side.

“If you think about the speeds that are going to be supported at the edge, and the number of those connections, it’s only logical that you’re going to have to update…your infrastructure to accommodate all the bandwidth that’s going to be…given out around the world. So we would expect to ultimately be a beneficiary of that when it happens.”

Mr. Robbins goes on to discuss the challenges the world is facing economically, emphasizing his belief that the economic slowdown is a global one, not isolated to the U.S.

While highlighting that intellectual property theft is by no means unique to the Chinese market, Mr. Robbins was adamant that respect for intellectual property needs to be a fundamental aspect of doing business.

“The lack of theft should be a core principle in every country around the world….I think that’s a broad issue that should just be a basic premise of doing business around the world, is that your intellectual property should be respected.”

He also discussed recent reports of companies being bullied by the Chinese government. While he said Cisco has never been able to reach the level of business they would like to within the country, they had never felt bullied by China.


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Still have active destination URLs in Bing Ads? It’s time to migrate to final URLs

Say goodbye to standard text ads by the end of the year.

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Number of Active Business Profiles on Instagram Reaches 25 Million

Instagram’s business profiles are proving to be good for businesses.

The social media network recently announced that 25 million merchants have changed their personal Instagram accounts into business profiles. That’s a huge leap from the 15 million business accounts that were active on the app as of July of this year. What’s more, most of these accounts are from small businesses.

The Facebook-owned app introduced business profiles in May 2016 in order to give businesses better commercial representation on its video and photo network. By changing one’s account to a business profile – which is similar to a Facebook page – companies can add a “contact us” button and examine detailed analytics about Stories and organic posts that they have published, like the number of impressions and the reach the posts accumulated.

Highlighting the main differences between an Instagram personal account and an Instagram business account.

Graphic via modernsoapmaking.com

Instagram is hoping that the more tools they provide merchants, the more they’ll use the app to expand their business, first organically and then through ads. And it seems Instagram’s strategy is working. Since business profiles were introduced, Instagram’s advertiser base has grown from 200,000 in February 2016 to 2 million by September 2017.

Those numbers clearly show that Instagram’s ratio of business accounts to advertisers is almost the same as its parent company. Facebook boasts of more than 6 million advertisers and 70 million companies using Pages.

About 80% of Instagram’s roughly 800 million users per month follow a business, and about 40% of 500 million daily users check out at least one business profile. Interestingly, two-thirds of the 200 million people who check out a company’s business profile on any day do not follow the brand or company. That is something businesses should consider closely.

Merchants might want Instagram users to tap on the follow button, but they would probably be just as happy if people tap the button to contact the company. After all, this would allow them to develop a customer base that goes beyond Instagram.

[Featured image via Pixabay.com]

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Survey says referral marketing brings them in, email keeps them active

o6swjsUDigital ad spending is on the rise. The industry is headed for a $ 137 billion dollar payday, representing one quarter of all paid media spending worldwide. Gigaom says that’s up from last year and it should go up again in 2015, as 60% of the companies they surveyed said they were going to spend even more on digital marketing in the coming years.

Gigaom’s “Work horses and dark horses: digital tactics for customer acquisition” tells us that there are ten types of digital advertising that marketers use to acquire new customers, retain current customers, boost company awareness and push for conversions.

When asked which tactic was the most effective, across the board marketers said email. 56% (the highest percentage on the chart) said that it was the most effective tool for retention, way ahead of the next highest, social media with only 37%.

gigaom email

Even after singing its praises, marketers put email third on the list for spend. Social media was at the top with content marketing coming in second. Display and Paid Search came in on the second half of the chart – is our love for these old favorites waning?

On the flip side -  customer acquisition – referral marketing was the standout.

Gigaom referralBut only 39% of marketers said they were using it regularly. 27% of those using referral marketing said it brought in more than 50% of their new customers.

In addition to bringing in new customers, marketers said they liked referrals because they were a good way of rewarding current customers. So, bonus!

What’s happening with social. . . same old, same old.

Marketers said they like it for customer retention and for branding but even though they’re investing more and more in social 52% of marketers still say they have a hard time quantifying the ROI. 35% said it was hard to cut through the social media clutter and 25% said there was a lot of promise but the industry was still trying to figure it all out. I’d agree with that.

On the upside, marketers liked social for keeping in touch with customers on a daily basis. They also felt it helped them understand their customers better.

The general consensus is that social is mostly free and easy to keep up, so why not? Besides, what would customers think of a company that doesn’t have a social media presence?

The takeaway here is that email is still alive and well and referral marketing is underused. Write those two statements on a piece of paper and think about them this week. Are you using both of those tactics in the best way possible? I’ll bet there are small changes you can make that would result in a big difference.





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