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The Majority of All eReader Owners Now Female

The tech industry may be the world’s biggest boy’s club but women are racing to the top on the consumer side. According to new numbers from Nielsen, women are now the majority users of eReaders with 61%, that’s way up from where they were less than a year ago.

See the pretty-colored chart? Women like color and I say that’s one of the main reasons we’ve been slower in adopting new tech. Think back on all of the computers and phones you’ve bought in the past five years. Black, grungy white, silver, black — seriously guys, what’s with the fear of color!

It’s only been in the past few years that manufacturers like HP began offering a variety of skins for their tech and thank heavens for those colorful Kindle protectors. Mine is lime green. But I digress.

Men still rule when it comes to tablets and smartphones are split. There have also been changes in the age range for each item.

Not surprisingly more older folks are buying and using portable devices. eReaders in particular have been a real boon as they allow you to pump up the font making any book accessible for those with failing eyesight. Smartphone usage has remained mostly age stable whereas tablets are shifting up and down in every bracket.

The important takeaway here is that from tweens to grandmom, everyone in the family is riding the technology train. Whoo whoo.

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