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Thanksgiving roundup: YouTube URLs, Vine gets pushy and more

inigo montoyaSince this Friday is a holiday (Black Friday is a legal holiday, isn’t it), I thought I’d do my weekly tidbit roundup a little early.

Putting the YOU back in YouTube

YouTube is making it possible to change your YouTube user name to something more fitting for your brand. This is huge because so many people didn’t give a lot of thought to the name they created when they signed up. My YouTube name, TVCyn, was created when I was working as a TV reporter. Now, it’s a little off the mark and not intuitive for those who know my by my full name or often used nickname.

Unfortunately, I don’t qualify for a change because only channels with more than 500 followers are eligible and of course, you can only pick a name that isn’t already in use.

Vine gets pushy

Vine notifcationsWorried about missing a terrific Vine video? Worry no more. Vine just added push notifications for favorites.

Click the star in the corner of any Vine vidder profile to add them to your favorites list. Then, when that vidder uploads a new Vine, you’ll get an in-app and mobile feed notification.

If you use Vine for your business, this new feature could help you get more views provided you’re creating works interesting enough to favorite in the first place.

Twitter peeks at your apps

Kurt Wagner of Re/Code was kind enough to point out an addition to the Twitter Security and Privacy page. As of the most recent app update, Twitter will begin collecting data about the other apps you’re using on your mobile device. The support page isn’t coy about the reason behind the move; they want more information about you so they can serve up properly targeted ads.

If you don’t want Twitter looking at your apps, you have to opt-out and you’ll find instructions for doing that on this support page. Figuring most people who know about it won’t bother to opt-out and figuring that even more people won’t even know what’s happening, Twitter should end up with a big pile of helpful data in a short period of time. More data means better targeting and that means better ROIs for marketers.

Good Read

I’ve been hanging on to this one all week, thinking I’m going to write a post about it but it didn’t happen. So, here’s my Thanksgiving gift to all of you: The Magic Behind Unboxing on YouTube from Think Google. Check it out.

That’s it for me. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving if you’re in the US. If you’re not in the US, have a great Thursday. I’ll see you back here next week to talk about the crazy Black Friday numbers.

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