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Salesforce Wants to Buy MuleSoft, $6.5 Billion Offered for Acquisition

In today’s ultra-competitive business environment where customer satisfaction is key to success, every company needs to have a proper Customer Relationship Management (CRM) strategy in place to stay ahead of the competition. This explains why the services of CRM-focused cloud computing companies such as the San Francisco-based Salesforce is in demand as they help other businesses polish their brand’s image while tapping into the full potential of their existing clientele.

But even CRM experts must evolve with the changing times to stay on top of the game, and this sometimes includes the plain old mergers and acquisitions route. Recently, Salesforce announced that it is willing to shell out some serious cash to buy API expert MuleSoft.

The deal is valued at a whopping $ 6.5 billion, which is expected to be finalized by July this year. At $ 44.89 per MuleSoft share, Salesforce is even willing to pay 36 percent on top of the current market price to sweeten the deal. However, it won’t be a pure cash transaction; Salesforce will pay $ 36 in cash as well as 0.0711 of its shares for every MuleSoft share.

Given the multitude of applications available to businesses, MuleSoft makes it easier for companies to connect, utilize and make sense of the jumble of data generated by their horde of apps and devices. The company is an industry leader in terms of integrating different APIs, making them work seamlessly in any cloud-based platform. Obviously, the company’s technical expertise is invaluable for Salesforce’s CRM and marketing services.

Aside from tech, the deal will also bring MuleSoft’s clientele within Salesforce’s reach. As an industry leader in cloud integration, Mulesoft runs a globe-spanning operation with around 1,200 clients across 60 countries, which includes Fortune 500 firms such as Coca-Cola, VMware, GE, Accenture, Airbus, AT&T, and Cisco.

The deal is ultimately geared toward improving Salesforce’s bottom line and, hopefully, help the CRM giant meet its rather ambitious revenue target. The company aims to increase its annual revenue to $ 60 billion by 2034. While MuleSoft only posted $ 300 million for its 2017 sales, Salesforce could tap into its tech expertise to improve its service and further boost its future revenue.

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Microsoft Announces its Acquisition of Avere Solutions

Competition among big players in the emerging but profitable cloud computing segment is about to heat up. In a recent announcement made on Wednesday, Microsoft confirmed its acquisition of storage solutions firm Avere, a move specifically targeted to boost revenue by addressing the unique needs among companies in the middle of transitioning to a cloud-driven framework.

As Microsoft puts it, Avere is “a leading provider of high-performance NFS and SMB file-based storage for Linux and Windows clients running in cloud, hybrid and on-premises environments.” In other words, Avere will cater to companies who are still in the process of moving to purely cloud-based systems by providing solutions that allow them to use cloud computing resources while still utilizing on-premises data storage.

Of course, it is also a brilliant marketing move for Microsoft’s cloud computing business. By offering this type of service early on, it is more likely to retain the businesses of these companies even after they reach the end of the cloud migration process.

In addition, Avere is currently working with Amazon Web Services and the Google Cloud Platform, Microsoft’s top two competitors in the cloud computing business. Microsoft’s acquisition of Avere presents a rare opportunity to increase market share if it can somehow manage to lure in those companies currently being served by Avere.

Microsoft’s business thrust in its cloud computing division can be described as a hybrid approach when compared to that of Amazon and Google. Its Azure Stack private cloud software basically offers the same features as that of the Azure public could. At the same time, the company still offers database and server software for corporate data centers.

Microsoft prides itself on offering the most flexible solution, a feature that could be of immense help for businesses still in the process of transitioning to a purely cloud-driven framework. Avere CEO Ron Bianchini had this to say about Microsoft:

 “Over the years, Microsoft has made significant investments to provide its customers with the most flexible, secure and scalable storage solutions in the marketplace and has made Azure the natural home for enterprise applications. This shared focus on large enterprise applications makes Microsoft a great fit for Avere.”

At the moment, Microsoft has not disclosed the amount it had to shell out to acquire Avere. The deal could be finalized in the coming months after passing through the customary approval process.

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The Local SEO Playbook To Increased Visibility And Customer Acquisition

Columnist Thomas Stern discusses five essential components of local optimization that increase online exposure and drive offline traffic to brick-and-mortar stores.

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Bug Affecting Optimization by Acquisition In Some AdWords Accounts

Google has confirmed a bug that causes conversions from Google Analytics to not be imported into AdWords properly, which can cause issues with any campaigns using this data for optimization. The bug has been reported by posters at WebmasterWorld and discussed at Search Engine Roundtable, with some…

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Microsoft Gets Social With $1.2 Billion Yammer Acquisition

Microsoft has confirmed that it will acquire social network Yammer in a $ 1.2 billion cash transaction. The company said that the deal, which is still pending approval, will add social networking features and support for the Office platform.
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